Captioned: Weaving magic into words, these lyrics will cast a spell on you.

I didn't even realise when I started referring to romantic moments and scenes as a "Rabba Ve Moment". Like no kidding whenever there's a cutesy scene b/w any couple in a movie or tv series (doesn't matter if it isn't a Hindi show), I just just refer to it as a "Rabba Ve Moment". When did this happen? When did I become like this?

A letter of the alphabet for each day that gets us closer to Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon?

S ⇥ for all the Songs that set the mood

“Tujhko dekh kar aankhein muskurane lagti hai
Tujhko milkar dhadkne gun-gunane lagti hai
Aisa hota hai kyun? Mujhko khabar nahin
Pehle kabhi hua, aisa asar nahin

Jo mere dil ke paas hai naye jaadu naye ehsaas hai
Aise mein kya karun? Kya karun? Tu hi bata 
Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon? 
Iss Pyaar ko kya naam doon?”

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So this is my extremely colourful Rabba Ve.

Red because …well… do I really need to explain red now? Red for the first photoshoot. Red for Diwali. Red for the gulaal they gently smeared onto each other’s cheeks during Holi. Red for Heer. Red for the one time Arnav wore a bright shirt because Khushi stole all his clothes. Red pretty much sums up Arnav and Khushi.

Green for Arnav’s plants. Green for Arnav’s black and green tracksuit. Green for Teri Meri. Green for the first time Khushi fell into his arms and into his life.

Orange for Khushi’s jalebis. Orange for the bangles Arnav bought her after hers broke. Orange for the dupatta he used to wipe the haldi off his face. Orange for the Teej saree.

Blue for the poolside. Blue for Arnav’s blue shirts which he should really wear more often. Blue for Desi Girl. Blue for when Khushi made him laugh for the first time. Blue for when KKGSR wore a gown for the first time.

Pink. Pale pink for Khushi’s adorable nightsuits. Bright pink and orange for Nainital. A darker pink for when Arnav kissed her and dared her to kiss him back. Pink for the pag-phere and muh-dikhai when despite all his hatred, Arnav couln’t let Khushi stand alone. Pink for their honeymoon in ‘Bali’. Pink for the pom-pom Arnav held onto as a metaphor for his sanity while kidnapped. Hot pink because he loves her damn it! A calmer old rose because she loves him back damn it.

Yellow for the brightest, sunniest girl TV has seen in a very long time (who makes her own clothes). Yellow for the most sensual haldi ceremony ever conducted. 

Black for the darkness that threatened to overshadow their lives from the past. Black for ASR. Black for Khushi’s fear of the same darkness. Black for when Khushi tried to be ASR. Black for Namak Ishq ka and the ultimate act of faith and love.

White for the pearls. White for mannat ki chaabi. White for when Arnav almost lost her. White for his beautiful blue-jeans-white-shirt Holi look. White for his SUV (in lieu of a white horse). White for Teri Meri Part II. 

I’m never letting go of all these colours.