Welp, now that Korra is done for a while, I really AM going back to focus on my Rabbaroos-centric expanded universe story!  As proof, here’s some quick expression studies of Shinobu, the team captain!

I really like heroines with both a clear sense of purpose and a damn-the-torpedoes approach (in other words, classic sports manga heroines XDDDD) and tried to bring that across a bit in Shinobu.  She’s not particularly strong as a Firebender, but she has an eye for games of strategy like Pai Sho, and weighing the odds and studying opponents helps her make up for a lack of brute force.  She can still make rash decisions or miss small details, but when she’s in her element she’s no slouch.  

She’s all about her mom, and feels like its her job to do what she can to help her get better, and as such she’s never really had much of a childhood, though her best friend Zhi has done a lot to brighten her situation.  She and Anyu don’t get along very well, Shin’s optimism clashing with Anyu’s more cynical attitude, but they have a lot they can learn from each other.

Game 1, Pre-Game!

Title: Rabbaroos! Aim For The Sky!

Series: The Legend of Korra (Expanded Universe)

Characters: The Rabbaroos (Shinobu, Zhi, Anyu), Reiko

Game 1: Pregame, Chapter 3: Anticipation

Rating: PG

Summary: With the Rabbaroos’ first game fast approaching against the Iron Coast Spidercrabs, Anyu is set to run rookies Zhi and Shinobu into the ground.  With hours left and nothing clicking, everything seems lost…

A/N: From this point forward, the story will follow a different structure.  Games will be split up– the matches themselves will be illustrated, and endcapped by prose sections like this.  Basically, to avoid the action itself from becoming too stale in prosaic form, they’ll be drawn out, while character and plot development stuff is written out.  

I apologize again, for the long break, and I am gonna do my best to stick with this.  Stay tuned :)

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