My Lovely Assistant - Chapter 1 (Junkenstein Meihem)

“Be careful with that, you oaf! FRAGILE! Can’t you read?!…Oh wait, guess y’can’t. Still, be careful with it!” Dr. Junkenstein scrambled after the hulking form of his Monster, who was carrying an enormous crate in both bulky arms. The crate had arrived on a ragged looking delivery wagon late that night, and Junkenstein had become so excited that he had dragged the thing up two sets of stairs all by himself, before realizing his more muscular creation could carry it up the other nineteen.

Still babbling to himself, he swerved ahead of the hulking Monster and thrust a booted foot forward to kick open the door. The crate was finally delivered into its proper place in his upper spire labs, and was already drawing attention. Monster had stepped back and was eying it rather distrustfully, the zomnic prototypes scattered around the room all turned their heads, and even Scarecrow- one of his earliest and most useless tests at false life- had appeared to peek in another door, its glowing lenses whirring softly.

Junkenstein turned to face the massive crate proudly, hands on his hips. “Can’t believe it’s finally here! This here’s a game-changer, boys! Turns out it’s not just the Witch who’s taken a stroll on the other side and come back, ooooh no. There’s others out there who have defeated death itself. This one…This one is going to be invaluable to my studies. Not like you lot, or you…or especially YOU!” He pointed in a very accusatory way at Scarecrow, who covered its face with its spindly straw hands and started uttering weepy noises. Junkenstein summarily ignored it, waving a hand at Monster, who had reappeared next to his side with a crowbar. “Well, what are you waiting for?! Get it open! Get it open right now!”

The crowbar was jammed into the crate’s wood, pulling nails and sending splinters flying as the top was wrenched away. It clattered onto the ground nearby, and Junkenstein nearly dove into it, reaching his top half into the container as he began pulling away clumps of straw and cloth and soft cushions. With a shrieking “Ah-haaa!” he finally emerged a moment later, helping to prop up the form of…a woman? Though it was not a sort of woman that had ever been seen in a place like Eichenwalde before. She was a tiny thing, dressed in a strange purple foreign costume, her skin deathly pale save for the circles of rouge on her cheeks to give the illusion of lifelike rosiness. A domed hat with a feather lay perched atop her elaborate hair, and a scroll with strange markings lay across her face, almost obscuring her glasses. A pair of tiny fangs jutted over her pale lower lip. And she seemed to be quite…dead.

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Russian Folklore part 1: Baba Yaga, Koschei the Deathless, Kikimora

One may say Russian literature is a ponderous reading and I’d respond with “Yes, indeed, it is”, but Russian folklore is something way more exquisite and magnificent.  It takes its roots in the pagan beliefs of ancient Slavs and now is represented in the Russian fairy tales.

The term “fairy tale” is, in fact, unsuitable, if we are talking about Russian tales. There are no fairies in Russian folktales … and so there are no fairy tales. Even though you will find them called “Russian Fairy Tales” in the most reputable and scholarly books and libraries. They are folktales.

In Russian, it is called skazka (сказка). The word is from the same root as the verb “to say” — сказать. Therefore it is, quite simply, “that which is told” — a tale. 

Just as every folklore tradition, Russian tales feature traditional heroes whose kindness, bravery and loyalty are rewarded. In Russian folklore you’ll also find some dark and complex characters like Baba Yaga living her house on chicken legs and her male counterpart, Koshchey the Deathless, an immortal shapeshifter and habitual wife-stealer.

And since Halloween is coming – although it is not widely celebrated in Russian – let me start from the dark part of Russian legends.(if you happen to be in Russia in Halloween, please don`t try to get candy, 95% chance you will have your ass beaten, and don`t say I didn`t warn you)

Forest hag and wicked witch Baba Yaga (Баба Яга) is enough to give kids nightmares and maybe that’s the point. Baba Yaga flies around in a mortar (no broomstick for Russian witch), wields a pestle, and dwells deep in the forest in a hut usually described as standing on chicken legs (or sometimes a single chicken leg) Human bones surround her house forming a fence, the posts of which are topped with skulls. Usually there is one post left without a skull, so there is still space for the skull of the hero, should they fail in their allotted task.

A figure from Slavic folklore, Koschei the Deathless (Кощей Бессмертный) was known for his titular characteristic: his inability to die. What is most interesting about this figure, however, is that his immortality was not foolproof. It was said that when Koschei cast the magical spell to protect and defend himself, he accidentally left room for error.

Though there are few records about his physical appearance, in legend Koschei is most often described as ugly old man. Koschei maintained his life and immortality through the removal of his soul.  Taking it from his body, it was said he hid it in a needle, inside an egg, in a duck, in a rabbit, then locked it in an iron or crystal chest, and buried it under a green oak on an island. Legend has it that if the chest was ever dug up and opened, the duck would try to flee. If the duck was killed, the rabbit would try to run.

It is only once his opponent reached the egg that Koschei’s life was truly endangered. The egg contained the needle which held the heart of his power. According to myth, possession of the egg was enough to gain control of the not-so-immortal demon. Furthermore, if the egg breaks, the needle within it will break as well, forcing hundreds of years of age down upon Koschei in a single moment, vanquishing the demon once and for all with the power of age.

Kikimora (кики́мора) is a legendary creature, a female house spirit in Slavic (especially Eastern) mythology. When the kikimora inhabits a house, she lives behind the stove or in the cellar, and usually produces noises similar to those made by the mice in order to find food. Kikimora was the first traditional explanation for sleep paralysis in the Russian folklore. 

There are two different kinds of Kikimoras. The one that comes from the forest is married to the Domovoi (домовой). The other one comes from the swamp (кики́мора боло́тная) and is married to Leshy (леший). It is said that she can be identified by her wet footprints. When home builders wanted to cause harm to someone buying a house, they would bring in Kikimora. Once she is inside, it is difficult to get her to leave.

When the house is in order, Kikimora looks after the hens and housework. If not, she whistles, breaks dishes, and makes noises at night.

This is all for now! Stay tuned and you will find out more about Russian folktales, legends and pagan Gods.

Yours truly, @mandarinwithcravings

BTS reaction to their boyfriend finding out their a vampire

Deadass don’t know what this turned into but I’m not mad about it


You had just got home and as you were heading down the hall, you heard an odd noise coming from your and Jins bedroom. As you opened the door you saw Jin sitting on the end of your bed, biting the neck of a rabbit. The minute you locked eyes with him, his eyes would go wide in a state of oh fuck.

“Ahhh honey you’re home early”

You: “Why the fuck are you drinking rabbit blood?”

“Just sit down and I’ll tell you everything”

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You hadn’t seen or heard from Yoongi in a couple day stating to worry you head to his studio. You didn’t bother to knock or ring the doorbell as you entered the room, you saw Yoongi covered in blood sleeping on the couch. You ran over to him and shook him when his eyes finally opened you noticed they were a deep red instead of their natural dark brown. When he realized what was happening he pushed away from him.   

“Fuck, you really weren’t supposed to see me like this”

You: “Are you hurt? Yoongi whats going on?”

“Baby, I’m fine trusted me but there is something i need to tell you.”

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Rap Monster:

It was around 3 am when you stated to question where Namjoon was. You quickly checked to see if he how his location on lucky he did, after throwing on you jacket and shoes you hurried out the door. You had been walking for about 20ish minutes, when you finally found Namjoon. He was in an alleyway drinking the blood of a stray cat. Your screams echoed though the alley, he shot his head up dropping the cat. As he stood up realizing it was you, tripping over his own feet before stumbling a bit and regaining his balance.

“Babyboy, how did you find me?”

You: “That’s really not important right now. Why the hell are you drinking a cats blood?”

“How about we head home and I’ll tell you everything when we get home its actually kinda of funny.”

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You had just got home from work, when you noticed blood on the walls and floor. You followed the blood witch lead to the bathroom hesitantly you opened the door. Only to see your boyfriend sitting on the edge of the tub drinking from a deer. You stumbled backwards hitting the wall behind you before sinking to the ground. His eyes opened looking down at you before they widened in shock and fear. He quickly let go of the deer and wiped his mouth, flashing you a grin.

“Hey love”

You: “Hopi whats going on, Why were you drinking the blood of deer”

“Let me get cleaned up, how about you go make some tea and wait for me. I’ll tell you everything after I’m done.”

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You and Jimin had been dating for quite some time, you started to noticed his odd behavior like he’d look deathly sick one day and the next he’d look better than ever. Today was one of the days he looked pretty sick his eyes were glazed over, his skin was pale, and his face was sunken in. He gave you a kiss goodbye before heading back to the dorm, being the worried boyfriend you are you thought the best thing to do is to follow him. After about 10 minutes of following him you completely lost him Saying fuck it you started to head back home as you were passing an alley you looked down it in the distance you could see a person who looked like Jimin. You hurried down the alley when you got close enough you saw Jimin crouched down with something in his hands. When he realized you were there with him, he stood up licking the blood off his hands a smile appearing on his lips.

“Hey prince what are you doing out here?”

You: “Jimin, why are you covered in blood?”

“Come on lets get you home and I’ll tell you when we get there”

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After visiting your parents for the weekend you decide to surprise Tae, before heading to the dorm you stop by the store to pick up snacked and drinks. When you finally got to the dorm you open up the door noticing how quiet it was which is odd because there always music playing or you can here some of the boys playing games. Brushing it off you headed for Taes room a slight noise could be heard from the outside of the door. Entering the room you found Tae on the sitting on the ground with a raccoon in his hands drinking its blood. You drop the bad to the floor scaring Tae, he looked up at you with his puppy like eyes which were a deep red instead of their brown color. Biting his lip, he quickly got to his feet and pushed you out of his room.

“Just give me a couple minutes to clean up.”

You: “Tae, what the fuck why were you drinking blood?”

“Give me five minutes go sit in the living room. I’ll explain everything after I’m clean”

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Your boyfriend had told you he couldn’t hang out because he was busy working on something. Being bored out of your mind you though going for a walk to the corner store at 2 am was the best idea. Grabbed all the things you need and headed out the door, after walking for a while you could cut through the park or walk an extra 5 minutes. Deciding to go through the park you couldn’t really see much but you were coming up on something it looked like the outline of a person. After getting close enough you realized it was your boyfriend Jungkook, you yelled out his name and he shot his head up. That’s when you noticed the the blood dripping from his mouth, you ended up falling back on your ass and trying to get away. 

“ah ah don’t try and run away baby.”

You: “You’re covered in fucking blood and you expect me not to try and run?”

“Yes now be a goodboy and come here. I’ll tell you everything.” 

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Wait so is Bakugou not seeing the obvious resemblance between Rabbit and Deku? And, how the heck is Todoroki allowed to be near Rabbit? Shouldn't Rabbit be locked up somewhere? (Sorry, haven't read the story yet on AO3)

Izuku: Well, unfortunately, as of recently…Kacchan knows I’m Rabbit. I didn’t mean for it to happen but it did and now he’s being painfully persistent to get close enough to talk to me properly. He was in denial before. 

Bakugo: Yeah, yeah, I fucking knew. I didn’t wanna believe that fucking nerd kills people, though. He can’t possibly want to do it so now I gotta find out why and what the fuck made him like this.

Shouto: As for why I’m allowed near him…I’m not. It’s a secret thing, this whole meeting up thing we do. Midoriya’s evaded capture for eight years, but it’s probably only a matter of time before he’s caught. We can enjoy this for now, though.



Thank you @monikakrasnorada for your question about the ‘Black Pearl of the Borgias’ (here). It inspired a lot of thinking and led to connecting several dots between 'The Hounds of Baskerville’ and Series four of Sherlock BBC. Found some lovely treasures here. :))))

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If You Go Chasing Rabbits


UchihSaku WeekDay 5 Silk & Lace
Pairing: ShiSaku

The Unseelie Court’s Black Rabbit is a boy locked up inside the flesh and bone of a man, wild and wicked in ways only the young of heart can be. He greets the front of the Seelie Court with eyes dismissive of all but the one who is his paradox, his paragon opposite. She’s a girl faced beauty with the eyes of a crone. It will be a miracle to see her race.

The glittering fairies nominate their White Rabbit for the game and sit back on their high thrones to watch the tradition unfold once more. She is a trouping fairy while he is solitary. She is kind to all but one, he is cruel to all but her.

True to the rules of the game, their attraction is inevitable.

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The Fate of the Watson Baby has been Staring us in the Face this Whole Time

We’ve been discussing this for ages: How can the baby be John’s with everything we know about Doyle’s canon? How can the baby be both real and not real? Why is she dressed like a rabbit? Why does she have the name of a stillborn from episode 9 and the initials of a stillborn from episode 1 if she’s alive? That’s because she is stillborn. The baby doesn’t survive the birth. That doesn’t mean the family doesn’t take a baby home with them. 

Just like Dr Stapleton, Nurse Mary Watson is going to bring home a “rabbit” that isn’t the one she was supposed to have. Kirstie got ahold of the wrong rabbit after her mother accidentally brought home one of the lab specimens that glowed in the dark. Dr Stapleton exterminated it after her daughter found out something was not right about the rabbit. “Hutch still locked, no sign of a forced entry.” Obviously an inside job. This would be an excellent parallel to “the dog did nothing in the night time” – which we saw referenced at Setlock this summer, the original story being “The Silver Blaze”. So the baby coming home with Mary isn’t going to be hers, John is going to doubt its legitimacy and consult Sherlock – just like Kirstie Stapleton – but Mary isn’t going to know that’s being investigated behind her back. She will abduct the child – hopefully she’ll just give her away to some loving family, but we all know how mirrors work (she will exterminate her off screen) – and John will think someone broke in and took her. Sherlock will realize it was an inside job. Mary will make her escape after she (AGRA) falls overboard. She’ll swim like a shark (who eats her young). 

Wonder why Mary has been wearing turned-up jeans this whole time? Because she’s not the mother. We were right, there was a reason they gave Sherlock that line in episode 3 about deducing paternity – except it will work both ways because Mary isn’t the mother, just like John isn’t the father. 

Is it time to freak out yet?

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mwm characters by members?

members, what are y’all most wanted male characters ?

flower, thumper, pooh, piglett, rabbit, sully, simba, lock, barrel, milo thatch, yen sid, mr smee, hiro hamada, sebastian, the mad hatter, or scar !

wolves & sheep (prologue) / a werewolf!au

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note: THIS IS THE WEREWOLF AU I WAS TALKING ABOUT Y’ALL! anyways, this is only the prologue so hunny u’ve got a big storm comin’ :):)::): i’ve been wanting to do a full series for a while, and what better than a werewolf au 8)) 
  AAAND,, chapter 1 will be be up by this monday (aug 16th) at the latest! i hope y’all like this :-)

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boy: all, but calum-centric 
word-count: 1600+

darling you’d be better off dead 

 His nights never started like this. He never climbed under his sheets and felt too scared to close his eyes. He never preferred to stay awake.

 Nightmares. It was always the same one. He’s always running, feet pounding on the forest floor, heart racing, lungs burning as if he had been running for a lifetime. His heart is always racing, and his eyes are dead-set on the path in front of him, that leads to a cliff, where freezing, raging water lies below. Desperation quickly rises as he realizes that he can’t reach whatever lies on the cliff for him, and impossibly, he runs faster, trees blurring past him and body aching with both exhaustion and fear. When the cliff is in sight, there is a second where he can see a small figure teetering off the edge. If he can concentrate enough in his dream, he can lock eyes with the figure, and the figure’s eyes are always filled with desperation, with a look that screams at him “save me”. There is only a second before their body falls, disappearing into the abyss below, a bloodcurdling scream piercing the forest around him, before he wakes up. 

 Night after night, the same nightmare sends fear shooting up his body as he wakes, heart still racing and lungs still burning as if he really were running for a lifetime. And it’s the fear that confuses him– why is he so frozen in pure fear for someone he’s certain he doesn’t know?

 He thinks that these nightmares will be the end of him, when his eyes are aching for sleep but his own voice is begging him for relief from his nightly terrors. 

 It’s usually his sister, Mali-Koa, who rouses him from sleep every morning. She looks forward to ruining his brother’s sleep every morning with a new way to wake him. She’s done everything from the classic bucket of water method, to a full-power punch in the face.

 This morning however, he was woken up uncharacteristically gently by his sister. Her fingers felt gentle, the only way sisterly touch could.
 “Cal.” she softly whispered, her familiar voice rousing him from sleep.
 He reluctantly cracked open his eyelids, his sister only seeing a slit of his eyes that were so similar to her own.
 “You’ve got school, kid” his sister smirked gently, smug that she no longer had to attend that hellish high-school.
 A tired groan was the only response that Mali-Koa received from her brother.
 “Breakfast is ready,” she pushed herself off her brother’s unkempt bed, grunting. “and the rest of your squad is already scarfing down most of the bacon and pancakes I made.” she snickered.
 “Those fuckers.” he groaned, throwing the covers off his torso, curling his body and hearing satisfying cracks from his spine.
 Mali stood in his doorway, a large shirt of his as her pajamas, smiling amusedly at her kid brother.
 “Remind them who’s alpha.” were her parting remarks as she padded down the hallway into the kitchen, yawning and stretching her arms gracefully as she walked.

 The boy gingerly stumbled, still half-blind from sleep, into his bathroom to wash out his mouth. His hands lazily ran through his dark hair and down to his eyes, where he half-heartedly tried to rub the sleep out of himself.
 His fingers blindly reached out for his mouthwash, wincing as he downed the stinging minty liquid into his mouth.  He swished the foul liquid and spit into his sink with a wrinkled nose.
 He stared into the mirror, his fingers attempting to tame the bed-head he awoke with, pushing his dark hair around his head. He scratched at his collarbone, where a dainty feather tattoo sat on bronze skin. He yawned as he did, padding down the hallway, following the tempting smell of bacon that wafted about his entire home.

 “Look who’s awake!” the teasing drawl of a pale, smirking boy who’s sat in his kitchen, chewing away at one of his chocolate chip pancakes irritates him and he has to push down the annoyance that threatens to ruin his morning.
 “Shut the fuck up Michael, I’m tired as shit.” he deadpans, slumping down at the table, a pancake sliding onto his plate.
 He looks up to give his sister a thankful half-smile, and a playful ruffle of his hair is her reply to him.
 “Aw c’mon Mali!” he groaned. “I just tried to fix my hair!”
 “Don’t push it Hood, I made you pancakes, my kindness only goes so far.” Mali threatened, waving her spatula about in the air, pointing it threateningly at his brother.
 “Yes ma’am.” his eyes widened, travelling down to his plate and shoving half of his pancake into his mouth, chewing loudly.
 “Aw, big bad alpha scared of his own sister?” came the taunting voice of a curly-headed boy, his eyes filled with boyish mischief.
 “Shut your trap, Irwin.” Mali-Koa whirled around, her eyes glaring at the boy sat at her dinner table. “We all know I could tear your ass to shreds and shit in your food if I wanted to.” she scoffed, flipping another pancake.
 Ashton immediately straightened up after Mali’s threat, glaring at the snickers that threatened to become full-hearted laughter.

 “You didn’t actually shit in our food, did you Mali?” an innocently concerned voice piped up from the couch.
 Calum craned his neck to find the last of them, the youngest and tallest of the boys, staring at his pancakes with narrowed, concerned eyes.

 His eyes immediately travelled to his sister, who was only smirking widely at the stove-top.

 “Who knows, Luke?”

 “Oh god, don’t tell me I’ve got Mali-shit in my stomach right now,” Michael gagged, pushing away his plate, his face wrinkled with disgust.
 “Aw, Mali wouldn’t do that,” Ashton laughed, his nervously darting eyes betraying his wide smile.

 Truth be told, albeit disgusting, Mali-Koa Hood would go to great lengths just to see his brother’s friends sweat.

 The boys weren’t afraid of much, but Mali was not someone they would fuck around with. They knew full well that she could very easily shit in their food if she wanted to, and Mali was the one person they did not ever mess with.

 “Mali..” Calum started, eyes narrowing in nervous suspicion. His sister only turned around, turning off the stovetop and smirking at the nervous boys sat in her home.

 “Get to school, you little shits.”

  “Ugh, do you think she actually took a shit in our food?” Michael questioned loudly, his boisterous voice travelling across the school corridor.
 Calum could only shrug, seeing as he had no control over his crazy sister.
 “How should I know?” he grunted, turning his locker open with nimble fingers.
 “Oh for fucks sake, Cal!” Michael threw up his hands in disbelief, pale green eyes wide. “She’s your fucking sister!” he yelled, ignoring the aggravated shushing of teachers.
 “We all know I have literally no control over Mali!” he protested, shoving textbooks into his backpack.
 “Fuckin’ alpha can’t even control his own sister.” Michael scoffed, pulling at the collar of his school uniform in annoyance. Calum’s temper flared as Michael’s remark floated in the air that surrounded them, a growl threatening to rise from his throat. “Goddamn, I hate this stupid uniform.” Michael muttered, pulling the dark green blazer off his sloping shoulders.

 That fucker should know his place, he thought angrily.

 Michael stuffed his blazer into his backpack, opening his mouth to say something, before he is cut off by the threatening glare of Calum. Michael gulps and straightens up, keeping his own eyes locked on Calum’s.
 When Calum’s dark eyes stay hardened with dominance, Michael shifts gazes and looks to the floor, shoving his hands in his pockets.

 An exhale of annoyed acceptance is what dissipates the tension, and Luke decides to speak up.

 “Let’s just get to class before Ms. Anderson whoops our late asses again.” Luke sighed, scratching the back of his neck and pulling on the tendrils of blonde hair that sat on the nape of his neck.
 Calum and Michael grumble in reluctant agreement, pushing off the lockers and walking through the school corridor.
 The three boys traveled down the hall in line, Calum slightly in front of the two boys on either side of him. They ignored the usual stares, already used to the eyes that wandered their large bodies every day. Michael and Luke were talking animatedly, laughing loudly when jokes were exchanged. The tense exchange between Calum and Michael is already forgotten, but Calum can’t help but feel more easily irritated.  
 “Ashton better pick us up today,” Luke groaned, nearly plowing through a group of freshman that lingered with their friends in the middle of the hall.
 “How hard is it to stay on the sides of the hallway, goddamn.” Calum muttered in annoyance, not caring that the freshman shrank back from their intimidating height, faces draining of blood and feet scrambling out of their way.
 “Ashton’s probably off chasing geese right now, let’s face it.” Michael snickered, winking at a passing girl who blushed, clutching her books tighter to her chest.
 All the boys laughed in agreement, Luke adding another remark about rabbits when Calum locked eyes with another figure down the hallway.

 He doesn’t recognize them at first. He doesn’t recognize those eyes when they’re lit up in laughter, radiating happiness. It takes him a moment to realize that they’re those same eyes that are drowned in desperation, in fear, every night, in his dreams.

 He’d know those eyes anywhere.


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