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i keep thinking about the alternate universe where feel was allowed to exist and so i decided i wanted to draw some kind of modern version of him and then it came out almost exactly the same just with some more red so i also made a riders thing based off some of the concept art from that game because i dont know it seemed like a cool idea

i was gonna do some kind of boom design too but then i realized i had no idea how to go about doing that so maybe some other time i dunno probably not actually

…this was only going to be a tiny little second scene for @inediblesushi‘s and @beardysteve‘s  Steve Rogers art robin hood AU, so I don’t really know how we ended up at like 3k words, but HERE WE ARE, SO.

Part One is here, along with the all-important art! (Seriously, go there first or this will be kinda nonsensical because you need to see Steve.)

Part Two:

Bucky definitely wasn’t supposed to be here. The gallery had closed hours ago. The lights had been shut off, only the emergency lighting illuminating the floor. The security system, the cameras, were turned on, the doors were securely locked–or they had been until Bucky had arrived.

But Steve had specifically mentioned this gallery that night at the fundraiser. Not in a positive way. It was private, entry by invitation only, the art locked away for the same bright and beautiful (rich) people that had made up the fundraiser invitees. Steve’s eyes had flashed anger when he’d described it to Bucky.

When Steve had talked about the pieces, though, hidden away from the public who should be enjoying them, Bucky’s arm tucked against his side, his voice had been deep, passionate, half-way in love.

Bucky hadn’t melted into a puddle.


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"I'm too sober for this."  (a Stranger Things drabble, with Dad!Hop, Eleven, and some Joyce, of course).

So.  Apparently, I write Stranger Things drabbles now.  I don’t even know how *that* happened, lol. 

Season 2, Episode 9.  Let’s just pretend this is what happened, okay?  I mean, are we really supposed to believe our baby El didn’t have some actual feminine assistance perfecting her look for the Snow Ball? 

100 more words of Shae’s wishful thinking, hahaha. 

Jim paced the confines of the Byers’s living room muttering to himself, wondering what the hell was taking so long.  The boys had left half an hour ago.  Jonathan because he’d been roped into taking pictures for this shindig and Will because, well.  He wasn’t sure about Will’s reasons for leaving so early, but all that was beside the point.  Joyce and the kid had been in that bathroom for God knows how long, his ulcer was acting up again, they were definitely late, and damn


“Pretty?” El smiled shyly at his shell-shocked expression. 


“I’m too sober for this.” 




Pretty 20-something white female detective/government agent

Brunette, because she’s deep and different than all the other girls who are blonde supermodels

Partner is 30-something white male

Who’s blonde, because of DUALITY

And he’s a rebel and doesn’t follow rules and instead of that having gross consequences in an investigation, it always ends up being what solves the case

Female agent/detective/investigator follows all rules and keeps her male partner in line

Even though he never listens to her, because he’s a REBEL and doesn’t follow “their rules”

He’s so misunderstood, because he watched someone die once, so now he broods and drinks

And is a grossly irresponsible member of his agency, but he never gets fired because HE’S A REBEL

His partner has a lot of flaws too

Not physical flaws


But her flaws are psychological, because her dad left when she was young

And she never got over it.

She has daddy issues.

So it makes her drawn to her partner

Because he’s a man, and her dad was a man

And even though she’s strong and tough and carries a gun

All she is inside is a little girl who wants a man’s validation in life


Their supervisor is a stern African American man/women


*only black person in cast