This ask is seriously overdue but here are our replies :) 


1) The comfort Rabba Ve 
- Just the way they hug each other okay?. *cries* I can watch this scene a million times and never have enough. And then when he picks her up *sigh* We knew he was hurting but he chose to look after her okay? JUST. ARNAV. STAWP. STAWP IT.

2) Aane Do Rabba Ve
- jkwjtlwkatjk MEEP MEEP MEEP. MEEEEEEEEEEEP. And they play one of my fave tunes - the flute/harp Rabba Ve. BUT OHMAIGAWD WHUT IS AIR JUST THE WAY HE’S ALL AANE DO. HELLZ TO THE YEAH AANE DO. Oh and I actually love the scene right before too - Khushi dancing, Arnav admiring her, all juxtaposed with D-Ho’s idiocy.

3) Right after Teri Meri 
- MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP x infinity. Holy cheese and crackers. Idk how Khushi remains alive after this. ‘cause I’d be a puddle of goo, no doubt about it. Seriously. Watching it gives me MAJOR MAJOR MAJOR butterflies. Like when he lets her hair fall #dead #dead #dead

OH OH I should add that speaking of song versions of Rabba Ve, this is my all time fave. Heartbreaking? Yes. That’s why I love it so much. More so than Kyun Dard Hai Itna. And idk man all the really fantastic heartbreaking scenes in the show had this. KDHI came much much later. I MISS THIS. I NEED THIS TO BE PLAYED. GIMME HEARTBREAK AND PLAY THIS RIGHT NOW. I MISS THISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.


1. Holi Rabba Ve 

I dont even know what to say about this scene, I just loved the entire thing. From the amazing dialogue (ya ya it was cheesy but I loved it) to the entire effect and to top it all off was the Rabba Ve. GAAHHH I LOVED THIS SCENE

2. Hug during kidnapping track, when Khushi and Arnav finally meet

Speechless. It was just mind blowing and the best part was the flashbacks! I got to relive the entire magic in a span of 2 mins. What more can i ask for?

3. Arnav and Khushi’s Wedding

I know this isnt technically a Rabba ve scene but this scene brought tears to my eyes because its just so beautiful to finally see Arnav and Khushi become one in front of their entire family. *wipesawaytearsofhappiness* 


Oh wow! Pagalia & Titaliya have practically said it all but, I’ll throw in a couple more!

  1. The Sari Scene - ok so techincally it isn’t an official Rabba Ve moment but any scene with a snippet of Rabba Ve playing in the background qualifies. I just love the fact that he really wanted her to pick the sari he chose.
  2. The Kiss - HONESTLY MY FAVOURITE SCENE OF ALL TIME! I LEGIT FANGIRL EVERYTIME I WATCH THIS! LOOK I’M WRITING IN CAPS LOCK! Ok I’ll stop. ~le sigh~ makes me get butterflies and what not! :D
  3. I Love You” - First of all, how could I not include this moment on the list?! One of the best scenes ever! The pain, the realization, the love….shall I go on?! 

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So this is my extremely colourful Rabba Ve.

Red because …well… do I really need to explain red now? Red for the first photoshoot. Red for Diwali. Red for the gulaal they gently smeared onto each other’s cheeks during Holi. Red for Heer. Red for the one time Arnav wore a bright shirt because Khushi stole all his clothes. Red pretty much sums up Arnav and Khushi.

Green for Arnav’s plants. Green for Arnav’s black and green tracksuit. Green for Teri Meri. Green for the first time Khushi fell into his arms and into his life.

Orange for Khushi’s jalebis. Orange for the bangles Arnav bought her after hers broke. Orange for the dupatta he used to wipe the haldi off his face. Orange for the Teej saree.

Blue for the poolside. Blue for Arnav’s blue shirts which he should really wear more often. Blue for Desi Girl. Blue for when Khushi made him laugh for the first time. Blue for when KKGSR wore a gown for the first time.

Pink. Pale pink for Khushi’s adorable nightsuits. Bright pink and orange for Nainital. A darker pink for when Arnav kissed her and dared her to kiss him back. Pink for the pag-phere and muh-dikhai when despite all his hatred, Arnav couln’t let Khushi stand alone. Pink for their honeymoon in ‘Bali’. Pink for the pom-pom Arnav held onto as a metaphor for his sanity while kidnapped. Hot pink because he loves her damn it! A calmer old rose because she loves him back damn it.

Yellow for the brightest, sunniest girl TV has seen in a very long time (who makes her own clothes). Yellow for the most sensual haldi ceremony ever conducted. 

Black for the darkness that threatened to overshadow their lives from the past. Black for ASR. Black for Khushi’s fear of the same darkness. Black for when Khushi tried to be ASR. Black for Namak Ishq ka and the ultimate act of faith and love.

White for the pearls. White for mannat ki chaabi. White for when Arnav almost lost her. White for his beautiful blue-jeans-white-shirt Holi look. White for his SUV (in lieu of a white horse). White for Teri Meri Part II. 

I’m never letting go of all these colours.

anonymous asked:

What are your favourite OTP Tellywood theme songs and why?? (Ex. O Jaana from IB and Rabba Ve from IPKKND)

Hi anon! 

My absolute favourite one is O Jaana. It just makes me feel all the feelz, happy when in a good scene, weepy in a sad scene. I prefer the female happy version, and the male sad version. Just ugh. Right to the heart, whenever it plays. 💘💘💘😭😭😭

Others I love: 

  • Bol Na Dil Se - Tumhari Paakhi: Battling O Jaana for top spot. Just a gorgeous song altogether. It captures Paakhi’s sunshiney personality so well! Makes me so happy whenever I hear it. 😊😊😊
  • Ek Duje Ke Vaaste Title Track: Beautiful lyrics, excellent rendition by Jubin Nautiyal. Fits the angst of Shravan/Sumo and their relationship really well. 💖💖💖
  • The Instrumental theme that played when Khushi thinks Arnav’s disappeared and she’s leaving him a voicemail asking him to come back, but discovers him standing behind her. I tried to find it (on @phati-sari‘s blog, because I’m sure there’s a post she mentioned it or linked it or something! I KNOW SHE DID. DIDN’T SHE? SHE DID! BUT DID SHE, OR DID I JUST IMAGINE IT???) but I can’t find it, and now I’m a puddle of frustration and rage and annoyance. Anyway, you can hear it here, at 19:45. It gave me goosebumps the first time I heard it! 
    • In general I preferred IPKKND’s instrumental themes better than the ones with lyrics. 
  • Jiya Re - Dahleez: Again, beautifully sung by Jubin. Swadheenta and Adarsh were a pretty non-dramatic couple compared to all the others. The song suits that caaaalm and peaceful vibe they exude. 💞💞💞

My blackhole of a brain isn’t allowing me to remember any others; but also, the trend of original theme songs is largely newer (started/popularized by IPKKND, I think?) Before, shows just used to have Bollywood songs as the theme for the couple (especially in Ekta Kapoor shows. Which was pretty much all I watched.) 

This ask sent me into a spiral on Youtube, where I watched the title tracks of almost every show since the 90s. So the following aren’t strictly “theme songs”, but title tracks that I loved back in the day (in no particular order): 

Special mention to the 2003 Star Parivaar Theme Song, which I *still* know all the lyrics to. (The fuck???? WHY?????? WHY DOES MY BRAIN RETAIN SUCH USELESS INFORMATION??????) 


Aapko kabhi pata nahi chalega ki aapke rashte mein kon ajnabee aapka humsafar banjaye aur woh…konsi ghadi ho jab koi anjaan aapke dil ko chhu jaaye…

If at any point you have loved the show Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon, in tribute of its bittwersweet end, reblog this, handwrite your own Rabba Ve and add it to this post so that by the end we have a long never-ending list of love for the best jodi in television ever. For our Arhi…<3