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Name: Ly

Nickname: FireStar!

Height: 5′9

Favorite color: RAAAAINBOW

Average hours of sleep: sleep disorder city

Last thing you googled: ALBinwonderland

Number of blankets you sleep with: …. To many

Favorite fictional character: Garnet from Steven Universe/Cecil, W2NV

What are you wearing now: Undyne cosplay thing

Current amount of followers: Unknown

What do you post about: LGBTQIAP+ stuff, fandoms, THE FEMINIST MOVEMENT, checking my privileges, education, randoms stuff, memes, self confidence, ugh/eh.

Do you have any other blogs: Graffitti-MN. Exactly what it sounds like.

When was your blog at its peak: Never

Who is your most active follower: Overcookedbooks, most likely. :)

What made you decide to get a tumblr: My horrible queer friends and my horrible queer computer and my horrible queer self

Do you get asks on a daily basis: No, but it would be fun!

Why did you choose your url: My best friend and I made them up three years ago if we ever started a YouTube channel.

What are you doing tomorrow: School, homework, rehearsal for Beauty and the Beast

I’d like to tag @nuiissilly @sakura-sage @theday @Basically anyone that follows, I’m a nerd and I’ve reading these things, I love people’s lives. Sorry. Casual stalker. DO NOT TAKE THAT SERIOUSLY!