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adivinechaos  asked:

Hey Rabs, you've been on Tumblr longer than I have, so maybe you can help. I've noticed that there's many times when I click on the Keep Reading tab on posts (mostly for NSFW stuff) I go to the post and there's nothing there. Any idea what's going on

I’ve noticed this as well but only when I am on mobile. If I were some technological genius, I might say it has something to do with the code in the system but I truly have no idea. It seems to just be one more glitch that needs attention.

I usually tell the blogger so they can re-upload the post, hopefully ridding it of that bug.


The human hand contains 27 bones. Some apes have more. Gorillas have 32, five in each thumb. For humans, it’s 27. If you break an arm or a leg, after a while calcium gathers around the bone and joins it back together. It may even end up stronger than before. But break a bone in your hand, and you’ll see it never fully heals. You’ll remember it at each fight, with every punch. You’ll be careful… but one day, the pain will come back… like needles. Like broken glass…  

Oooh or imagine this.

So Harry’s in the crystal cave with Dumbledore right? And Dumbledore just sent out a wave of fire to destroy the Inferi. Only Harry still sees a body crawling out of the water. And it doesn’t look like an Inferi. In fact, it looks like a boy. Maybe a year or two older than him.

And the boy coughs and splutters before looking up.

And his face melts with relief and he cries,

“James! Thank you! I know, I know, you’re going to yell at me. Save it for Sirius. Where is he? I thought he’d be the one to bring me out? Ingenius, isn’t it? The lake, I mean. The Dar-Voldemort put a spell on the entire body of water. It traps and preserves anything that enters it. The boat. The Inferi. And me, I suppose. It keeps us from decaying. It keeps us from escaping. Only way out is if someone summons us. Honestly, thank you. Hey, why are you staring at me like that? It’s okay, really. I’m fine. Knock it off, mate. You’re scaring me. Look, is Kreacher still here? He has the real horcrux. I told him to – is that Dumbledore? Why would you bring Dumbledore? I thought you and Sirius hated him? Where is my brother anyway? What - what’s wrong? Why do you look so s - James - James, what on earth happened to your forehead?”


Regional At Best by Twenty One Pilots was released 5 years ago today on July 8, 2011

Happy 5th Birthday RAB
Thank you for getting us through the darker times; you will always be in our hearts |-/

Things the clique doesn't talk about enough???

1. Trapdoor
2. The meaning of Josh’s tattoos?? Everyone always asks about Tyler’s but not Josh’s???
3. The RAB house of gold music video
4. The migraine music video
5. Ruby??? It’s a beautiful song
6. No Phun Intended
7. The fact that Tyler could have pursued basketball and played it as a career in some official association, but he dropped all of that and decided music was more important
8. Be concerned
9.The fact that Josh has a Blurryface too
10. TH E ENDING OF TAXI CAB. Feel free to add more

Oh but imagine.

The Golden Trio sitting in the damp, dark, woods. They’re wet and shivering and miserable and cold and hungry and tired and they just want the war to be over. Harry is telling them that they need to find the other horcruxes. Ron is doing everything he can to try to be supportive since he still feels bad about leaving. Hermione is thinking aloud, trying to come up with possibilities.

“Come on, think,” Harry says with a touch of exasperation. “Where would he hide his horcruxes?”


“I have a hunch.”

And out from the trees steps a shadowy figure, somehow able to penetrate their force-fields. They leap to their feet and hold up their wands. The figure is certainly ominous with a black cloak pulled over his face.

Still, he says, “I’m a friend! An ally!”

The voice sounds familiar.

“Prove it,” Harry roars.

“I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.”


And Harry steps forward, the others grabbing him, and he breathes, “Sirius?”

“I wish,” says the figure. “I’ve been looking for him for ages. I need to apologize. I need to tell him - well, he knows.”

And Harry’s just gaping at him.

“I can help you,” the figure continues. “I know how to track horcruxes.”

“Who are you?” Hermione whispers.

And the figure reaches up and pulls down his hood. And the man with the long black hair and silver eyes smiles down at Harry.

“Hullo,” he says. “Do you know where I can find my brother?”