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How I Brought Up Allowance

I tried a new method tonight. I hate bringing up allowances and its definitely my biggest weakness as a sugar baby so this is a new tactic I tried last night to turn a basic average young gift daddy into my SD.


To start the evening off, I told him I wanted a chill night and do just dinner and then I was going to take him to my favorite spot in New York for drinks. Making him feel the night is about him.   I began the evening my usually charming self, extremely attentive, asking him about himself, work, friends, making jokes, etc pretending it’s our first date again. Then throughout the course of the appetizers, I casually bring up awful nights of being out partying and getting too drunk. Then I transitioned that into swapping awful dating stories (note: make sure yours relatively tame compared to his, don’t tell him the worst of the word or tactic can have an opposite effect), getting him to think about how much time has been investing in seeing me compared to how many shitty dates he’s been on and also think about wow, compared to other women I’ve dated she’s charming, intelligent and drop dead gorgeous. An absolute catch in every way. By the end of revisiting memory lane, he feels lucky to be with you without you saying - you’re lucky to be with me. The goal of this tactic is to make sure he remembers how much dating sucks when he’s as busy as he is. Young POTS have the advantage of being slightly attractive and thinking they could get any girl, break this down and by reminding him that just any girl is not you and finding one like you can be a difficult and time consuming task. 


Next, I changed the subject to something deep. Go deep and once you think that’s deep enough, go deeper. Go so intellectual you feel like you’re an under cover scientist or historian or politician and if you don’t bullshit this man on thinking you are an expert on this subject, he’s gonna find out you’re a spy. This is what you have trained for! Discuss the strongest topic in your wheelhouse at length. Science and technology is mine and just so happens to be this POTs favorite topic. He also mentioned one of his favorite things is debating the moralities and uses of new health technologies so we did that for over an hour during the meal and dessert, with me highlighting some of the most specific latest developments that I read about or listened to on Podcasts, asking questions that he didn’t know the answer to and challenging him mentally in ways he never thought a beautiful women could challenge him. This is proving yourself as a commodity and more than just eye candy. Make sure this conversation is as if you’ve been dating forever, have him picture himself being unable to stop this discussion with you because that’s how interesting and intellectually stimulating it is. 


Now I usually do this at the change of venue spot, over drinks. Also I respect the women who bring up allowance in a very professional business way where they outline their needs and wants and explain themselves at length and pretty much pull out a powerpoint presentation of why they need and want an SD. I don’t do that with young daddies, to me they don’t care, they only care about themselves and what can you do for me. I have however pulled some of the language from sugaring blogs I’ve read on here though, just tweaked it. This is what pretty much what I said after our second cocktail - “I’ve been having a lovely evening, I’m so glad we have this much fun together and so much chemistry. And now that we know we get along so well and of course I know you know all the projects I’m involved in and how busy we both are, I’d love to take this to its next level and start an allowance with you now I know we have this wonderful chemistry and you’ve proven yourself as wonderful company.” (Prior to this date, I texted him all week about four completely different projects I’m doing - being really positive and passionate about each one. Don’t complain about work because he’ll be like oh I’m helping her escape her stressful life. No, it should be the other way around.) Make an allowance sound like a natural transition. As if, this is completely normal and how things go and he’s made it - no earned, this next step, as if you weren’t even considering him for an allowance because he hadn’t proved himself yet. The idea is to get him to associate the allowance with this golden gate that he needs to open in order to unlock the next level in the relationship. He reached the checkpoint - that’s this conversation now he can either quit and its game over or continue playing and he’s having a really good time playing the game so far, he has the money, he knows how hard it is to date (from tactic 1), he knows how intellectually stimulating and gorgeous you are (from tactic 2) and all of that is playing on his mind as he weighs his decision.


After bringing that up, I tell him to think about it, don’t start throwing numbers around tonight (stole this line from another sugar baby) and let’s enjoy the rest of our evening. I’ve found bringing up allowance makes the man feel attacked and immediately on the defense mode. That sugar meme where the sugar baby goes “ hey so when are we going to talk allowance???$$$ “ and the sugar daddy goes “ I came here to have a good time and I honestly feel so attacked right now. “ LITERALLY, that’s how a man feels when you bring up the allowance on the first date or the third or the tenth date, there’s no good time to bring it up if he’s never given an allowance before. It’s a foreign object that’s not even on his radar and when you bring it up its like he’s cruising in a car that came to a screeching halt. So in order to not have the rest of the evening be about $$$$$ and him thinking “ was everything she did a lie to get money out of me?” (yes), I make sure to change the subject give him that to sit on and then make sure the evening to all about having a great time, drinks, dancing, etc. 

A few notes: I have not slept with this guy yet, been to his apartment or anything and this was our fourth date but I did not bring up sex = allowance. When discussing allowance, I stayed far away the sex topic but a man knows - next level - golden date = pussy. Next level equals pussy, not allowance equals pussy.

WARNING: This is equivalent to an untested drug at this point since I have no results. Test this method at your own risk and I’ll keep you updated on how my lab rab over here is doing. I just wanted to write down the recipe before I forgot.