((god I really like Kesh

He dresses like an idiot.

There is some truth to his crazy stories. He’s been everything from a caravan prostitute to a sailor, though this particular image is perhaps closer to the former. He won’t tell anyone how he REALLY lost most of his tail. It’s possible that he doesn’t recall himself. His age is indeterminate, but he looks to be about forty, give or take a few years.))


Khajiit finds himself in Skyrim after many years sailing and exploring. He has seen every land, every city, and many that are said not even to be real! He lost his tail in the great sea to the south–Or perhaps it was in the hot sands of Elsweyr? Perhaps, too, he has captained many ships and held between his paws the wealth of a thousand empires, learned his spells at the hands of the greatest mages and used his bow to topple kings and monsters! And perhaps, even, he has been as poor as a dog and as free as a deer! Khajiit has been all these things, and many more besides.

Please, do you have questions for Kesh? He will do his best to answer, and he guarantees that every tale he tells and every song he sings is of the truth!