Egypt: So far, more than 2600 dead and 10000 injured within 15 hours!

Image 1: 1000’s of protesters on the streets of Egypt standing against the military brutal killing & massacres.

Image 2-3: Death toll at #RabaaMassacre rises to nearly 4500 martyrs!! Martyrs for freedom & justice!

Image 4-5: Bodies lined up After another massacre of innocent defenseless protesters

Image 6: Rabaa mosque is being set on fire. This isn’t just an attack on the MB, it’s an attack on Islam itself.

Image 7: Egypt where carrying the words of the Creator is a crime.

Image 8: Security forces sat fire to the corpses of those martyred in Rabaa field hospital to conceal their heinous crimes.

Image 9-10: Even our Muslim sisters aren’t safe from the security forces.

Ya Allah! Please help our Muslim brothers and sisters in Egypt and put an end to those who are against your religion. (Amen)