rabbit fever

today 9 years ago this amazing album was released. thank you mainly Ryan Ross for existing.

Is Ryan Ross anti LGBT+?

Let’s delve into the debate and find out if the accusations have any depth.

There was a screenshot of texts posted by Sh**e where he asked Ryan what he would do if a girl had a bigger dick than him. My personal interpretation of the texts was that Ryan was referring to the dick as ‘it’ and not the girl. But yeah, kinda shady. (assuming we trust Sh**e on this one) (Also I do not understand why he doesn’t break ties with someone as problematic as Sh**e)

However, he has tweeted this: (RFRA was a bill that was seen as a threat to the LGBT+ community)

Yes, Time To Dance is about Invisible Monsters, but I haven’t read the book so I don’t know if it is transphobic. Firstly, though, Time to Dance was one of their first songs so Ryan was pretty young when he wrote it and secondly, I guess the social perspective 10-15 years ago was somewhat different than it is now.

This is just a musing of mine, but I think Ryan might’ve been hinting at himself through that particular line.. as a boy with very little to no inhibitions about adopting a traditionally feminine appearance (his hair, his makeup, his clothing, his mannerisms) This is entirely a product of my warped brain, but to me, a teenage Ry trying to figure himself out seems more likely than him penning down a song to hurt others, especially when he was going through disturbing times himself.

Also, I assume everyone knows about ‘reinvent love’, one of the highlights of the Pretty Odd Era, being a quote by the gay poet Arthur Rimbaud?

I’ve read the Paul Cates theory on tumblr too, and here’s something I found today:

George Ryan Ross III. I admit he is not perfect, he has done questionable stuff. But weren’t most of us pretty unaware about such issues before we joined tumblr? I believe he’s on the road to improvement. Let’s give him a chance and see. :)


Had to do a lil sillydoodle something for the VQ since I havent yet?!?!?! And also havent doodled these bots in forever?? Unacceptable.

Background from google images :V


Richard’s internal monologue during the Hannibal First Look at Season 3 vid.

——————–In case you can’t read the GIFs———————-

I didn’t know about him until I received the information from [Lee].

And [Lee] gasped and said “You’re playing the Red Dragon.

I sort of said "I don’t really know what that means?”

And I [asked my babe, Lee, as you do, because you know he’s a big fanboy of Bryan Fuller] and [Lee told me] what it really meant [to him and how much he was looking forward to me parading around completely naked except for the tattoo. Obviously I couldn’t disappoint him.]

[Have you seen him make the sad “Ned” face? Impossible to resist. Long story short - off went my clothes and on went the make-up. The things I do for that boy. Do you have any idea how cold the winters are in Canada!?! ]

Spring Cleaning...

The Spine: *Reading book*

Spine: *hears strange noise coming from backyard*


Hatchworth: *Shoots basketball out of hatch cannon*

Spine: What in the world are you doing?!

Rabbit: I bet Hatchworth that he couldn’t fire this pile of junk out of his cannon.

Hatchworth: …Hey, you told me you just didn’t want to clean!!

Rabbit: How ‘bout we don’t think about me not wanting to clean, BUT INSTEAD watch the beautiful, GLOURIOUS objects fade into the sunset!! FIRE THE FOOTBALL BUDDY!!

Spine: Please don’t launch the football…

Hatchworth: *Fires football*

Spine: Is the Skateboard REALLY necessary??!!

Spine: *sees Rabbit loading Stop sign*

Spine: ok, now I’m almost CERATIAN that’s going to hit someone!!!

Rabbit: See…junk. gone.



Spine….I hope nobody got hit…

Celaena Sardothien inspired playlist:


On our way home from Colorado, Hayden had the news on the radio. Probably NPR. The news anchor said that in Colorado there have been 15 cases (which I’m not sure where he got that number…) of Tularemia which is only a few away from the record high. This outbreak is due to the fact that rabbit populations are very, very high and keep increasing.

I got so mad.

All Colorado is doing right now is developing, and developing, and developing some more. All this building is pushing the resident predators away and allowing the rabbits unprecedented advantage over the landscape! Not to mention those tasty ornamental flowers and seeds that suburbanites plant. Free food!

Not to mention the fact that a lot of “hunters” will just shoot and leave the bodies of animals (like coyotes or prairie dogs) lying about which attracts disease-bearing pests! 

I should do official research to see how much the “vermin” species are just thrown out or left to rot and how that effects the rate of infection in locals.


Rabbit's Story

So I uploaded the video my son made on his PS Vita, but it’s not great quality. So to supplement it, here is the transcript with pictures.

Hatch Fever - Video transcript up until the song starts:

H: That’s iiiit?

S: Yeah, Hatch-dawg, that’s it. That’s my… back story.

R: Wah wah waaaaaah!

S: That’s the only one I got. That’s the last one.

H: What’s that, Steve? What’s that? Everyone’s super bored now? Huh? They want us to do something else?

S: Bored? But the show just started, Hatchy.

H: Hey, you’re interrupting me and Steve having a private conversation. (to Steve) Yeah, I know. Your dreads look really good tonight. Super colorful. What? They want a story? Who wants a story?

(crowd cheers as Hatchworth asks around for a good story)

R: Steve, can you tell Hatchworth that I can tell a story?

Steve: Hatchworth, Rabbit has a story.

H: Um, okay, Steve, and uh… what kinda story is it?

Steve: It better be a good one, ‘cause you aren’t paying me enough to listen to bad stories.

H: Fair enough.

R: It’s a won-wonderful sto-sto-sto-story. Gather round. Gather round. Gather round. Gather round. (louder) Gather round! (they move closer, Rabbit sighs and pushes them away) You guys smell.

(Hatchworth sniffs himself, nods)

R: Alright. Ahem! Once upon a time, The Spine awoke like he did every day, with a big ol’ yawn!

(Spine yawns)

R: A much bigger yawn than usual!

(Spine gives mighty, loud yawn)

R: And then he walked down the stairs to get ready.

(Spine walks in place)

R: Oh, no! He remembered that he was naked!

(Spine covers himself, deeply embarrassed)

R: And he ran back up.

(Spine runs)

R: And put on his… robe!

(Spine puts on robe)

R: A big, pink, frilly one!

(Spine mimes fluffery robe)

R: It was big and… poofy.

(Spine mimes more fluffery robe)

R: And then he ran down the stairs.

(Spine runs again)

R: And he tripped down the stairs.

(Spine flies forward as if falling)

R: And then he made his way through the hallway, careful to avoid the cakes… on the ground… and he stepped on one… and another… and another…

(Spine mimes dodging cakes, makes squishy sounds while stepping on more…)

R: Ooo, that wasn’t a cake.

R: Then he went into the kitchen, started getting his bread. Then he remembered he was a robot and didn’t eat.

(Spine walks, opens cupboard, stops and looks lost)

R: Did I say bread? I meant he… got the dog!

(Spine picks up imaginary dog, ruffs)

R: He was petting the dog.

(Spine pets dog)

R: No, wait, it was a cat!

(Spine shifts position and meows)

R: It was a duck!

(Spine quacks lamely)

R: A pig!

(Spine oinks)

R: Did I say pig? I meant velociraptor.

(Spine mimics velociraptor)

R: Oh, no, Spine! No! You’ve gone crazy! It’s all… It’s not real! It’s not real.

(Spine stops)

R: And then he grabbed… (giggles quietly) Rabbit’s crown of awesome which was just… just happened to be in the kitchen, where it usually is.

R: Y'know, uh… then he thought to himself and remembered how Rabbit earned it from him, by beating him in an arm-wrestling match.

S: Is that so?

R: Yeah. And The Spine thought to himself, “She’s much better than me. I’m such a weak baby.”

S: Continue. Yeah, okay.

R: (chuckles) So it was. So he’s polishing Rabbit’s crown of awesome when there was a knock at the door.

(Spine keeps polishing crown)

R: There was a knock at the door.

(knocking sounds)

R: Who could it be? (gasp) He opened the door…

(Spine opens door)

R: The other way because that’s how the door opens.

(Spine opens door the other way)

R: And… there was a bax!

S: Bax?!?

R: (fighting giggles) A b… a BAHX!

S: Oh! (mimes a small box)

R: No, it was a much larger box. (to Hatchworth) Would you say, human sized?

H: Uh, I don’t know. I’m not telling the story.

S: (has mimed a human sized box) Box!

R: What was inside? Do you know what was inside? Do you know what was inside?

H: No! Rabbit, what happened next?

R: Well…

(song begins)

There’s your bedtime story, babbies. As told by Rabbit. Hatchworth did call her mommy at one point… I think he got disoriented looking for the lady who sold him his shoes. Come to think of it, he called The Spine mommy too.

Bigger photos here.