I don’t get why Eragon doesn’t have a bigger fanbase.
Like the leader of the largest and most EPIC rebellion against Mr. Fucktwat Galbatorix is literally a woman of color and ISNT USED AS A ROMANTIC INTEREST FOR THE MAIN CHARACTER. OR ANY CHARACTER. I mean that whole thing with Murtagh happened but it didn’t really go anywhere and it wasn’t the main focus soo. Plus, we got this KICKASS FEMALE ELF NAMED ARYA WHO. KICKS. ASS. ERAGON TRIES TO GO AFTER THAT BOOTY BUT SHES LIKE NAAAAW SON and he still has those romantic feelings but HE RESPECTS THAT SHE DOESNT FEEL THE SAME SO HE PUSHES HIS DICK FEELINGS ASIDE. Another great example of kickass females is the litERAL MAIN CHARACTER well one of the two main characters SAPHIRA WHO IS A FUCKN DRAGON WHO IS SO SELF CONFIDENT AND KICKS. FUCKING. ASS. BECAUSE SHE IS A L I T E R A L D R A G O N AND ALSO THE LAST FEMALE DRAGON IN EXISTENCE. Then the motherfuckin queen of ELVES - elves, who are like 10 times stronger than humans and are immortal and SHE KICKS ASS AS QUEEN WITH A MOTHA FUCKIN ALBINO RAVEN. Then we got Bridget who ain’t having none of Roran’s shit. Katrina’s a bit of a damsel-type, but not to the point of total helplessness - she’s still rad af. And tbh, it’s okay to have a few damsel types - just look at our boy Eragon in the beginning of the series. Total damsel. Murtagh is also in serious need of rescuing. He’s like the Bucky in this series. And don’t even get me started on Orrin…. And let’s not forget the fact that one of the two original bad guys that got our main characters involved in everything is actually female. Like seriously - I had no idea that the Ra'zac weren’t both male until Brisingr. Also, the leader of Du Vrangr Gata - Trianna - is a kickass girl and a SORCERESS. And that kickass leader of the Varden actually becomes motherfucking QUEEN
ALSO that dumbfuck Eragon fucks up when using magic to bless a kid so that kid ends up being able to feel EVERYONE’S PAIN so she grows up real quick and IS FORCED TO FEEL EVERYONE’S DISCOMFORT BECAUSE SOMEBODY FUCKED UP but then it gets sorted out and she’s bitter af because after all that suffering of an ENTIRE WAR she kinda has a right to be a lil upset. But then she ends up helping out n stuff even tho she is LITERALLY a child. And I don’t even know what Angela is, but she’s like my favorite character aND SO FUKCIN RAD N KICKASS so honestly I think you should just read these books like right now because of all the KICKASS FEMALES but stay tf away from the movie.
Also, in case I didn’t mention,

Actual Brom and Eragon really smart conversation with a really unexpected ending (please, notice the irony)
  • *Aproaching Yazuac*
  • Eragon: There aren't any dogs barking.
  • Brom: No.
  • Eragon: Doesn't mean anything though.
  • Brom: ....No.
  • Eragon: Someone should have seen us by now.
  • Brom: Yes.
  • Eragon: Then why hasn't anyone come out?
  • Brom: Could be afraid.
  • Eragon: Could be. And if it's a trap? The Ra'zac might be waiting for us.
  • Brom: We need provisions and water.
  • Eragon: There's the Ninor.
  • Brom: Still need provisions.
  • Eragon: True. So we go in?
  • Brom: Yes, but not like fools.
  • *Next: go in, find a huge mountain made out of human bodies, fight two Urgals, Eragon discovers magic, Brom gets badly hurt and pass out, they almost die, and run away without the provisions*
  • Eragon that night: I would claim this as a pretty satisfactory day.
  • Saphira: *spits over him*