Breaking The Rules (AkuAtsu)

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Summary: Akutagawa and Atsushi have certain rules in their relationship. Well, aren’t rules there to be broken anyway?

Word Count: 1160

Atsushi felt as if his body was about to burst. Those had probably been the most torturous twenty minutes of his life, and he wasn’t talking about pain.

“You alright?” Akutagawa bent down and gave him a gentle kiss on his cheek. Atsushi whined and curled up, his hands covering up his flushed and snotty face. That evil bastard, he was being kind now huh? After tickling him so brutally for so long. 

There was a certain rule in their relationship. No. Rashoumon. Indoors. Not during any intimate moments (hell that would be weird too), not during home chores (Atsushi thought it was unnatural and unnecessary to have superpowers do the dishes) and definitely not during tickle fights.

Still, Akutagawa probably found it very necessary to use his powers to absolutely wreck Atsushi the past couple of minutes. His body was in a heap on the floor, his skin slightly rosy and a little bit bruised from the enthusiasm he was tickled with. He was still suffering from some after-giggles and he was just having it rough.

“I’ll get you some water.” Yeah, Akutagawa chose the wrong time to be a caring boyfriend. He had broken the rules. But hey? Two could play at a game right? 

There were namely two things that severe tickle attack had resulted in: Atsushi experiencing a near-death-by-laughter experience (alright maybe he was over-exaggerating but it really felt like it), and…. it also awakened the beast inside him.

“RAwr!” Atsushi growled and he grabbed a tight hold of Akutagawa’s ankle just before he could walk away, and he gave a strong tug. 

“Hurgh?!” Akutagawa fell straight down onto the floor, his face planting in the soft carpet Atsushi was lying upon. 

There was another rule in their relationship. No. Man-Tiger. Atsushi. Indoors. Not during sex (after transforming once during the thing, even Akutagawa had admitted it was a bit too much), not while they were chilling on the couch since it was highly unnecessary (even though Atsushi could be a sneaky transformer at times and he loved to randomly pop his tail out), and definitely not during tickle fights.

“A…ku..” Atsushi managed to growl breathlessly. His hand that was holding his lover’s ankle transformed into a puffy claw, his other claw was now digging its nails in the carpet. His tail popped out, an inhumane growl rose up his throat and bamm. He pounced on top of Akutagawa and with incredible speed he clawed at his ribs and sides.

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Toddler Series #04 Favourite toy
Toddler Series can be found here.


Amelia - your rag doll (as talked about in Pregnancy Series #10 Mood Swings)

“Emmy, where are you?” Liam called and walked the corridor towards her nursery, “It’s time to get dressed.” He heard her little giggles and leaned against the doorframe. He smiled as he watched his little girl sit on the floor, playing with her rag doll; your when you were younger. “Amelia,” he said, making her look towards her father’s voice. “Dada,” she squealed, “up up,” she raised her arms, reaching for him. Liam bent down and picked her up, placing her on his hip and walking over to her wardrobe. “Emmy we’re going out, so we need to get dressed,” he smiled and looked for an outfit. He pulled out a dress, making Amelia smile. Liam walked over to the changing table and sat her down. He quickly changed her and kissed her head. Amelia looked at her doll and held her up to Liam. “Olly now?” she questioned with a big smile. Liam laughed under his breath and picked up a little dress that was next to the table; the same as the one his daughter was wearing. He took the rag doll and dressed her. “Here you go sweet pea,” Liam said, handing the doll back with a smile. “Now which one is my Emmy?” he cooed, smiling. “Em, Em,” Amelia giggled and pointed to herself.


Noah loves wearing his yellow Lion bath robe / towel (given as a present in Pregnancy Series #25 Baby Shower)

“Lou, where are you? Did you give Noah his bath?” you called out, walking towards to the bathroom when you heard Louis’ voice. You stopped and walked into the little boy’s nursery, where Noah and Louis were on the floor. “Mama,” he squealed and held his arms out for you. You smiled widely; loving hearing his little voice. Louis reached over and put the robe hood on his head. “Oh look at my little lion,” you cooed, kneeling down beside them. “Ion,” Noah said, bouncing on his bottom. Louis chuckled and picked him up, sitting him on his lap. “Can you show Mummy what Daddy taught you Noah?” Louis asked the little boy. Noah looked at his father confused. “Raawwrrr,” Louis roared and tickled his son’s sides. The room filled with Noah’s little giggles and squeals. “Rawwrr,” Noah roared quietly, trying to copy him. “Oh my. There are two lions in here,” you said, “two very cute lions.” Noah stood up as you held out your arms. “Raawwrr.” he repeated, sounding more cute than before and wrapped his little cubby arms around your neck. You started laughing and hugged him back. “Friendly cheeky little lion,” you whispered and kissed his cheek. 


Declan enjoys playing his xylophone, while Cora loves her little tutu (presents they got for their first birthday)

Niall sat on the floor behind Declan as he giggled at the noises coming from his little xylophone. Meanwhile, you sat with Cora in your lap, as she played with a fabric of her tutu. You kissed her head and wrapped your arms around her small body. She giggled and dropped her hands, wanting to cuddle with you instead. You picked her up and spun her around so she was standing up in between your legs. She squealed happily as you grabbed her little hands. Niall moved closer to his little boy and kissed his cheek. “Shall we play some music for Mummy and Corabear?” he asked his son. “Mama, Core-ra,” he squealed happily, his blue eyes lighting up at repeating the his sister’s and your name. Niall took the second stick and gently hit a few bars, making Declan copying him. “Does Cora want to dance with Mummy?” you cooed and begun moving her arms, making her body sway. She felt her tutu moving against her legs and looked down watching it. “Tu move,” she giggled and looked back at you, her blue eyes bright. “Yes Corabear and you are a great dancer,” you said, moving your hand above her head, turning her around. Declan smiled wide as he watched his sister dance to his music. “A musician and a dancer; a great combination,” Niall chuckled, winking at you.


Spencer - white bunny stuffed toy (brought in Pregnancy Series #21 While he is away (your pov) (part 2))

“Bed time for Spenc,” Harry said, scooping up his daughter. You smiled and followed them up to her bedroom. Harry placed her in her crib, “Good night Angel,” he said and kissed the top of her head. Spencer laid down and placed her head on her pillow. You stepped towards her and leaned over the railing of the crib to give her a kiss but she shook her head and pouted. “Unny,” Spencer whimpered, her little lips quivering. You froze, knowing she couldn’t sleep without her stuffed rabbit. “Bunny? Where is she?,” you cooed, looking around her crib. She started to panic, her green eyes filling with tears. “Harry,” you turned to faced him, “can you look downstairs? Bunny isn’t here.” He nodded and walked down to the living room. “Sweetie, it’s okay, Daddy will find her,” you said softly, wiping away her tears. Moments later Harry walked back in, hands behind his back. As he got closer to the crib, Spencer’s eyes got bigger. Harry lent forward and pulled the soft toy out from behind him. Spencer squealed in excitement and took it from her father, her little hands griping around it’s body. “Unny!” she smiled and brought the bunny into a tight hug, rocking side to side.


Kaiden - ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ book (as talked about in Pregnancy Series #17 He overhears you talking to the baby)

“Cat-pilla,” Kaiden said, holding up the book in his cubby hands. You smiled at the little boy and opened your arms for him. He giggled excited and wiggled himself onto your lap. “Dada,” he squealed, big hazel eyes looking up at his father, then down at the book on his legs. You smiled at Zayn, before opening up your son’s favourite book. “On Monday he ate through one apple,” you read slowly. “App,” Kaiden squealed and smacked his little hand on the page, making you bite your lip to keep from laughing. “but he was still hungry,” you continued and tickled his stomach. Kaiden loved turning the pages like a ‘big boy’ and pointing at the colourful pictures throughout the book. Although he can’t read, you and Zayn have read 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ to him so many times, that he tries to repeat words after you. “You know this is your fault,” Zayn whispered in your ear. You looked at him and saw the smirk appearing on his lips. “You read this book to him while you were pregnant. I think that’s why he likes it so much now,” he whispered. “I know you like it too; if not you wouldn’t read it with us,” you replied and kissed Kaiden’s dark hair.

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