rabba main toh


                  ❝ koi dil pe kabu kar gaya, aur ishqan dil main bhar gaya
                        aankhon, aankhon main woh lakhan gallan kar gaya oye,
                     o rabba main toh mar gaya oye, shaddai mujhe kar gaya  oye

Bollywood Valentine´s Day music challenge

Day 1. - The most romantic song you know:

Rabba Main Toh

Koi dil bekaabu kar gaya,
aur ishka dil mein bhar gaya.

aankho aankho mein voh lakho baatein kar gaya oye,
Oh Rabba main toh mar gaya oye,
Shadai mujhe kar gaya oye.

Somebody made my heart out of control,
and filled my heart with love.

with eyes only he said a hundred thousand things,
O God, I am dead (with happiness),
(that person) has me infatuated.