rabbit makes things

i keep thinking about the alternate universe where feel was allowed to exist and so i decided i wanted to draw some kind of modern version of him and then it came out almost exactly the same just with some more red so i also made a riders thing based off some of the concept art from that game because i dont know it seemed like a cool idea

i was gonna do some kind of boom design too but then i realized i had no idea how to go about doing that so maybe some other time i dunno probably not actually

”Little Rabbit, Little Rabbit,

 So weak, So Frail.

What do you plan to do,

 With the strength of the world?” 

he held her hand like it was a MYSTERY
one he couldn’t quite      b e l i e v e

Vilayna Efrafa and Fitz “Fiver” Sandleford - Aesthetic
requested by @ivory-rabbit


You´re the one that I want at the end of the day.


140307 Yeouido Fansign: Kooki-chu!

©uglybabybear | editing okay, please credit if removed


“Watching” – I was bored earlier (meh, not getting stuff fast enough), so I did a thing to entertain myself. Included a closeup because I kinda like it even if it’s really simple cos I like it when my paintings go all emo.

If you’ve been around awhile, you know the drill. Don’t steal. Kthnxby. And if you’re insulted by the notion you would steal, thank other fandoms for making me cynical.