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‘Temae’ For Gallery Nucleus’ Legend of Korra Tribute Exhibition

As many already correctly guessed, this is an illustration of Raava in Wan’s teapot. I got the inspiration for this after seeing cleared and stained specimens. Especially the illuminated ones. I couldn’t help thinking Raava and Vaatu both look like skeletons and what a glowing skeleton inside a clear body made of light would look like. So here it is, a very elaborate tea ceremony.

If you’re in Los Angeles tomorrow Saturday, March 7th stop by for the opening of the Korra/Last Airbender show in Gallery Nucleus at 210 E. Main St. Alhamabra, CA. I’ll be there for the opening so feel free to say hi!

I really liked the Wan pic I made almost 3 years ago, that I decided to make one of Korra. Loved how well her pic came out. I’ll post it on my society6 site soon! Enjoy! I’ll also post a small process too! Used Photoshop.

Also, I’m still open for commissions if anyone is interested. Just inbox me

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Hello! What do you think about Raava/Vaatu and the origin of the Avatar as depicted in Legend of Korra? I liked the fact that the Avatar originated by merit and by choice, not due to the wish or will of a divinity, but, for me, the concept of Raava/Vaatu seemed something weird, like a weird blending of Taoism and Judeo-Christian dualism with sanskrit names.

Yes, that is exactly the problem. The concept of Raava and Vaatu is all about good vs. evil, and not about good balancing evil. They are a mutation of the concept of Yin and Yang, and Book 2 of LOK is written in such a way as to root for Raava to win out against Vaatu, which is not at all the point of yin and yang, which is expressed much better in “Siege of the North”:

Koh: Tui and La, your Moon and Ocean, have always circled each other in an eternal dance. They balance each other… push and pull… life and death… good and evil… yin… and yang.

I also have a problem with the way the entire origin story seems to back up the idea in the spirit world that humans are ugly, evil carnivores that Wan himself has to distance himself from by being “not like all the other humans”. Looking to the spirit world–instead of spiritual searching inside yourself–for morality in A:TLA is, in my view, a mistake.

All that said, however, I did enjoy the character of Aladdin–I mean, Avatar Wan. I feel that there could very easily have been a good prequel series about him (if, you know, Bryke weren’t at the helm of it). And the tone of “Beginnings” was much more in tune with A:TLA than Korra was, in that it was a fable, rather than a soap opera-esque drama masquerading as action-adventure (especially in Book 2). The visual style was beautiful, as well. A huge missed opportunity! 


waava week (2016) // day 4 · differences 

the difference between ‘like’, ‘love’ and ‘in love’
is the same as ‘for now’, ‘for a while’ and ‘forever’

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Will Genji ever connect to any of his past lives before Korra? I know Korra lost all of them, but Korra did regain her bending just from crying on a cliff, so anything is possible.

Lol so let’s talk about this. I think it IS possible.This is going to be a very long post, so stick with me. I’m going to go through a few points and then share my theory.

A) Watch the first 30 seconds of the video below. Korra meditates in the Tree of Time and remembers that Raava told Wan that light cannot exist without darkness etc. that Vaatu would always exist in her and she in him. Right before Korra meditates to the ethereal / astral plane where the Avatar Spirit is, you hear an older male voice say “Find the Light in the Dark.”

What is this voice? Who is it? I don’t think we’ve heard those words spoken by Wan before, so how can Korra be remembering something she didn’t witness?

B) Light cannot exist without darkness and vice versa. It’s canon that when Raava or Vaatu destroy the other, they will inevitably regenerate inside of the victor. There is always a little bit of light in Vaatu, always a little bit of darkness inside of Raava. Neither can truly be destroyed. In other words, there is a connection between the two beings that link their identities and destiny to one another for all of time.

C) Raava permanently fused her essence with Wan’s at the Harmonic Convergence before Korra. They became one entity- the Avatar Spirit. Yet, they maintained separate identities - Raava spoke to Wan and to Korra and had an idea that she was a separate being. Being fused with Raava meant the Avatar Spirit could never truly die, and it was reincarnated into humans for thousands of years after to create the Avatar Cycle we all know and love. But Raava’s spirit is inextricably linked to the tiny bit of light inside of Vaatu. In a way, Wan being linked to Raava meant he was tying his spirit and destiny with Vaatu as well.

D) Watch this video of Wan’s last moments - see how Raava / his spirit leaves his body? It’s a golden light that dissipates into the air.

Isn’t it similar to when Korra “purified” or “pacified” Vaatu? When Raava was destroyed by UnaVaatu?

This golden light / essence stuff, what is it exactly? It’s apparently not destruction, because we saw it when Wan died, and nothing died/was destroyed then, right?

E) Now, brace yourself, and watch when Korra loses Raava and her connection to her past lives:

Raava was apparently torn from Korra’s essence or spirit, and she is now being attacked by Vaatu. Each strike appears to take away a connection to a past life - we watch the past Avatars dissolve into golden light.

But wait, if Korra was severed from Raava, how is it that she feels the links to past Avatars disappearing? How can she see them being destroyed/why does she visibly show signs of distress and pain? It’s clear she was still somehow connected to Raava or her past lives to SEE/FEEL them being destroyed. I.E. she was still somehow linked to Raava despite Raava being materialized outside of her body.

F) What kind of crazy energybending is Korra doing? We’ve never seen ANYTHING like this before.
One explanation is that spiritual energy is simply amplified during Harmonic Convergence, amplifying a person’s innate spiritual energy (see Jinora’s enhanced abilities). But also think about this - despite not being the Avatar anymore, she still meditated into that astral plane place.

We’ve only seen Aang get to this place before when he was trying to enter the Avatar State.

G) So what does it even mean to purify a spirit? Eventually, Jinora somehow did some crazy spirit shit and illuminated Raava’s energy inside of Vaatu. Korra managed to extract Raava from Vaatu, and then she purified Vaatu and his weird golden spirit bits floated into the sky. We’ve seen Korra use that technique to purify spirits before - Sometimes we saw them turn “happy” again and go on their merry way. Other times we saw that disappear into golden dust. It was said that pacifying spirits via waterbending actually meant altering and affecting their spiritual energy. The technique “involves changing a spirit’s negative energy into positive energy, restoring its internal balance in the process(Avatar Wikia). So what exactly does this do…? It obviously doesn’t “kill” anything… does this mean that spirit cannot die, but their energy can be transformed?

H) Vaatu was cleansed and is “gone”, but a bit of him is permanently inside of Raava regardless… Thus he is inside of Korra, regenerating slowly.

I) Despite being “destroyed”, the new Raava emerges from Vaatu with all of her memories intact. She remembers EVERYTHING! I.E. the little bit of her inside of Vaatu is connected to all things happening outside of Vaatu.

#MyTheory -

1) The human side of the Avatar (Wan, Korra, etc.) and the spirit side (Raava) were permanently fused together at the first Harmonic Convergence and formed the Avatar Spirit. I would argue this inherently changed the spirit/essence of Raava. Raava is always linked to the itty bit of herself inside of Vaatu, that bit of her was also permanently altered. Think about it like the Cloud - changes to Raava’s spirit will always “update” inside of Vaatu.

Raava was separated from Korra and “destroyed”, but nothing about her CAN be destroyed because she ALWAYS exists inside of Vaatu. Raava’s memories, the Avatar Cycle, and the connections to past lives always simultaneously existed inside of Vaatu and could never be destroyed.

2) Spiritual energy / Spirits cannot die, but their energy can be transformed. The golden light we see when Vaatu is purified, when Raava is destroyed, when the past Avatars disappear? That’s not death or disappearing - it’s the energy being changed into something else.

3) When Korra meditated in the Tree of Time, she was connecting to her innate spiritual energy. While doing so, she heard that male voice. I think it was a past life, probably Wan, reaching out to her from the bit of Raava inside of Vaatu. Despite being separated, a bit of Korra/the Avatar Spirit still existed inside of Vaatu. Think about what the voice said: “Find the Light in the Dark.” It was advice. It was Wan encouraging Korra to reunite with the bit of Raava (AND the bit of herself/the Avatar connected to Raava) inside of Vaatu.

4) It’s clear that Korra and Raava CAN be pulled apart, but I think there is enough evidence to say the link between Raava and Korra transcends their physical forms - despite being separated there was still something there. Korra and Raava “reconnected” to each other after the battle with UnaVaatu to make themselves one whole entity again, but in reality, their separation was just an illusion.

So, I think the Avatar’s past lives/Avatar Spirit was never actually destroyed. That information still exists in the world due to the nature of Vaatu and Raava’s very being, due to spirits never really dying, and because I think the Avatar Spirit is an indestructible force that binds Raava and Wan together for eternity. The separation of Raava/Korra was an illusion because Raava/Korra still existed inside of Vaatu. They can’t connect to past Avatars because neither of them know how to “reconnect” or “find” the past lives inside of them and they think they’ve been destroyed. (Raava’s never had this happen before, it makes sense she wouldn’t know how this works.)

This leaves it open - maybe Genji will be able to recover the connections after all.


Spirits telling the Avatar not to give up.

I was making a gif for a different post when Yue’s quote suddenly sounded very familiar…

Aang: I’m not gonna make it. I failed. Roku?
Avatar Roku: You haven’t failed, Aang.
Aang: But everyone thinks I’m dead again. They think I’ve abandoned them and I’m losing this war. I’m letting the whole world down.
Roku: If anyone is to blame for the state of the world, it is me. I should have seen this war coming and prevented it. You inherited my problems, and my mistakes. But, I believe you are destined to redeem me and save the world.
Aang: I don’t know.
Princess Yue: You already saved the world, and you’ll save the world again. But, you can’t give up.
Aang: You’re right. I won’t give up.

Avatar Wan: I’m sorry, Raava. I failed to bring peace. Even with Vaatu locked away, darkness still surrounds humanity. There wasn’t enough time.
Raava: Don’t worry. We will be together for all of your lifetimes. And we will never give up.