It’s Hard to Balance | Part x

Description: The truth is revealed.

Words: 1518

Notes: Sorry if this sucks, guys. Next part should or might be the last. Remembered when I had good writing? Yeah, I don’t either.

Characters: Thor, Loki, Baldur, Sif, OC 1, OC 2, Peter Parker

Ships: Peter Parker x reader


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Warnings: Mention of drugs, mention of parental abuse, childhood neglect, basically alot! Don’t read if you feel you might be triggered, please!

Your memories grow darker, as does your vision and your grapple on reality. Peter’s embrace is faint, but the touch of the Well’s gold liquid is stronger than anything you’ve felt before, and yet subtle enough to force you to focus on the dreams. You’re getting lost; that’s one thing Loki forgot to mention.

“There’s a light… it’s gold.” Peter says slowly, his eyes closed and his palm cupping your wrist and keeping it in the Well,” Her mom is there. I think this is her birth!”

Your mother looks down at the child in her arms and recoils. She’s read book after book and article after article; everyone saying that it’s between three and six months for their true eye color starts to show. And yet, the infant in her grasp has powerful E/C eyes, that you would never find on a child younger than three months. The tears in the mother’s eyes make the nurses coo, but the reason is utterly different from what they imagine. It is not the love of a mother that makes her cry, but the fact that her true love left her… with this child. This child that she wanted. She had put the drug in his drink, after all. She had done the deed. So why did the little girl she had wanted with him suddenly become a nightmare?

Her husband, not the father of this child—how could he be? The power radiating from her already is incredible—cries out when he see’s her. Taking her into his arms, he rocks her. A Doctor walks in and begins to discuss the name of the child. Without missing a beat, her husband hugs the little girl close and whispers,”Y/N…” His breath stutters as he looks at the child that he thinks is his,”(Full name).” He assures again.

She contemplates what she can do. He’ll come for the little girl, surely, someday. Maybe if she keeps her, she can see him again. But her present husband can’t be there. The love they once had is absent, and gone forever. She has her new love. So when the doctor leaves and he continues to cradle her, your mother whispers,”I want a divorce.”

The father looks up from the child, eye’s conflicted and startled,”What?

“The baby isn’t yours,”She breathes evenly,”I want a divorce.”

Nine Months Earlier

He’s furious when he awakes. He knows what she’s done and he’s yelling and throwing things. His roars shake their hotel room. They shake the world. They shake the realm. She cries his name, again and again,”Baldur, Baldur please!” He glares at her with every utter of his name.

Baldur picks his belongings from the floor, shoulders hunched with the intent to find a new purpose. Odin had banished him to Midgard when he denied marrying the princess of Vanaheim. It was to make peace, it was for peace, but he wanted nothing to do with the Vanir or their princess. So he declined. Thus, his father banished him. He thought he would do good without his powers, he thought that finding love—with the woman who is now begging him to stay—would indicate his feelings of hatred to his father. But he knows he must come back, he knows he must return to Asgard and retake his sleeping powers. He is the god of the sun, and without him, Asgard is a dark world.

His eyes darken to a rusted gold turned to steel as he glares. The only hope he has is the piece of stone he has within his necklace. Even with the infinity stones powers lessened, he is still more powerful than any army, as powerful as he was before. He will find his way home. He will leave this woman behind.

Her love has left her with this child, who is her only hope of his return. He will come back for her. Baldur would come back for his child, right? She finds herself hating the little girl with every passing day. Why hasn’t he come back? Why hasn’t he returned so she can apologize? She thought that the child would bring them together, not apart.

Your mother knows he is watching her. She knows that Baldur will return for you. Maybe if she got another, made another child, he would be jealous and return? The child is so much like him. But her powers have not shown themselves—at the time of her conceiving, Baldur did not have his powers. They were locked away. Maybe hers are the same, and he can return and they can be a family, as she’s always wanted.

So she finds another. She has a second child, a boy, with a different man. This one, she loves unconditionally. She has named him (brother’s name), and it suits him very well. And still, even if she neglects his child, pushes her away and forces her into alienation, Baldur does not return.

Baldur is back. He is a prince of Asgard once more, and they need him just as he suspected. His name is preached and his flags are waved. The only one who does not celebrate is Loki; Loki knows what has happened. He knows of the other child he has now. Raakel does not know of her sister, and Baldur makes sure of that.

But he watches as your mother pushes you away. You are amazing, as he wanted you to be if you would have come into the world as he had imagined. Maybe… maybe if he sends you the case which holds the broken remains of his stone… then maybe you can save yourself. It is the least he can do. You can regain your powers, rid them both of your mother and get your revenge, and you will never know of him and he will forget about you.

But his pity fades over time. You become a warrior, as his daughter has. You absorbed the stone’s energy and unlocked your Asgardian attributes, and have increased them all the same. You have become more than human, more than Asgardian, more than the light he wanted you to have. But the thought of his child does not lead to you, but Raakel. You are a part of him created without consent, a monster forming beneath his nose. He does not want you


You pull your hands from the Dream Well, form shaking and coughing on the air. Peter takes you into his arms, and you let it out. Your father doesn’t want you. You’re half Asgardian. Raakel is your half-sister. Your mother drugged your father in a state of weakness and then created you. You. She kept you only because she wanted him to come back, only because she thought he would care for you. He doesn’t. But he pitied you enough to send down the case with the piece of one of the infinity stone, and then you touched it and it unlocked your powers and you became more. And he only gave them so you could get rid of your mother. That didn’t work.

Peter cups your neck, running a soothing hand down your back. Loki casts his head down and looks away from the sight; he knew. Thor and Sif exchange a worried glance, and Raakel is completely oblivious to your relation.“I… I want to…” You choke into Peter’s shoulder,”I want to go home.” You whisper. Peter nods reassuringly, his eyes distant and his touch shivering. What kind of father would do such a thing? What kind of mother hates her child?

“Who was it?” Raakel speaks up,”Do you know who her father is?”

Peter opens his mouth to answer, but as you shake and sob in his arms he can only shake his head. The water of the Dream Well subsidies into its depths. You almost feel like breaking into his embrace and drowning in the depths. Your heart is grabbed by the bony hands of truth and squeezed until the gold blood oozes like pure, liquified pain. You want to be angry. You want to be furious, you want to crush Asgard beneath your heel and never return. You want to go home.

“When Balder was banished…” Loki trails off. There’s something in his eyes; a pain that mirrors your own. He knows what it’s like to be lied to. Sif and Lahn catch on, gazes falling to the grass that doesn’t seem as perfect anymore,”He and Y/N’s mother…” Loki only shakes his head, turning on his heel and back toward the castle,”I’ll have the guards collect your things.” He assures. With a final glance in your direction, you watch him mouth “I’m sorry” and take his leave.

“Lady Y/N…” Thor sighs. He looks to Sif and Raakel,”Take them home.” The hammer in his grasp is twisted, the metal shrieking as he angrily turns,”Balder and I are to have an important discussion.”

Peter presses a kiss to your hair, your sobs fading to weeping that presses painfully against the inside of his rib-cage.

Ei saatana

Soitin äsken kirjastoon et pystyisin varaa mun kirjat uudestaan koska olin vasta saanut tänään kirjeen missä ilmotettiin et kirjat on saapunut ja NOUTOPÄIVÄ OLI EILEN JA TÄNÄÄN ja sain pelastettuu yhen kirjan ja loput tulee ens viikolla ja se kirjastontäti mutisee mulle puhelimessa:
“Njoo-o ja sul oli myös Raakel Liekin kirja varauksessa”
Mä aattelen et se on yhen mun varattujen kirjojen kirjottaja ja oon vaan sillee “Joo,joo” sit kun lopetetaan puhelu niin meen koneelle kattoo mun varauksii ja nään siel vittu saatana jonkun “Rakel Liekki: Hyvän olon seksi” ja oon heti silleen VOI PILLU SAATANA PASKA ja sit kerron mutsille ja se on sillee: “Rakel Liekkihän on se joku seksinainen” JA  VOI  HelveTTI


It’s Hard to Balance | Part ix

Description: With the dream well here early, the Reader must rush to the Asgardian gardens as fast as she can. Upon arriving, her world starts to spin. When touching the Well’s golden waters, her past flashes before her eyes, getting faster and faster as the truth begins to come to light. Little does she know, the longer she waits, the deeper she sinks.

Words: 5840

Notes: This is LONG as BALLS but it’s pretty good! I really like the feedback this series is receiving!

Characters: Loki, Sif, Thor, Peter Parker, Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, Wanda Maximoff, Natasha Romanoff, Tony Stark, Sam Wilson, basically everyone lol

Ships: Avengers x Superpowered!Reader, Peter Parker x Superpowered!Reader


Tag List: @bees-are-more-important , @kitty31177

“It’s here?” Raakel questions, raising her curved eyebrows in alarm. The guard gestures outside hurriedly, nodding a frantic yes.”Well, come on then, you buffoon!” Loki rolls his eyes and shoos at you,”Go on! It could disappear any moment now!” With a determined nod, you skirt around Loki and break into a sprint down the hall. You’re lucky the stylist for your dress including sandals instead of heels. Natasha is truly amazing if she can fight of all things in a pair of stilettos.

The Asgardian palace gardens are just as beautiful as the city, if not more. The bushes are trimmed to perfection, the centering oak tree’s leaves overhang the mushrooms and give shade, flowers burst from the rich soil in neat rows and colors, the stones paving the way around the flora flawlessly fit together to create an even path. Vines wrap around the columns bordering the garden, which support rows of arches entangled in roses and lilies. There’s a plant that has been perfectly cut to look like a goddess—possibly of foliage—and she’s so realistic you feel she’ll get up and move. Flowers grow down her face like tears and trail into the grass.

A group of servants scatters as you rush into the sanctuary, the others following closely behind you. The water features, which consist of a fountain bubbling towards the back and emptying into a pond, are no longer the clear and dreamy color they had been on your previous visit. Instead, the water is gold, and the circle of stones pressed into the dirt below the oak tree is no longer empty and bottomless.

The gold liquid shimmers, almost like apple juice but for the way it reflects light. You kneel before the well. It’s as wide as a kiddy-pool and is as deep as infinity. In its waters you see your reflection, and Peter’s right; you’re glowing, and the light radiating from your form pulses… unrestrained and smoky. Your abilities are stronger than ever before when you are on Asgard, so much so your power is simmering off your gold-glowing skin.

The well is begging for you to touch it, and somewhere far off Loki and Thor are giving instructions as to how to confront the well and see your past. But you already know. You already know and no one has told you. Gently, Peter places his hands on the armor layered on your shoulders. His expression flickers with worry and yet also with assurance. Carefully, his hand slides down your dominant arm and guides it into the water.

The second your hand even ghosts above the well’s mystical waters, you collapse. Peter holds you upright to keep you from tumbling within the depths, but his mind is suddenly sharply pulled into your daydream without mercy. He’s still conscious, but all of his mental energy is glued to your visions, and with Thor’s call, he starts to recite what you’re seeing.

2017: The Battle for Earth — The Avengers vs Thanos

You can feel the bruise forming on your face already; the infinity stones are going to be carved into your jaw for weeks to come… if you survive this. You look around you in a daze. The sand disturbed by the battle flutters in the wind and makes your world hazy and dreamlike. You see shadows of the others in the dust storm, but the only colors you see besides the orange mist the sand creates is the pulsing of the stones against Thanos’ shadow.

Wanda’s energy floats through the air, making the air a deeper red. Dancers spin around your head, and her energy seeps into your skin as your mind begs you to sleep. But it suddenly encourages you to rise, it begs you to protect her brother, her family, it begs you to protect Peter. The blast’s of Tony’s repulsors ring in your ears, the whine the device screams every time it charges up is similar to the noise your bones make when you move.

You raise your hands from the dirt, your back heaving. You’re the most powerful one here, you have to get up. You have to do something. Your knees bury in the sand as you press against them, and despite your body’s wails of protest, you manage to raise a leg.

And that’s when you feel it.

Due to the pain vibrating through your system the tingle in your skulls feels more like pressure added to your brain, or another ounce of intensity poured into your headache. But it’s not, as it surges forward. Something trickles down your lip. Every beat of your heart is painful. And it’s not the way Peter makes it beat, but the way it works when you’re… you don’t know. You’ve never felt this before. Your heart forces oxygen charged blood through your system. It’s just as tired as you, and you’re ready to give in. Until that something trickles down your lip.

You raise your hand to your lip and swipe to collect what you think is blood. You expect red. But it’s not. It’s gold, and it glitters in the bare sunlight like real gold would. You know it is blood. It is blood. It’s also a reminder that you’re not just a normal kid. You’re not a normal Avenger, either. You’re Lumin. You’re Starling. You’re powerful. You’re you.

You urge yourself to your feet. The pain is no longer physical but emotional and mental, and your heart truly starts to beat this gold into your system. You aren’t normal. You’re Starling. You press back your foot and bend yourself into a takeoff stance. The shadows in the dust are slowing down, but for one. And that one is circled by six glowing stones.

The breath you take in is fresh. It fills you, it completes you.”You’re Starling.” You whisper to yourself. Digging your shoes into the sand, you nod to yourself,”I’m Starling.” You huff. Your takeoff clears the sand in the air for at least a mile, and the crack! of Thanos’s jaw is the most satisfying sound you’ve ever heard. It sings with the sonic boom your takeoff created. You’re Starling.

2017: Before the Battle for Earth

“We don’t have much time before he arrives. We’re lucky we know Thanos is coming.” Natasha pulls on her gloves, the orange dust kicking up around her. The desert is about to become a war zone. Your vision is shaded with a (color) lens as you pull on your goggles, and the sand finally stops whipping into your vision,”No we are not,” Gamora argues, unsheathing her sword,”Regardless of if we know or not we are doomed.”

“Geez, ‘Mora,” Starlord speaks up, pressing the button behind his ear and blinking as his mask retracts over his face. He looks to his teammate pointedly,”Lighten up a little. We got this!” He bobs his head, trying to reassure himself and the other’s, but even Tony is deadly serious. Groot grumbles,”I am Groot.” Which probably means,”We’re going to die.” Rocket slaps Groot’s leg,”You said it, pal.” Dr. Strange rolls his eyes, closing the spell book in his hands and placing it on a bookshelf on the other side of a plate-sized portal,”Keep your guard up, everyone.” He suggests.

“Hey, Y/N.” Peter’s hand falls onto his shoulder, and you smile is tight-lipped and strained,”Hey, Petey.” You whisper. His eyes shrink and expand as he stares off into the distance at the hazy sunrise, the wind whistling as it moves the sand. Awkwardly, he turns his head away from the wind and pulls his mask up over his nose,”I know this is a weird time,” He starts.

You don’t bother to let him finish, and cup the back of his neck, feeling the webbing on his costume catch on your fingers, and kiss him. It’s short, and desperately tries to convey how much you love him. The message gets across. Peter smiles crookedly,”I love you.” Your hand rises from the back of his neck to his jaw, lovingly stroking his cheek,”I love you too, Peter.” You promise.

“We have company.” Thor informs the group huddled in the sand, breaking your gaze with Peter’s. He pulls on his mask as the sand’s fight against your faces starts to hurt. The engine of a Quinjet whirrs to a stop, and it settles into the nearest hill. You grin, and Tony looks at you confused,”Kid, did you call a ride to get out of here?” He jokes. Maybe you were wrong about him being serious, but you know he’s scared if he’s joking. That’s how Tony covers up his fear, and most of his other emotions. Now that you think about it, most of the team does the same.

“Nope,” You shake your head. Pressing your thumb into the ring on your opposite hand, the Avenger’s “A” digs its logo into your skin. You gently open the ring, and inside is a simple button that you received a few months ago, and pressed a few hours ago. It’s in the Saffron, you remembered. You lift your goggles and wipe the tears escaping your eyes with your fists,”That’s not my ride home. It’s ours when we beat this bastard.” You grin.

The hatch opens and… there they are. Steve’s suit is dark and his beard his tangled and his hair is a mess, but he looks like the happiest man alive; Bucky’s at his side, new enhanced arm glittering in the sun and image wavering in the heat. T’Challa is among them and you can hear the collective face-palm as the team realizes where they’ve been all this time: Wakanda. Wanda’s eyes glow pink when she see’s you, and her grin is brighter than the sun as is her beauty. Scott is picking at his new costume, suddenly sweaty and completely unaware of the weight of this moment, or even that the hatch has opened at all. Sam’s wings extend with a chorus of clicks that sounds so familiar your ears practically bleed with happiness.

Clint speaks up first, pulling an arrow from his quiver and notching it in his bow,”Someone call for backup?” He teased, winking at you proudly.

You cry out and break into a sprint, shouting so loud Thanos can hear you from space,”It worked! The button worked! You’re here, you’re really here!” You sob. The smile on Steve’s face is so incredible you’re sure that alone could help you win the battle about to take place. You jump at him, arms falling over his shoulders and sobs dying into the space where his star used to be.

“Of course it works,” Steve laughs, squeezing you tightly in response,”We wouldn’t leave you without it, Y/N.”

“I missed you so much! I’m so sorry.” You sob as you pull away. Wanda puts a hand on your face, wiping a tear as it travels down the slope of your cheek,”Do not dare apologize, Starling. Ve vill alvays come back.” She promises sincerely.

“And hey,” Steve’s grin settles into a soft smile, and he glances back at Bucky and Sam, and then T’Challa, Clint, Wanda, and Scott,”We missed you too.” He chuckles.

2017: Starling’s Identity Reveal

Their shouts and praises echo in the cafeteria, and tears blur your vision as you stare back at the students. A chant starts, and you breathe a heavy breath; it clears your being, they’re chanting your name. Their voices chime together in unison, at least a hundred or maybe two hundred voices praising you in thanks for their lives. Even Flash is cheering, and Ned is cheering, and Peter is cheering your name so loudly his voice is a giant in comparison to the other student’s calls.

You gently land, and they rush forward as the emotion grabs you and wraps its hands around your heart. A girl is the first to approach you out of many, her face wet with tears. She pulls you into a tight hug, and over the clapping, you hear her say,”Thank you, you saved our lives.” Her heartbeat is intense in comparison to yours, and she disappears in the waves of students coming up to you. Your pulse is steady and in control. You aren’t scared of an encounter with a bully, fearful for your hold on your books or even nervous to be in front of so many people. You’re calm.

A hand clasps your shoulder, and the boy who pushed you that morning says,”Thank you.

I’m so sorry!” Cries (ex-friend’s name), weeping and clutching both of your hands,”I should have never taken the money Flash gave me to prank you, you saved me! You saved us!” She exclaims.

Her voice echoes as she repeats,”You saved us!

2016: Avengers Civil War

I am not helping!” You explode, slamming your hands on the table. Tony and Natasha jump. The table’s glass accents shatter, and the walls around the room shake with the energy in your voice. Your visage shimmers with anger, and both the heroes feel your power take hold of the air and choke it. The aura around you is sizzling with rage and worry and longing.

At the sound of the shatter multiple agents outside the room put a thumb to their gun holsters, but falter as they realize that bullets don’t work on Starling. General Ross glares at Tony through the glass, who avoids his gaze as he already understands what Ross is trying to say; you are their most powerful asset, and if he is too harsh you will automatically side with Steve. And if you do, they will lose. But if you join the fight, as Tony is asking (really only because Ross wants you to) then they will win.

You shake the glass from your fingerless gloves, the feeling painless as it is impossible for your skin to be cut. Shoulders shaking, your voice stutters as you pull out a particularly large piece,”I love you. I really do. But I love them too.” You weep firmly. Your eyes are clouded and your form shivers to match the pace your eyes deliver; you are an ocean storm, one wet with tears and quivering with pain.

“I will sign the accords,” You spit, closing your eyes and cursing yourself for getting into this situation,”But I will not side with either of you. Just like if Thor or Banner did, whatever side I am on will win. So I won’t play the game, I won’t fight my family.” You hiss, ripping your bag off the chair and rushing toward the exit. With a final glance at the two, you force out,”Being at home with my mother is even better than this.” And you leave, slamming the door behind you. It shutters with the collision.

Tony sighs, rubbing at the arch reactor as he settles into one of the seats not covered in pieces of glass. Natasha stands as Stark says,”My left arm is numb. Is that normal?” She puts her hand on his shoulder and gives him a firm shake of assurance. There’s a breath of silence as Nat stares at the agents milling around outside. She glances down at Tony from her peripheral vision,”You alright?”

Tony smiles tightly,”Always.”

Nat crosses her arms, trying to steady her expression into something strict so Tony can’t see how worried she is. Both for Steve and Sam and the others, and then you.”36 hours…geez.” Tony groans to himself, massaging his temples,”36 hours to bring in Captain freaking America. God, this would be so much easier if she helped.” Nat gives a nod of agreement, but says nothing else. They both know it’s wrong to try and include you. It’s wrong to fight in the first place.

“We’re seriously understaffed.” Natasha acknowledges, glancing back at the shattered remains of the table. Tony sits up straighter,”Yeah.” He raises his eyebrow at Natasha and leans back in his seat again,”It’d be great if we had a Hulk right now. Any shot?” He questions. Natasha gives a tight-lipped smile as she shakes her head, pointedly raising her eyebrows as her faux smile releases,”You really think he’d be on our side?” Tony shakes his head; if someone as kind and soft as you is staying neutral, then Bruce would side with Steve.

After a thought, Natasha looks to Stark,”I have an idea.”

“Me too…” Tony nods, narrowing his eyes at the opposite wall,”Where’s yours?” He asks, meeting her expression. Natasha gives him a strange look,”… Downstairs…” She murmurs. Cocking her head to the side, she raises a slow eyebrow,”Where’s yours?” She says, furrowing them.

Tony’s face is conquered by a smirk, and when the look on Natasha’s face falls—she knows what that smirk means—Tony reveals simply,”Queens.”

2015: Ultron Offensive

“So!” You yell over the wind. The brown haired girl next to you curls her fingers in intricate ways, bending with the energy extending from her as she tears apart an Ultron with her mind.” I don’t think we’ve met!” You call to her in your squeaky fourteen-year-old voice. She smiles at you as she moves, eye’s widening ever so slightly as you blast an Ultron soldier dead-on without looking.

“I’m—” You pause, frowning as a blast from one of the Ultron’s fires straight into your chest. Huffing, you fire harshly at that one in particular. You turn back to her,”I’m Starling! Or Y/N, Y/N’s okay too.” She chuckles,”Vanda.” She answers, nodding as she deals a blow to another three sentries,”But they call me the Scarlet Vitch.”

In one swift movement, a wave of energy extends around her, red rippling in every direction. Although it’s a short distance, it ends the soldiers around your swiftly.”Woahh…” You whisper. Enthusiastically, you smile at her,”Your powers are so cool!”

Wanda pulls an odd expression. No one has viewed her Psionic Energy Manipulation in such a way before. Teasingly, Wanda raises a hand and let’s the reddish current flow from her fingertips,”Thank you, Y/N.” She smiles softly. With that, she turns on her heel to face the battle. When you don’t follow, she pauses and glances over her shoulder at you. Encouragingly, Wanda nods forward,”C’mon.” She smiles.

Quickly, you jog after her to assist with the infinite flow of Ultron’s army,” Coming, Scarlet Witch!”

2014: 14th Birthday

Hey, (N/N)! It’s Peter Parker, from school! Is this the right number? - Unknown Number

Your heart jumps upon reading the text, and your face reddens. Shifting your grip on your umbrella, you add him to your contacts and smile to yourself, your birthday crown tilting off your hair. You adjust it and send him a message.

Yep! This is me :D - You

Happy Birthday! - Petey

Your conversation carries you up the stairs to your home, your typing so fast-paced you nearly crack your phone’s screen (literally). Pausing at the front door, you bite your tongue. Maybe if you went to the tower, she won’t notice you. At least there, someone would be there for you. Even if it was just a small thing, like watching a movie with Steve or training with Natasha. Eating with Thor for your birthday would be fun, too. He makes good deserts.

You listen through the rain with your advanced senses… there’s no one in the house. Using your key, you enter your home and quietly step into the kitchen. No one is inside. In the middle of the counter is a note, left by your mother. Your breath hitches as you take it.

We’re out for your brother’s award ceremony. Don’t eat the leftovers in the fridge, those are for him.

There’s no “happy birthday”, or even a P.S. That’s it. You curse under your breath as tears threaten your senses. She spent hours in labor to bring you into the world, and then three days of her life were, apparently, wasted in the hospital. And she won’t even bother to write two words.

Tossing your wet umbrella aside, you race into your backyard, pulling on your goggles as tears pull at your eyes and then take off for Avengers Tower. Avengers Tower, where your real family is.

2013: First Team Party

Tony stirs his drink with his straw, watching the Iron Legion go around and sweep up things with other helpers. Steve is among them, and Stark looks up at Rogers as he scrubs the bar Tony’s sitting at,”You know, we have bots for the cleaning, Capsicle.” Tony reminds pointedly, slurping his drink to either annoy the Captain or make him laugh.

Steve shrugs, smiling to himself as he remembered. His ma would hand him the dish towel after they did the dishes together and say,”Steven, why don’t you scrub those counters?” He never wanted to disrespect his mother, but he had to ask, and Steve does so politely as his mother raised him to,”But ma… it’s just going to get dirty again…”

“Things are going to get dirty, Steve. But isn’t it nice just have it be clean for awhile?” She said,”Besides…”

Steve echoes the rest of her response to Tony without breaking his rhythm with the scrubs,”It’s nice to look back at your work and know that you did it. Makes you feel productive.” Steve pauses his movement and shrugs at Stark,”And it’ll go faster if there’s another person to help.”

Tony shakes his head at the old man, raising his hand as Clint passes. He’s clearly trying to live up to his role as bartender, so much he’s stretching it out to the after party and cleaning a glass with another rag.”Another one of these?” Tony shakes his empty glass, making the ice gently clatter together. Clint takes it with a huff,”You should be paying me to do this, Stark.”

“That’s not what you said when you asked me to be the bartender for tonight.” Tony exclaims in response. As he and Clint begin to bicker about paychecks, Steve casts a glance around the room. An hour ago it was bustling with donors, all men and women of high-families that donated over a $800 to the charity funding the cleanup for one of the Avenger’s battles. Each Avenger had attended, even you, with your secret identity. Steve still chuckles every time he hears you say it; it sounds like Bucky after he told him he was “Captain America”.

Speaking of you, where are you? Steve scans the remains of the party. Natasha, Maria and Agent May are chatting at one of the rounded tables. Nick is whispering with a pair of agents near the entrance to the room. Thor is having a hearty one-sided discussion (unbeknownst to Thor) with a passed-out Banner at the other end of the bar. Clint and Tony are still bickering beside him, and the drones are whizzing about working on cleanup. Some of the kitchen staff are packing up the buffet, and a pair of S.H.I.E.L.D agents dance on the dance floor without music. The air is calming, and yet, where are you?

“Oh, hush, Steve! I can totally stay up after the party!” You scoffed tiredly, holding your “(favorite soda) on the rocks” to your chest. You sipped it, pointing at him with a spare hand,”Watch me, Captain.”

You’d been training literally all day, and after using your powers for a long extent of time you became very tired. That didn’t pair well with your constant need to keep up with the rest of the team, and that meant you trained day and night. You fainted or collapsed so much that whenever someone in the tower hears you fall, they have to yell “Timber!” to alert the closest person to get you. This was usually Steve, since he mother-henned you constantly. An hour ago was no different—there you are!

Steve chuckles, setting down his cloth and striding over to your table; tucked into the corner of the tower’s main “party” floor, as Tony liked to call it. You’ve got your head resting on your folded arms, drooling down the sleeve of your dress and murmuring in your sleep. He pulls out your chair as gently as he can, and carefully lifts you up bridal style. You pout in your dream and nestle into him, and Steve’s heart melts… did you whisper bro in your sleep?

You’re weightless in his arms, young form an easy fit. If he can lift Stark in the suit then you’re just a puppy in comparison. He approaches the trio of women, and they all pause and stare at your sleeping form.”She was talking about staying up all night two minutes ago. What happened?” Maria whispered. May rolls her eyes and takes a sip of her drink. Steve looked to Natasha, nodding to Clint and Tony at the bar.

“I’m going to put Y/N in her bed, can you keep an eye on Clint and Stark?” He murmured. Natasha nods, glancing at Y/N with a look Steve guesses is loving. Adjusting his grip on you, Steve turns and takes the elevator up to your floor.

He enters your (super-secret) passcode into the panel on the wall, and the doors pop open. Your room is very you, with it’s (color) drapes and furniture, crammed bookshelf, and the assortment of knick-knacks. Steve settles you onto your bed, gently undoing your hairstyle for the night.

Pulling the (color) comforter over your form, Steve plants a kiss on your brow,”Goodnight, Y/N.” He smiles. Before he leaves he changes the temperature on the thermostat to your liking. Just before the door to your bedroom closes, his ears perked to catch your murmured words,”G’night, Stevie.” He chuckles, keeping his eyes on your form for as long as he can before the door closes. Now he knows what Bucky felt like, taking care of a kid who wants to fight and challenge everything that moves.

2012: After the Battle of New York

“So, photoenergy manipulation, flight, super-strength, super-speed, super—okay, I get the point.” Tony swipes your file to the side, and an array of videos of you using your powers appears on the holo-screen. He watches security footage of you lifting the engine of the Helicarrier when Loki and Clint brought it down. There’s a lot of strain on your face, and the wind is whipping your hair about, but it’s working. Tony glances back at you with a smirk,”You’re pretty super, kid.”

“Thanks.” You respond happily. Tony returns to the video, replaying it with a curious look on his face,”Y’know, with the other engines working, you’re lifting nearly 427 tons there.” He points at the screen, before furrowing his eyebrows and turning back to you,”Is that the heaviest thing you’ve lifted?”

“I think so.” You jogged your legs casually, holding the edge of the counter. Doctor Banner approached you with a needle,”Can I take a blood sample?” He questioned. You offered your arm and he went through the usual procedure, Tony’s eyes observing you,”How are you not crushing that counter right now, kid?”

Bruce gently applied the needle to your arm, but as soon as he tried to break the skin, the needle snapped off. You turned back to Tony as Bruce stooped to pick up the needle’s tip in awe,”Practice. Lots of practice.” You chuckled.

“And what? You got laser eyes, x-ray vision, microscopic?” Bruce guesses curiously, flashing a light in your eyes. You blink it away, nodding slowly and avoiding the light,”Um, technically, yeah. I can shoot my blasts from anywhere on my body, I just usually do it from my hands. And I think I do, I just haven’t mastered it yet.” Something in your eyes changed, maybe the width of your pupil or the color of your iris.

“And, I think—” You take in a surprised breath as the transition works. Carefully, you raise your hand and wave it through the air. The particles and molecules part and dance with the wave, and you can see every single one.”I can see it all.” You whisper, gingerly trying to grab what must be an oxygen.

“Holy shit,” Tony raises his eyebrows in surprise. Turning to Banner, he grins cheekily,”We have a mini Supergirl on our team.”

“Superman.” You correct easily. Tony makes a face like he’s about to disagree, but Banner nods,”She’s more like Superman. Supergirl can’t control her powers as well.” Upon seeing the strange look Tony gives him, Banner furrows his brow and shrugs,”What? I read comics in my spare time.”

You enter your room at home, closing your door as quietly as possible. You can hear your younger brother bragging about something he did at school today; your stepfather and your mother, in particular, are cooing at him proudly. Your stomach churns. He’s only talking about something minor, when the honors algebra test in your hands has a bright red A+.

It’s a little ironic, you think, since you’re an Avenger now. “A”s are appearing more and more every day in your life. You set your Hulk backpack down (Tony bought it for you since Bruce helps you with homework so much) onto your desk, breath hitching as a shadow jumps out at you.

Hand charged with a ready-to-fire blast, flashes of reptilian faces and Chitauri armor light up behind your eyelids. You lower your hand, your weapon, when it’s just a stack of books on your bed. But that stack isn’t the only thing on your bed. There’s a bag, labeled with (surprise!) the Avengers “A”.

You settle onto your bed, mattress creaking with your excitement as you pull apart the paper. The first thing inside is a note from Tony (it’s an Iron Man post-it-note, there’s no way it’s not him), and you whisper the note’s words to yourself.

Went shopping, saw these! Needed to get them for you. Enjoy, Starkid - TS and PP

You pull a Starling action figure from the box, then a pair of socks with your insignia, a Captain America war-bonds poster, and a phone case with the first picture taken of Starling on it. There are a few other little things, too. But the action figure… you gently hug it against your chest. The logo on the bag shares a staring contest with you. You, an Avenger.

2011: Before the Battle of New York

Natasha hates her stance; off to the side and watching as you weave around the training dummies like a dance, her hands folded behind her back and clicking a pen against her thumb. It’s reminiscent of one of her old instructors. So Natasha relaxes her pose and crosses her arms over her chest,”Perfect, Y/N, you’re doing wonderfully.” The praise is another change, too. Every time Natasha completed a task it would always be you did this incorrect and this was exceptional, but you could do better. She tries to be different with you.

“Woah.” You stop suddenly, clutching your head. Natasha rushes forward as you fall against one of the targets, which is steaming with your most recent shot,” Ms. Romanoff… I’m not…” Your figure sways, and Nat gently takes hold of your shoulders,”Okay. Maybe we should take a break.” You nod slowly and sleepily in agreement, and Natasha guides you to the nearest bench.

You grapple for your consciousness as Natasha hands you a water bottle. You take it quietly, the S.H.I.E.L.D insignia on the opposite wall blurring and doubling in your vision. When you open the water bottle the top cracks like an egg and the water falls all over your training uniform. Looking down at your mistake, you curse your powers. You’d spilled some of the water on Natasha, too.”I’m sorry, Ms. Romanoff. I’ll go get—”

Nat shakes her head, offering you a towel,”It’s okay, Y/N. We’re just overworking your powers, you deserve a break.” She then smiles crookedly, beginning to dry the water from her shorts as you do the same,” And what did I say about calling me Ms. Romanoff?” Natasha chuckles.

You smile blearily, patting down your black tank top as it sticks to your chest with the water,”Sorry, Natasha.” You apologize again. Natasha settles her hand on your back, and bites her lip in thought. After you open another water bottle, Natasha smirks,”Can I tell you a secret?”

“Sure.” You smile, eyes drooping. Natasha looks around the empty training room to see if anyone’s listening, and then informs you,”I heard Fury wants to put you out on the field soon.”

You leap from the bench,”No way!” After doing a little victory dance, your eyes alight with joy and your figure glows with your powers,”Has he chosen my codename yet? Will I have a partner? Am I working with you?” You rush out. Natasha goes over your questions in her mind and answers each on in order,”No, I don’t know, and probably.”

You fist-pump the air, leaping up and hovering as you clap your hands excitedly,”Yes!” You land firmly, crossing your arms and humming in thought. With your exhaustion suddenly gone, Natasha senses you’ll be like this for the rest of the day—maybe even the week.

“Well, you’re partners codename is Hawkeye. And then they call you the Black Widow.” You point to yourself with both hands,”So I’ll need a code name too, right?” Natasha shrugs her shoulders,”Have anything in mind?” She smiles at your eagerness.

“Oh, dude, of course I do.” You laugh, but then it falls into slight fear as you realized you called the Black Widow… dude. But Natasha still smiles, so you brush it off and continue,”I was thinking… I can shoot energy blasts, I can fly like a comet… so maybe Comet, Lumin, or Starling or something.” You look to her for an idea.

“I like Starling and Lumin.” Natasha stands, nodding to the training course,”Why don’t you think about it while we finish up for today? You seem back on your game.”

You point at Natasha and strike a pose you hope is superhero-ey.”Starling is always on her game!” You laugh. Natasha rolls her eyes, and you follow her as she starts to instruct how to use your speed to your advantage.

As you lean over the well, your visions start to blur as the dream get’s deeper. You can barely identify dates anymore, and each dream speeds up. Flashes of your family pass by, Natasha’s smirk, the twinkle in Tony’s eyes, Steve’s smile, Wanda’s laugh. The images of Peter start to fade and the dreams lose their color and vibrancy. You fall deeper, deeper, deeper down the rabbit hole, until you hit the bottom and start to sink.

These memories you don’t recognise. This comes before you were born.

It’s Hard to Balance | Part viii

Description: The Reader and Peter Parker travel to Asgard in search of answers as to the mystery of her heritage.


Notes: Lol sorry if this sucks! I know how much you guys like this series so I wanted to bust out another part because I love you! Send me your requests, here!

Characters: Thor, Sif, Loki, OC 1, OC 2, Baldur

Ships: Avengers x Superpowered!Reader, Peter Parker x Superpowered!Reader


Tags: @kitty31177 (Want to be tagged for It’s Hard to Balance? Ask me and I’ll add you to the list!)

“I am aware you can protect yourselves, but I requested that you have personal guards. They will work as both your protectors and… tour-guides.” Thor says. You only catch some of his words, too distracted with tending to a dizzy Peter. Using the Bifrost is the only way to get to Asgard, but it’s also the best way to make a mortal sick. Rubbing your boyfriend’s back as he sways, you give Thor a nod,”Okay, where are—Woah. Peter, look.” 

As his sickness leaves him, Peter’s gaze falls to the bridge extending over Asgard’s glittering waters. It almost changes color under the light of the sky, fluttering from hue to hue to transparency. The city is a collection of elaborate buildings and intricate spires built into the rock of the island floating in the void. Large structures with sweeping terraces top the cliffs of the mountainsides. Gleaming pyramids, statues, and columns surround the giant pipe-organ like structure—The Asgardian Castle, which stands at the center of it all. Your eyes literally water with the city’s beauty, and you look to the brothers in shock,”You live here?! Thor, you’ve been holding out on me!”

In comparison to the cities metallic surfaces and glittering landscape, you and Peter are dressed in civilian clothing with your belongings held in two backpacks.”It looks like the castle from The Little Mermaid.” Peter murmurs, leaning against you. Thor and Sif smile at your expressions, and Sif speaks up,”I suggest we get to you both to your chambers. You can’t roam Asgard in Midgardian clothing.” She chuckles.

Thor helps you mount Sif’s horse, bidding goodbye to Heimdall as you wrap your arms around her to stay on. Peter awkwardly saddles behind Thor, and Loki follows you on a deep black-furred stallion. You laugh into Sif’s shoulder-armour as you peer at your reflection in the water. You’re glowing with light at just being here.

“With our father in the Odinsleep and our own absence, our brother Baldur is currently ruling Asgard.” Thor says, smiling,”You will love him, Lady Y/N.” You turn your head, resting your ear against Sif’s opposite shoulder as you raise an eyebrow. Incredulous, you ask,”How many brother’s do you have, dude?”

“Only two. Loki and Baldur being younger,” Thor says, before pointedly raising his eyebrows at you,”Dude.” Snickering, you jolt with Sif as her horse takes off down the bride. Childishly, she looks back at Thor and Loki,”Race you!” She yells. Never one to back down from a challenge, Thor whips the reins and takes off, Peter yelping as he does,”Hold on, brother Peter! I will not let us lose!” The prince promises. Peter clearly doesn’t like this promise.

Loki sighs exasperatedly through his nose, gently petting the horse’s mane,”I’m sorry for their idiocy, Ander.” Loki apologized to the stallion. Ander flicked his tail and whinnied softly in annoyance to respond to his caretaker.

You smile at Peter in defiance as your and Sif’s horse lands at the end of the bridge. Laughter echoes in the square as greetings are called from citizens. Sif and Thor wave to a few, and you try to do the same.

Watching Thor help Peter off a horse has to be the best thing you’ve ever seen in your life, even if it only lasts two seconds. Loki guides the horses into the stables, and you admire the architecture around you while holding Peter’s arm. It almost deters you from your mission, but it’s long forgotten as a company of guards enters the area in which the horses are kept.

“Sir Lahn! Lady Raakel!” Thor greets two of the newcomers heartily. He seems to be speaking to the youngest of the bunch of soldiers; a female and a male in light armour and sheathed weapons. Your eyes catch with the males. He appeared to be around your age, but was probably 1000 years old, as was the girl.

His name was Lahn, if your guess was correct. His armour is braided with (color) knots and gold, chest rippling with metallic scales and chain-mail. Beneath this is a pair of leather pants and armoured boots, and a long black sword is sheathed in a leather casing hanging from his assortment of belts. His hair is a layered mess of ebony, so black his locks are nearly blue, and he has one of the most attractive faces you’ve seen; like everyone else on Asgard. Rounded eyes filled with intelligence meet yours, and he smiles delicately.

Raakel, the girl beside him, is just as beautiful—if not more. Her hair cascades down her shoulder like rich soil in an intricate braid. Most her hair is covered by a red and blue shawl, her expression leveled seriously to match her angular cheeks and sharp eyes. She’s elegant, but you doubt that she’s the same in fights. There’s a massive battle axe strapped to the back of her blue shawl, which covers an intricate silver and sky colored dress—or maybe it’s armour?—that is protected by a sleek metal plate over her chest. Regardless of the axe’s mass, it doesn’t seem to weigh her down at all.

“These are the guards I mentioned previously.” Thor gestures to them both, and the two step forward to greet you. You exclusively. They drop to their knees in unison, thump a fist to their hearts and grin up at you. Their cloaks fall to the dirt like fabricated air.

”You must be Lady Y/N, if your description of radiated power is true. I am Lahn, son of Bale.” Says Lahn, beaming up at you with a settled smile. Raakel pulls her hood down, and it falls like liquid fabric, decorated with exotic blue and red flowers,”And I am Lady Raakel, daughter of Baldur. It is an honor to meet such a victorious warrior.” She smiles at you, and despite her outward threatening appearance, she is incredibly kind.

“Oh, wow, um, thank you. It’s nice to meet you, too.” You politely respond. The red on your face deepens as Lahn takes your hand and presses a kiss to your knuckles. They stand and bow,”We will be your personal guards for the time in which you stay.” Lahn informs.

You glance back at Peter excitedly nodding. Peter shifts uncomfortably in place, but nods along with your unvoiced statement. His gaze is trained upon the two guards.”Oh, and this is Peter, son of… Stark.” You smile, gesturing to your boyfriend proudly. The two give him a short glance, nodding and smiling politely.

“We’ll show you too your quarters.” Thor leads the guardsmen to the entrance to the palace.

Your arms are crossed and resting against the balconies stone rail. The white dress fitted for you is accented with a sheer skirt decorated with gold leaves, and laurel’s twisting around the long lace sleeves. A piece of armor covers your shoulders and connects to the dip of your dress, layered in golden leaves like a sun-dipped tree branch. You feel like a Greek goddess in this thing.

“Woah.” Peter murmurs. You turn around and smile at him, the wind from the height of the balcony sweeping your hair and the dress. Resting your back and hands against the coarse stone, you beckon him forward and admire his appearance.”You look amazing, darling.”

“Peter…” You whisper bashfully. He’s dressed in a pair of (uncomfortable) leather pants, strong boots, and a blue tunic layered in what must be three to four belts. The armour is knotted into his attire, a deep glistening silver that, when you look closely, is engraved with miniature spiders. The cloak he wears appears more like a cape, falling down his back in a deep red color. He looks like both a Disney prince and a character from a medieval play. You laugh at the details,”Those pants uncomfortable?” You guess.

Peter makes a face as he wraps his arms around your back,”I’ll never understand how Thor can do this every day.” Peter sighs, laying his head on your shoulder and peering out into the city. You card your fingers through his hair as you giggle,”I currently have a corset crushing my insides. And I’m 99% sure Sif has one of these on underneath her battle armour, so I don’t have a single clue.” You shrug,”They’re magic.”

You hug your prince to your chest, delicately kissing his hair.”This is magical.” Peter says, gently squeezing your waist. Your smile breaks,”I’m sorry I brought you into this mess, Peter. Being an Avenger means you always have a crazy backstory.” You chuckle weakly. Peter shakes his head, pulling his ear from your heart and taking your hands. As he speaks, he lays them over the center of his chest,”I’m afraid you aren’t the one who brought me, Y/N.” Peter smiles.

When you pull a confused face, he shows you his hand. There, at the bend of his thumb and the skin below is knuckle, is the tiniest scar you’ve ever seen; a spider bite. You lean down and kiss it as lightly as possible, lighting Peter’s face with red,”Thank you, mysterious radioactive spider, for giving Peter to me.” You whisper.

Just as Peter embraces you, there’s a knock on your chamber door.”Enter!” You call. Thor and Sif, trailed by Lahn and Raakel, enter the room. Thor spreads his arms wide and booms,”The Regent King of Asgard expects your presence, Sir Peter, and Lady Y/N!”

“So we’re just floating on an island in the void right now?” You questioned curiously. Lahn nods,” Asgard and Midgard do not share the same rules. We have no sun but we have day and night, we have no center but we have gravity. It is all magic of Yggdrasil, the tree in which the Nine Realms circle.” He says proudly, like he’s reciting simple facts that sound more like a story.

The arm hooked with Peter’s is squeezed lightly, and you turned to your boyfriend with a grin,”Isn’t that cool, Peter?” You inquire. Peter nods, attempting an awkward smile. He guides you down the stairs and into the hall that leads to the throne room. The guards at the door part for Thor, Loki, and Sif, and then open the great block of wood which separates you from those on the other side.

Everything is gold. Gold, gold, gold. You’re starting to associate yourself with this color more. There’s a red carpet trimmed with intricate gold designs, and after a moment you realize it isn’t handmade, but the fur of what must have been a very large Asgardian beast. It leads to a large throne circled by guards, and at its peak sits a man coated in fur.

Beneath the mass of (what looks like) wolf pelt is a man with soil-colored hair that fell to his neck and a face similar to Thor’s. His armor is a mess of knots like old tree branches dipped in gold and silver, the rest of his tunic a purplish-blue. Not only does he appear kind, but he literally radiates light as you do. It glows from him like… like the case glowed.

“Brothers! Is this the guests you speak of?” He stands, his staff settling into the floor. He looks at Raakel and smiles,”And you have brought my daughter, as well. Such a gift your presence brings!” He beams. Literally. Beams. Like the sun.

“I am Regent-King Baldur, son of Odin and father of Raakel, god of light and beauty. And what be your titles?” He inquires. You and Peter exchange a glance, and he awkwardly bows as you attempt your best curtsey,”I am Lady Y/N, the Midgardian hero knows as Starling, daughter of… The Avengers.” You announce, gently dropping the skirt of your dress,” This is Sir Peter, of Midgard, the hero known as Spider-man. He is my… beloved.” You try to be as Asgardian-ly formal as possible, and it makes Raakel and Lahn smile.

“Well, man-of-spiders and Avengerdottir, welcome to Asgard!” Baldur greets. Thor steps forward, and you can tell he’s impressed with your introductions, and that you’re trying to adjust to his culture as he has yours,”Lady Y/N seeks knowledge of her heritage. Brother and I have brought her here to view—”

At that moment, a guard bursts into the room, startling the others enough for them to pull their weapons,”The Dream Well!” He yells, panting as he gestures to one of the balconies and toward the well,”It’s come early!”