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 Genre: Alice in Wonderland!AU

Word count: 387

➳ #1 in a series of drabbles set in the strange Wonderland, won’t you fall down the rabbit hole and meet the boys…? ➳

“I’m late, I’m late… oh no…”

The slow hum of the gleaming pocket watch ticks away in the pocket of the velvet waistcoat as it echoes through his ears, only heightening his nerves as his soft, wide eyes quiver under his curved lashes, ears trembling in the bed of his chocolate hair in nerves.

Always late…

His heart beats in time with the golden hands of the watch, the sound teasing, mocking almost, the mechanical thrumming in his chest serving as an infinite reminder of the futile rush, time does not exist in Wonderland. Minutes merge into hours, lacing into days, and yet who can tell? And yet, Jungkook continues to endlessly chase after the supposedly dwindling seconds, minutes, hours, the numberless dials of the clock eternally thumping against his chest.

He dashes through the forest, fingers brushing leafy branches away from his ears as he ducks, the flowers swaying, gossiping quietly among themselves in a collective, patronizing whisper, and yet Jungkook pays no attention, his mind obsessively set on his destination, on the time that torments his mind forever and always.

Everyone in Wonderland has their madness, the one aspect, concept, sin that is at the core of their insanity, their delusion, their sweet psychosis that led them down the rabbit hole to the strange land in the beginning of it all. 

Silly, silly rabbit.

And so he runs, and he runs, a murmur of “I’m late, I’m late,” repeatedly falling from his rosy lips, his fingers tugging at the aureate chain of the watch, much like the chain of time restricts around his beating heart, quivering, a constant reminder of his sins. The time of day he once could not bear to spare for his loved ones, always so caught up in fruitless human affairs.

Look where that got you, little rabbit…

“Must not disappoint the King…” he shudders, teeth tugging on the soft flesh of his lower lip as his legs speed ahead, ignoring the eerie giggling of the Cheshire cat echoing through the mystical forest, Jungkook waving his arms impatiently.

“Not now, Hoseok…” He hisses through his teeth, his ears constantly quivering, quaking as he bolts out from the trees, fast approaching the expanse of the red castle, home only to the formidable Red King… no-one angers the Red King.

Run, rabbit, run…

So I actually left Hawke in the Fade (damn you Bioware) and I wrote about Fenris finding out here. But I’m not okay with Fenhawke not ending up together, so thank you @inquisitorhierarch - I will gladly write this prompt!

He was walking aimlessly through the mountains, having left the gates of Skyhold hours before. The sun was beginning to set, casting long shadows along the ground where the sparse trees stood. He was dimly aware that he should return to the grounds - the days were short and dark, then, and he hadn’t brought adequate food or clothing with him - but he could barely feel the cold settling into his skin and stiffening his bones.

She was gone. How could she be gone? His woman, his fire, the first and only real thing he had touched since fleeing Danarius all those years ago - how could she be gone?

And so he wandered deeper into the mountains.

He lived. But just barely. He had brought a bow, and so he hunted every so often, skinned a rabbit by a meager fire, ripped the fur from the flesh and the flesh from the bones. Dragged branches of pine needles to rocky outcroppings, sheltered himself from the worst of the snow. Tied a dagger to a long branch and fished, sometimes, treading barefoot into the water and letting his feet grow numb in the water. He sometimes thought he heard Varric’s voice calling him, his name an echo between the trees and rocks. He covered his tracks and did not respond. He lived. But just barely.

His hair and fingernails grew long and sometimes he woke in the dark to nightmares, thinking he heard her screaming for him. His skin glowed in those moments and once he ripped the red sash from his arm and cast it from him, reaching for the sky and screaming like a man broken. He soon stood and tied the sash back around his arm, though - her memory hurt more than any cut he had ever borne in battle, but forgetting her would be worse.

He had never counted the days, but could tell by the changing weather that eight months or so had passed. He lived. But just barely. He hunted, he wandered, he fished, and he lost himself in memories. Her breath hot on his neck. Her fingers clutching him, her teeth on his skin. The cabin in the forest that they had made a home after the flight from Kirkwall. So long ago, now. He had thought about returning, but couldn’t bear to occupy the space without her.

He had been a ghost, lost, before her, and he was lost without her now.

It was night and he was standing in the river when he heard it. His name. Her voice. He shook his head, violently, casting it out. It happened, sometimes - he had even read it in one of the books she had used to teach him to read - in solitude and silence the mind sends voices to occupy itself.


Again. He dropped his spear into the water and reached up to rub his ears, willing the voice away.

A noise in the wood behind him. A bear, perhaps. He saw them occasionally; they paid each other no mind, usually, but he turned anyway.


Standing before him on the riverbank, bow dropping from her hand, skin framed in moonlight. He thought how odd it was that he was seeing her, but he dreamed of her so often that he knew it must be a new strain of his madness.

But that scar…

She had a new scar gashing her left cheek. It had healed badly, pulling her eyelid down, partially obscuring her eye. That scar was new.

The ghost dropped to her knees and reached a hand out.

Fenris. I’ve been looking for weeks.

He frowned and took a step towards her. No part of him believed she could be real.

But he moved forward, slowly, spear long forgotten in the water behind him.

The ghost remained, hand hanging in the air, waiting.

He came near to her and slowly, so slowly, raised his fingers to meet hers.


His knees buckled and he collapsed into the river, lacing his fingers with hers, skin warm against skin even as his legs and chest lost feeling in the water.

Are you here?

She pulled his hand to her throat and laid it against her heartbeat. I’m here. I’ve been looking for you. You should get out of the water. A choking laugh.

He rose and took her other hand, stepped out of the river, pulled her to stand in front of him - their eyes locked briefly - and then suddenly he was touching her everywhere, and she was touching him - mouth against mouth and mouth against skin - and she collapsed into him and sobbed, once, and he knew that she was real - for she showed weakness so rarely that his memories could barely conjure it -

His breath ragged as he pressed his forehead into her neck and they held each other up, but just barely - a thousand questions that needed to be asked, but not now, not now - he clutched her face in his hands and pressed his mouth to hers, hungry, she was alive, gods, she was here -

And soon they sank to the ground, both breathing heavily, pressed together everywhere their bodies could touch. She touched his neck gently, lay her cheek against his, whispered.

Ready to get out of the cold?

He barked a short laugh, nodded stiffly.

Good. Let’s go home.

Sinday contribtion

It’s pretty sweet and fluffy, actually, but it was fun to write.

Trigger warnings: mentions of past blood play/roughness. Use of an unusual toy thing, don’t know how to describe it without giving too much away. Also, in this fandom, I feel like excessive sweetness should be a warning.

“Daughter,” Aslaug’s voice called you, and you turned to find her smiling warmly at you. She walked up to you and pressed a small wooden figurine into your hand. “Ubbe carved this for you and Ivar, and I have prayed over it to ask the gods to make your union with my son fruitful at last.”

“Thank you, Mother,” you murmured in appreciation. It was a wooden rabbit, about the size of your palm, each detail lovingly carved, the small mouth with its upturned corners, the nose so lifelike you half-expected it to start twitching. You could imagine Ubbe spending many hours on this, and you stroked the long, smooth ears. Hopefully all the care put into this statue, and the blessings of a volva, would help Ivar place a child in your womb soon.

The two of you had been married only a little less than a year, but it was no secret how badly he wanted to give you children—and how badly he feared his inability to do so. It was spring, the time of the world awakening after the long winter, and you hoped the change of seasons would awaken your womb, too.

You knew Ivar would probably be up at the training ground with his brothers, since it was just a little after midday and the weather was warm. The problem though, was that all this thought about spring and children, as well as the little charm in your hand, had you positively burning for your husband. If left you no choice. You left the town and started up the trail that led to the brothers’ training ground, moving swiftly over the worn trail.

Ubbe and Ivar were having an archery contest when you got there, and your heart swelled with pride to see what an accurate shot your husband was. He beat Ubbe soundly. “Sister,” Hvitserk called, spotting you first. You raised a hand in greeting, and Ivar lowered his bow when he noticed you.

“Y/n? Is everything alright?” He lowered himself from his stump and crawled toward you. You met him in the long grass, kneeling beside him to press a warm, deep kiss to his lips as you pushed the wooden rabbit into his hand. His eyes glinted in understanding, and he turned to his brothers with a grin. “I’ll leave you, brothers, to play with your toys. My wife has need of me.” There was no mistaking his meaning, and you blushed. Ubbe winked at you, seeing the rabbit in his brother’s hand.

The two of you started back down the path toward Kattegat, but about halfway there, Ivar turned off into the forest, “This way, Y/n.” You followed him, ducking beneath branches and loving the way the sunlight dappled the ground through the tender new leaves, glinting on Ivar’s soft black hair.

When he led you to a clearing full of barely-blooming wildflowers, he stopped and reached for your hand, pulling you down to lay beside him. He turned on his side to face you, stroking one hand sweetly along your cheek and smiling at you. “I thought what better place to try for our first child than in a clearing full of Freyja’s fertility?”

“Look,” you whispered, pointing to the small brown rabbit dashing back into the safety of the underbrush. “Surely that is a good sign.”

His hands were already unlacing the ties on the back of your dress, freeing your skin to the warm spring air. His kiss was warm and sweet as the sunlight as he laid you on your back. The bulge at the front of his pants begged for your touch, and you ran your fingers lightly along its length before setting to work on the ties of his trousers.

Once both of you were bare, he palmed the wooden rabbit, smiling mischievously as he inspected it. “My brother Ubbe carved this. I recognize his work.” You nodded. “And my mother, she has blessed it with her magic?” You nodded again, and Ivar’s grin widened. “Relax, sweet wife.” He coaxed you. The way his voice licked your skin sent chills up your spine, you knew he had an idea. You forced yourself to relax as he reached between your legs.

You felt the rough touch of the wood, smooth though it was, you weren’t accustomed to anything firmer than flesh. He ran the little rabbit around your lips, already wet as they were with want for him. He slipped two experimental fingers into you, and you moaned. Satisfied that you were ready, Ivar slid the small wooden fertility charm into your slit.

You gasped at the strangeness of the sensation. It was much less thick than Ivar’s cock, but also had none of the slight natural flexibility or warmth of it. He slid it in and out of you a few times, leaning down to kiss you as he did so. “Are you ready for me, Y/n?” he whispered, warm breath tickling your ear like a spring breeze. You shuddered in answer, and he withdrew the rabbit from your insides, only to replace it with his thick cock.

You rocked your hips to draw him in deeper, and he moaned as he buried himself in you to the hilt. This was so much better than the charm, and you clasped his shoulders to pull him down to cover you. He obliged, running the tips of his fingers lightly down your arm, raising goosebumps. One hand found its way to your hips, digging in to the flesh there, already bruised from your encounter last night.

His tongue lightly traced the small cuts he had drawn under your collarbone a few days ago, and you closed your eyes at the soothing licks. He bit down suddenly, leaving the imprint of his teeth on you, and you moaned and bucked your hips into him. He met your hips with his own, pleased at the effect he had on you. He was being gentle this time, much more than usual, surrounded by the sweetness of spring.

He brought you to your end slowly, letting you enjoy the buildup of heat in your core, before spilling his seed into you like rain onto parched fields. Afterwards, you lay naked in his arms as he braided wildflowers into your hair. His fingers were soft and clever, massaging your scalp as his lips and tongue freely wandered your skin, tasting what was so willingly his.

How does Hannibal make human flesh taste like any animal of his choosing?

He has served his victims claiming they are lamb, pork, rabbit or even fish. How come none of his many dinner guests, who probably have very sophisticated palates themselves, realize that the meat Hannibal uses tastes and looks awfully similar was it rabbit or chicken? I know that the taste of human flesh is not very familiar to them but Hannibal’s dinner parties can’t be the only time they eat meat, right?

I just want one “you know what? I feel like this might not be fish”-moment.

skullythepirate2  asked:

All the sans you can do meeting the purple guy! Bonus: all the sans meeting springtrap

omg. This will be very odd because I have to try and follow the canon of FNaF. {Also, some Sans’ will be excluded because I don’t do the AU and Mod God’s not huge on FNaF} ~Mod Feral

UT Sans

Purple Guy- He can’t get over how any of this. How he looks, how he smells, how he sounds, it all just doesn’t really make sense. Also, he can’t seem to read his LV??? Does he somehow know how to hide it? Is he not fully there? What is this? He’s on guard the whole time.

Springtrap- Still just… confused. “if you knew it was dangerous, why’d you enter it anyway?” It’s not like soul fragments manifesting have a huge amount of power without exposure to magic, so he was safer out than in. He’s putting air fresheners on the animatronic.

US Sans

PG- “ARE YOU ALRIGHT, HUMAN? YOU SEEM ILL…” He’s adorably concerned. He doesn’t know why the human’s in this condition, but wants to help.

Springtrap- He’s hiding. This robot shouldn’t be functional! It shouldn’t be able to move! It shouldn’t be sentient! And he shouldn’t smell like this! Nothing about this is good.

UF Sans

PG- He’s laughing his metaphorical ass off. He knows that smell. That’s the smell of rot. This human’s dying and yet walking around like nothing’s wrong at all. It’s funny to him. He wonders if simply tripping him would be enough to kill him.

Springtrap- “now that’s unnerving…” The robot rabbit smells of rotting flesh, which is all he needs to know that it’s a walking, sentient grave. He’s not letting him get any closer. Even if some attacks have to fly, he’s staying over there.

SF Sans

PG- He laughs a little to himself at first, but grows bored fairly quickly. He’ll then try to trip the dying human.

Springtrap- He’s… trying to recruit him. “YOU CLEARLY HAVE AN INSANE LEVEL OF PERSEVERANCE! THAT COULD BE VERY HANDY.” He doesn’t seem to realize that the spirit inside the robot is human.

HT Sans

His reaction to both is the same: “gross”

Error Sans

PG- Hoooooly crap. He knew all humans had some of each trait, but this guy should be dead. His perseverance and determination are off the charts! Let’s just get rid of him.

Springtrap- I hope springtrap likes being torn to pieces by magic strings, because Error’s not gonna think twice on this.

Ink Sans

He nopes away from both of them.

Fresh Sans


SS Sans

PG- He’s beyond confused. How did something survive this long when about to literally fall apart?

Springtrap- Honestly? No real comment. He’s just accepting of this.

Reaper Sans

Both have a similar response. He doesn’t get why he can’t seem to touch this guy. He very clearly needs to move on, but Reaper just can’t get to him.

FT Sans

PG- Hey, look an easy target. He’s deterred by the smell, though, and very unlikely to actually attack, but he can still stalk and scare the man. Then again, one pounce should kill him easy.

Springtrap- “why is this bunny bot even here?”

More on Feraltale

The Signs as Iconic Moments from Revolutionary Girl Utena
  • Aries: When the cars start popping up in the duelling arena in the Akio Arc and literally no one says anything or reacts to this turn of events.
  • Taurus: That one scene in 'Unfulfilled Juri' where Anthy is alone in the classroom singing something about rabbits because why not.
  • Gemini: The Shadow Girls appearing in the flesh in episode 34 which is then never acknowledged or spoken of ever again.
  • Cancer: 'Your ball?' 'My ball.'
  • Virgo: Anthy drinking the milkshakes in Kozue's duel.
  • Libra: Anthy is apparently marrying Miki and Kozue's dad because fuck you that's why.
  • Scorpio: That one scene where Saionji is also posing on the Akio Car with Touga for like literally no fucking reason.
  • Sagittarius: Touga not only punching a kangaroo in the face but also having the boxing gloves and shorts already prepared.
  • Capricorn: Saionji's frilly yellow apron in "Nanami's Egg."
  • Aquarius: Utena saying she wants to use the Power to Revolutionize the World to pass her finals.
  • Pisces: The part where Nanami has somehow procured a dress that can dissolve when exposed to liquid and no one has any problem with this fact.
If You Go Chasing Rabbits


UchihSaku WeekDay 5 Silk & Lace
Pairing: ShiSaku

The Unseelie Court’s Black Rabbit is a boy locked up inside the flesh and bone of a man, wild and wicked in ways only the young of heart can be. He greets the front of the Seelie Court with eyes dismissive of all but the one who is his paradox, his paragon opposite. She’s a girl faced beauty with the eyes of a crone. It will be a miracle to see her race.

The glittering fairies nominate their White Rabbit for the game and sit back on their high thrones to watch the tradition unfold once more. She is a trouping fairy while he is solitary. She is kind to all but one, he is cruel to all but her.

True to the rules of the game, their attraction is inevitable.

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At night, we tremble:
I have no excuse.
Eight says we’re going to sleep
but seven begs to differ.
Where is the end?
I am coming up to the rainbow,
and it’s nothing like what we imagined.
There are eleven suns and not enough moons for a balance.
I’ve seen the hunger and flesh.
I’ve seen the rabbits and the grass.
There is no shame for want and end.
When will we finish, you and I?
Sitting at the edge of the world and singing.
Hark, the herald, blackbirds sing.
My mother said beds had to be made every morning
but that hardly matters now.
Yes, it’s night;
there are still eleven suns.
I don’t care about the stars.
It’s cold and the wolves are coming.
We sit with our backs to the forest, waiting.
Where do we go now?
Nowhere at all.
Waiting is simple. It’s the breathing that counts. I have no fight
left in me
I have no wind.
I saw a snow child when we walked in.
I have lost the rings on my toes—
I walked in barefoot.
Yes, I know what you said.
And no.
Anything possible by the river.
Got a rock in my hand and nowhere to throw it.
You and I.
The wolves come.
It is still night.
The suns are still here.
It will never be day again.
—  Venetta Octavia, I Have Five Lines To Go
requested: wilding and the wolf ♡

as requested by an amazing anooon: Imagine where reader is a wildling and she and jon fall in love. They have sex, reader gets pregnant so jon takes her to the wall. Somehow the night watch finds out shes pregnant with him and then they kill jon like in the show?

thank you thank you and i hope u like this ♡♡♡ PART TWO ♡


You had your bow ready to shoot a rabbit, when you heard loud growling. You turned your bow to a great white dire wolf  and pointed at it. The wolf kept growling, its large teeth and white fur and red eyes sent shivers to your body. You aimed at his feet but it moved. You looked at it and his eyes weren’t much focused on you. It was focused on the family of quiet rabbits. You slowly laid down your weapon, and it leapt and caught two rabbits in one smack.

“You just wanted my supper,” you whispered, “What am I going to eat now?”

“Ghost, to me.”

You turned when you saw a man in black leathers and fur. His curls tousled and his wolf immediately at his feet. He didn’t take notice of you fast so you had the advantage of aiming him your bow. “Who are you?”

He staggered, and held his hands up. You eyed the rabbits, hungrily as you haven’t eaten any meat for three days. You lost your way to your people, and has been searching for them ever since but every tree looks the same and it messed up your directions. “We can share supper, my Lady.”

“I’m no lady,” You snorted. “Those are suppose to be mine.” You pointed at the dead rabbits. The man immediately shoved one rabbit your way and the wolf wailed.

“We’ll share, Ghost.”

You accepted and kept your bow away. Your wooden sticks are still there, and you created a small fire to cook the flesh. You skinned the rabbit and toasted the rabbit. You heard no movement from the man so you turned to him. His wolf was staring at you, and you snarled at it. You saw the man having a hard time skinning the rabbit so you walked cautiously at the pair. “Let me help you.”

You skinned the rabbit effortlessly. You handed it back to the man and again he struggled to make fire. “Share the fire with me,” you said. You noticed his black cloaks and you guess what he is right away. “Where are your brothers?”

“I was lost on my way. I followed my wolf and we can’t go back,” he answered. He held out a hand, “My name’s Jon, and what happened to you?”

“I’m Y/N.” You looked at it, but make no move to meet it. Instead you toasted his rabbit beside yours. You invited him to your fire. “I got lost too,” you said meekly. You two shared warmth that night and even some conversations. You looked at his dire wolf and you immediately had the urge to hold it. You had a hand out towards him, and it looked at you with soft, curious eyes. He cautiously moved to you, and he relaxed when he felt your hands on his fur.

“Ghost seems to like you.” Jon smiled. “He usually isn’t like that.”

Both of you traveled north, in search of your own people. Ghost would always be beside you and also Jon. He has his hand ready on his big sword to cut away lower branches for you to walk. You shared some talks and memories. One night, he prepared his big cloak for you both to sleep on, instead of the cold ground. You felt chilly and you shivered. Jon hugged you from behind, his warm breathe fanning your face. You turned to look at him and you saw him staring at you. He longed for you and he made the first move. He leaned and closed the gap between you both and kissed you soft. One thing led to another, until he was in you, thrusting into you and both your moans filled the silent forest. You felt yourself pant and him against your bare chest.


Ghost started walked the other way, and both of you traveled, north or south? Both of you didn’t know, but somehow the wolf knows the way thus following the animal. Jon kept you company and safe, always taking care of you even if you were capable. You laid with him multiple times, until you haven’t bled for months. At night, you went to do your business far away to look at yourself. You moved your hands to your breasts and observed they were plump, your hands traveled to your belly. Your belly now shows extra weight. Your breath hitched and you quickly went back to Jon as he was busy cooking your supper.
“Jon,” you whispered. “Jon.”

“What is it? Have you brought more food?” he asked. He turned when you haven’t answer. He saw you standing there, your hands on your belly and your eyes facing it. He walked to you and crouched to meet your eyes from below. He placed his hands on yours, and he felt it.

“Are you?” he asked. You had no answer but you nodded. You were expecting him to be mad, but he wasn’t. The sweetest of the sweetest smiles appeared on his face.

Traveling further, the giant ice wall overwhelmed you. Took months for you both to travel to Castle Black but you made it. The doors opened and the men looked at you disgustingly. A fierce old man stepped in front of Jon and hit him. “You dare bring a wildling?”

Jon looked as fierce, “She needs our help.”

The old man looked at you with the most disgust and spat in your face. “You take care of her, feed her, and I don’t wan’t to see her.”

Months as months came by, the belly of yours has become visible. A fat lad always talked to when Jon is away. He told you all sorts of things about a baby, the process of it. For that you were thankful. You thanked him graciously for his efforts and information. Night came, and Jon was beside you whilst you stand and admire the wall in the middle of the castle. Nobody was around, as they were all resting. Hands from behind you surprised you, and it rested on your belly. “Just a few weeks, and I’ll see my own child.” Jon kneeled down and kissed both of your hands. “I swear, I’ll do everything for both of you, my love.”


Night came, and you heard Ghost, but you paid no attention as you were tired. Morning welcomed you with a cold, harsh winter. You had a smile on your face, excited to tell possible names you would call your child. You were fixing yourself when a soft knock rapped on the door. You opened it, and saw some of familiar faces. Saw, Pyp and Grenn were there and even Edd. You welcomed them with a smile in exchange of their sullen ones.

“Is something wrong?,” you asked as you moved to wrap the robe tighter and to slightly close the open window. “Why the faces?”

Grenn stood up and also did Sam and Edd and Pyp. They both look solemn and sad. What is happening, you thought. They looked at you briefly but the eyes lowered. Only Sam moved and asked for your hand, and with that you gave.

Slowly, Sam made his speech. “They know, Y/N. We weren’t to father sons, and Jon did. Ser Thorne didn’t like it one bit, and didn’t like free folk like you. We’re your friends, and Jon’s too.” He looked at you with tears falling. You knew that Sworn Brothers aren’t to father and wed. But Jon loves you and you love Jon, as deep as the waters.

Grenn walked and stood beside Sam. “They called him a traitor, and they walk amongst us.” Pyp stood quietly, tears down his face, and his hand tight around his sword.

Edd spoke up and handed you a sword, Jon’s sword with Ghost as the pommel. “Jon’s dead.”


ok i know it’s long im sorry ♡ thank u for reading and i hooope u appreciated it xxxxxxx bc i had fun writing this one

requests are open ♡

anxiety teeth

the teeth of anxiety
gnawing through me

when you said we needed to talk
nearly paralyzed me into insanity

must have been plastered on my face
like a statues easily read expressions

for you told me not to worry
which naturally only stirred up my nightmares more

i really needed to know then
what was going on

it was the waiting that killed me
always does,

but you refused to give my anxiety the swift death
instead stretching it out and prolonging it

the way a sadistic hunter tortures their
quarry for hours;

finally the fangs of your hounds pierced the flesh
of my rabbits

until i bled openly into your palm
and you said nothing.

- linda m. crate

Alright, girls and boys and those who are neither, I am here today to bring you what I like to call more colloquially, “The Voltron ages from Comicon are garbage and here’s why!”  In fact, consider that my thesis statement because things are taking a turn for the (informal) essay here, my friends.

Under the readmore for length!

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anonymous asked:

I recently came across a fresh rabbit carcass and was wonder how to go about cleaning the head to preserve the skull, without boiling it. Like using soil or something. And how long that method would take


There are many methods that you could actually use, it all depends on how patient you are and what you have permission to do.
Here are a few of my personal favourites (except for burying I’m not to fond of it);

This usually involves the animal/parts being buried into a plant pot or a safe patch of soil with concrete/wood/slabs on top (to detour predetors.) This method could take around 5-7 months for a rabbit head and the soil will need to be kept damp and preferably will need to have garden worms and insects to aid with cleaning it.
Pros- this method doesn’t really smell bad until you dig the animal up (hydrogen peroxide can potentially remove bad odours.)
Cons- i’t’s easy to lose parts and I believe it’s one of the longest bone cleaning methods.

This involves leaving the head or skeleton, (preferably) de-fleshed in a small tub of water that allows a bit of air inside. This could take up to a month or two, or even a week if the water is heated!
Pros- i’t’s not as difficult to lose parts (especially if tied in a stocking) and can be done quickly.
Cons- This method has a very unpleasant odour (hydrogen peroxide could potentially remove any bad odours that stick with the skull.) It’s best to do this method outside in a safe area. A small de-fleshed rabbit head shouldn’t be to much of an issue, though.

This method involves leaving the skull in a tub and allowing flies and other insects to lay eggs on it. This method doesn’t smell to bad and the skull can be cleaned within a few days to 2 weeks depending on the skull size. This method is usually followed by hydrogen peroxide or maceration/de-greasing (Although it isn’t necessary and the skull can be left how it is)
Pros- quick and easy.
Cons- may need to be monitored to prevent mummifying by occasionally watering it. Parts may be scattered if they’re not kept in a tub. Tiny skulls can potentially be destroyed if not monitored.

I have forgotten the O word as I woke up about 10 minutes ago, but it involves the skull being macerated it hydrogen peroxide;
This method involves putting a fresh, roughly de-fleshed part/Skelton into hydrogen peroxide and the peroxide (safely) softens and frees the flesh from the bone until only the bone is mainly left. It usually takes 3 days to a week.
Pros- very quick and clean. I don’t think a bad odour is usually present.
Cons- the peroxide will need changing daily.

I hope this helps you and anybody else who wants to know about skull cleaning!
Any other methods and inputs are welcomed.


/vile/wretched/insane/visceral/horrible/disgusting/unholy/violent/rough/immoral/corrupt/vicious/cruel/painful/wicked/sinful/AWFUL ROMANCE - a bdsm playlist for the voice of desert bluffs and the young ceo who owns him body and soul


/shut me up  /break you heard /the gun song /teeth /hit me like a man /professional griefers /3s (stupid, sadistic, & suicidal) /no mercy, only violence /closer /follow me down /i can’t stop /in for the kill /the way to fuck god /rabbit hole /don’t stop /100% /flesh /get your body beat /eyes on fire /monster /to be loved /marionette /control it /fuckmachine /paralyzed /counting bodies