rina-san28  asked:

Concept: Les Amis de l'ABC Annual MarioKart Tournament

  • Who leads during the race until they end up last due to a twist of fate? Bossuet. It gotta be Bossuet
  • Who’s a little red shell throwing little bitch? Courfeyrac and Enjolras. They’re ruthless. They’ve not come here to make friends.
  • Who’s looking at the wrong screen all the time? Marius
  • Who doesn’t press the right button to start? Courfeyrac! And he scandalmongers enough to restart the race all over again
  • Who makes alliances to secure their places on the podium? Joly, Bossuet and Grantaire, but it raaaaarely works. Joly avoids throwing shells at them, or anybody really. He’s there for the love of “sports”
  • Who always hits bullseye with their item and everybody hates them for it? Combeferre. The guy sure can shoot straight for someone who isn’t
  • Who wins without even trying? Feuilly. It’s ridiculous. Everybody is busy with booby trap and he just??? Drives?
  • Who’s surprisingly competitive? Jehan and Enjolras. Enjolras? Fair enough, that was expected. But JEHAN? Jehan is RUTHLESS. Jehan will fuck you up. Jehan came here to WIN.
  • Who selects Rainbow Road? Bahorel. He’s that guy.
  • Who comments the race like it’s a football match? Grantaire.