werewolfchaos  asked:

Mable trying to take Pacifica on a cute date but it rains.

Admin 2: Two for two, haha! :> Here you go friendo.

“Come on, Paz, It’s gonna be great! It’s Saturday, the birds are singing, and the sun is shinin-”

“Mabel, I don’t know what world you’re in, but the sun is anything but shining.”


The brunette tugged her sunglasses down and peered up at the sky. Immediately her wide grin was replaced by a pout. “B-but, the weather said it was supposed to be sunny all day!”

“Really?” Mabel turned to look at her girlfriend. Pacifica had an unimpressed look on her face, she pulled out her phone and tapped at it. “The weather app has been saying that we’ve got a 100% chance of rain since like Monday.” 

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