rabbit bubble

;lostmyhead (m)

pairing— kim seokjin x reader x min yoongi
genre/warnings—smut, threesome, fuckboy! Seokjin, dom! Seokjin, dom! Yoongi, dicks with photo filters, dirty talk
words— 13, 332

:: summary— Kim Seokjin is the worst thing you’ve ever done, quite literally. Hooking up with him—continuously, for months, is something you regret doing. Mainly because you now have a boyfriend and have seen the error of your ways (mistake!). However, even then, you can’t seem to escape him…or say no for that matter…


→ Jin somehow convinces you and Yoongi to have a threesome with him…

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Don’t get me wrong, for fandom hijinks I dearly love gamer gremlin team kid sister D.Va.

But I’m also 110% here for fierce Hana Song, who at 16 had the dedication and discipline to become a worldwide eSports champion, who was called from a life of fame and product sponsorships to put her life on the line to protect her country.

18-19 year old Hana who streams her combat, tallies dead omnics like zergling waves, tracks her APM on the battlefield to make herself be the same merciless competitor she was in cyberspace. Hana who knows who she is, loves what she loves, and refused to let the hypermasculine culture of professional eSports or the grim reality of total war take that away from her. Who stubbornly clips a cell phone charm to her light gun and paints her face and MEKA bright pink, wearing her bunny rabbits and bubble gum as both metaphorical and literal armor.

Hana who takes to battle in a giant technological marvel, behind a couple of feet of armored metal, and when the situation calls for it will leap out and detonate it, darting around the field of combat in a bodysuit with a handgun while Widowmaker sneeringly calls her a child. Hana, whose intelligence, tactical prowess and reflexes were charged with replacing the most advanced AI drone system known to man and did it.

Clever, sassy Hana who spends her afternoons off playing with Tracer and Lúcio while weary military veteran Hana spends sleepless nights in the mess hall with Reinhardt and Morrison and a pot of black coffee, quiet stories of fallen comrades and bloody losses and the horrors that haunt all their dreams.

Give me cheeky gremlin D.Va in all her cheesy-powder-coated glory, but goddamn, give me Hana Song too.

Highlights of the February 18th SPG Concert!
  • Long post warning! So sorry ya'll. @~@"
  • -Spine pulling on the bottom of his vest a bunch in the beginning of the concert.
  • -Hatchworth's goodbye video! (Aka Hatchy walks a very long, very lonely road to find some gold fish.)
  • -Rabbit and Zero getting really sidetracked talking about broilers and chicken and food in general.
  • -Spine getting very annoyed at his siblings for not taking their banter seriously.
  • -Spine getting legit ragey (like oh no, he's mad now >: 3c )
  • -Overdrive being played out as an energy drink that's horrible for robots. (And Rabbit throwing up on Spine after Spine drenched himself in Overdrive cola)
  • -the choreographed dance that went with Overdrive (also, everyone mcfrickin dabbed and I'm still not over it)
  • -Zero almost activating Spine and Rabbit's self destruct sequences before Steam Powered Giraffe (Reprise)
  • -Spine broke down, was thought to be dead for a bit, and then woke back up to sing Diamonds (also, Zero booping Spine after repeatedly slapping him).
  • -The repeated "Love" tidbit before Honeybee
  • -Rabbit, dramatically: ~LOVE~!!!
  • -Spine, sauvely: Love?
  • -Zero, comedically: LoVe?? *cough* loVE??! LOVE??????
  • -Just, everything Zero did, joking about being Hatchworth, showing off his personality, his beautiful voice...(he was too perfect I'm sorry ^//♡//^)
  • -Spine actually petting GG during Diamonds tho(😕)
  • -Qwerty sang the Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme again
  • -I'm sure there was other stuff I just can't remember, but the show was great. (O yeah, and the video I took of me giving Spine a Lightning McQueen >: D)

Intended to fill a canvas with a bunch of drawings, this came out.

Original size : http://imgur.com/a/IEy3I


Behind the scenes shots from a very cool Nick Jr. holiday stop-motion piece our artists in New York created!

Full credits:

Illustrator (Character Designs): Courtney Hufhand
Stop Motion Fabricator: Julia Rosner
Stop Motion Animators: Pete List, Maxwell Sorenson
Production Company: Houses in Motion / John Earle