tummy talk
  • Me: *is playing in my playpen*
  • Tummy: rawr!! Grrrr! Raaaawr!!
  • Me: Shh tummy!
  • Tummy: But raaaawr!!!
  • Me: Hmmmmm.....daaaddy I needs snacky!!
  • Daddy: You NEED it?
  • Me: Ya huh. My tummy said so.
  • Daddy: Oh did it?
  • Me: Well, actually, it said "raawr!" And "grrr!"
  • Daddy: Oh no! It's mad, we should feed it so it's a happy tummy for a happy little girl!
  • Me: Hehehe snacky!!

anonymous asked:

Obi wan has to do creche duty, but he takes some clones with him to share the burden.

It had been a long while since he had been here.

To busy on the front line, to busy fighting this war for the Republic. To busy doing everything but take a break.

But Healer Che had managed to drag him for a checkup after an ‘anonymous’ tip about his stress levels. Obi-Wan suspected Helix to be honest. She had taken one look at all his levels of stress, health, body fat and so on and mandated a week off the front line, even threatened Mace with an uncomfortable medical checkup if they forced him out before at least a week had gone by.

So he was stuck in the temple.

Yet not of work.

He was assigned to light duty, lessons, meditation leading for the younglings…and creche duty.

The latter which was what he was heading to right at that moment.

Not alone though. He smirked to himself and glanced behind him at the three clones he managed to snag before the alert had gone out to the vods.

“Come along you three, they won’t bite…hopefully.” He chuckled as Cody, Waxer and Boil exchanged looks. It wasn’t that he was punishing them or anything like that…though if he had managed to get Helix, he would have.

But the little ones could be a handful and Obi-Wan was suppose to supervise everyone, which was a bit hard alone. Perfect solution. Clones.

He opened the creche door and smiled at the amount of paint and glitter everywhere. “Ah, it seems like its crafts day.” He pretended not to notice Waxer suddenly perking up in interest as they stepped in, younglings instantly focusing on them.

“Hello little ones.”

“Master Obi-Wan!” He was promptly swamped, laughing as he picked a Rodian up under one arm and a Wookie under the other.

“Yes yes, here I am, ready to serve. I see you’re all happily started.”

“Uhu!” A Dressellian girl beamed up at him before peeking curiously at the troopers standing there in their blacks.

“You bought friends!” Now they were startled. Cody made a low noise as one of them latched onto his hand and tugged him towards the craft table. “You can help me paint!” The boy with a missing front tooth cheerfully chirped.

“Indeed I did, these are my men from the 212. Cody, Waxer and Boil.” He gestured to them in turn as a child. “They’re here to help me look after all of you.” He grinned as a Wookie instantly latched onto Boil and raawred up at him. “Vella says hello, she wants you to help her with her origami space craft.”

“I…I don’t know how to…”

“She’ll show you.” Obi-Wan chuckled as he stepped over a small splosh of paint on the floor and set down the children under his arms. He glanced around only to find Waxer moving to one of the smaller side rooms with the napping younglings.

The trooper sent him a sheepish look before nodding to the room. Obi-Wan chuckled and nodded in return, giving him the go-ahead.

If the delight on Waxer’s face was anything to go by, Obi-Wan might have to check that all the creche infants were indeed still there when they left.

Obi-Wan closed his eyes, listening to the thrill in the Force, feeling better then he had in a long time before he settled down at the craft table too with the Rodian and Wookie he had picked up, smiling as they showed him what they were working on.

He had volunteers from his troops on his next creche duty time.

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'Here Kitty Kitty!' (because why not XD)

// My muse will grow cat ears and a tail and adopt the mannerisms of a cat/kitten for the entirety of a thread! NEKO MINA-CHAN GOGOGO //

Oh, wow. This is so cool. Minato wasn’t one to belittle his friends, but Yoru had seriously not explored the advantages of a tail. He ran along the wall, eight feet off the ground, heedless of the yelling of surprised students. Reaching the end, he somersaulted off the end and landed lightly. 

It’s almost… cat-like. “Raawr.” He growled victoriously.

I HAVE to show Yoru this. He sped off in the direction of his friend’s house.