Quand j'essaye de faire comprendre à des amies à quel point 50 shades of grey est toxique, et qu'on me répond “mais t'as rien compris c'est trop romantique! En plus Christian il est trop beau quoi”

Okay so:
I woke up in a bunch of pain in the middle of the night, and I’m running on like half an hour of sleep, and it’s mighty cold and cloudy today, so I’m gonna be out in the cold, with all of these things happening, when really it is a “stay in with tea and cuddle” kind of day.

Can’t find piercing retainer posts or school tights

dsilza replied to your post: “Are you in this?” “Why aren’t you guys…

fuck I can’t wait ‘til we’re done school. then I know we’ll actually have time & energy to practice all the time. I hate having to wait. school is holding me back way too much.


I mean I love watching/learning from other people, but I feel homesick whenever I see anybody performing. Fuck school. Seriously. I can’t even.. 

someone on my other account started bitching at me because i reblogged some mcdonald’s fries

calm ur tiities i know they’re terrible but it’s just a picture

those fries are 99p sry for spending that every few months just cos they taste good :@

just POTATOES AND SUNFLOWER OIL not beef extract like you mentioned

i have friends that work at mcdonald’s, one of which is veg*n.

just stfu