So I found this game at goodwill last night. It’s called The Uncle Wiggily Game. I couldn’t help but play a couple rounds, but I bought it mostly for the art. I think I might get it framed.

But I noticed something a little strange about it. It had 3 goodwill tags. As if it was being bought and getting returned. So my main theory is that it’s cursed. Someone buys it, freaky stuff happens and then they return it. The cashier told me not to return it again because of all the tags on it.

And because of this my boyfriend read all the game cards in a creepy guttural voice, which made the game entertaining for me. It also helps that they are written in rymes.

Has anyone seen the original edition of this game? I heard it’s a bit creepy.


Layla was my first bunny. I got her when I was 9 years old. She had a strong personality and was really timid. But if you followed her rules, she was so sweet! She loved throwing around stuff, often walked around with straw in her mouth just because she liked that and always jumped in the bucket when I was cleaning her hutch. She was such a funny bunny. She died in december 2014 at the age of 9,5 years old. I wasn’t planning on getting another bunny so soon after her death, but I just happen to walk into Faline. I like the fact that both my does have similar nicknames. I always called Layla ‘Lay’ and I call Faline ‘Fay’.