Bunnies and heat, a few tips to relieve your pet when it’s really hot and the temperature is high.

Over the years, I learned a few tricks to relieve my little Lucius from the heat.

Bunnies have a very hard time regulating their body temperature, this is why you have to help them, if your rabbit is weak, doesn’t eat, it might be suffering from the heat and here are a few tips:

Put a few cold packs around his hutch like this

you can put frozen water bottles too, it’s the same, just not in the hutch itself*

Change his water, put fresh water in aboudance,

Give it fresh food, here is a little list:

carrots, broccoli, celery, apples, brussels sprout, cauliflower, endives, dill, turnip, cucumber (without the seeds),apricot, cherries, peers, melon (without the seeds, not an overload, it’s not too good either) *hope i translated everything correctly … :/

Put cold water on your hands and put it on your bunny’s ears, it will refresh your bun instantly.

Put your bunny in the room that is the fresher/less warm, mine is staying in the bathroom atm bc it’s super fresh there.

Do not over tire or excite him/her, let it take things at its rythm, do not force them to play if they don’t feel like it.

Do not give them cold baths either, really bad idea!