So I have been busy with other toys, and have neglected for the past few weeks. It’s been a pain to drive, the carburetor can’t hold an steady idle, blip the throttle and it doesn’t return to idle quickly, stalls at lights, and I haven’t had the time to deal with it. Today I did. I pulled off all the vacuum lines, took a magnifying glass to my Haynes manual and redid the lines. Still had that whistle. Was about to give up, when I decided to tighten down the inboard carburetor mounting nuts. Lee Ho Fook! What a difference!!! This engine hasn’t ran this smooth since I put it in. I have gone through three carburetors so far, and I think I got a winner. It fires up first crank, idles smoothly at 900 rpm, and runs just like I remember it did all those years ago! #thingsarelookingup! #bestdamn20rra43celicaintown #20R #RA43, #heresanenginebayshot #builtnotbought #stilldoes0to60inaweekend