rabbit foot zines


When I was 15, my Dad and I went to Seattle on April 5th to visit the park beside Kurt Cobain’s house. I wandered around with my Polaroid camera, taking these pictures in an almost daze. Nirvana was it for me - smack dab in the midst of those inexplicable years, Kurt’s voice and lyrics did for me what they do for everyone else. I felt like I knew him, like he had been an old friend. It was eerie standing steps away from where he took his last breath, wrote his last words. Today, ten years later, I took these photos out of my scrapbook and scanned them to share. I’ll definitely be playing Nirvana a little louder today. 

Rest in peace Kurt. 

Hey zinesters! We still need your zines! The aim of the game is to help you get your work to a new and large audience, we will be running featured artist of the month and holding competitions and hosting reviews from zine-lovers alike. If you’d like to send us your zines then drop us a line! rabbitfootzines@gmail.comor you can find us on twitter

We’d also love to hear from any of you bods that make prints/badges/jewellery/whatever the hell else.

Help spread the word. Fanks.