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I’ve just remembered about those 3D prints of Final Fantasy VII characters, that were made by Joaquin Baldwin and the production of which has recently been shut down by Square Enix. Well, if we cannot buy them anymore, we still can enjoy their awesome looks and tasty shapes xD

To be honest, Vincent was somehow disappointed to learn that he cannot have any one yet. Well, Vince, I think you’ll have an opportunity to print something on your own in future :D

Vincent: I really wouldn’t mind having a couple of myselfs and Sephiroths on my little shelf, but if the whole thing is illegal to that extent, I think, I’m going to be satisfied with what I already have…

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Sleepy kisses - exr

He is so tired. He is so tired and all he wants to do is to flop face-down onto his bed and sleep the week away, but he can’t, because this paper is due tomorrow, and he needs to check it through. He’d meant to do it earlier, but he’d gotten distracted with that whole…thing with Grantaire.

He shuts his eyes tightly when he feels the familiar prickle of tears, balls his hands into fists, and tries not to think about Grantaire, and how Grantaire isn’t talking to him now, and how he’s managed to mess things up between them so quickly. 

He needs to- Edit. He needs to go through his paper. 

He spends the next hour or so hunched in front of his table, staring at the document in his laptop, rereading the same line multiple times, trying to make sense of the words in his head, and he’s just about to call Combeferre for help because nothing makes sense to him, when he feels a hand on his shoulder. 

“Grantaire,” he says, voice hoarse. He blinks and Grantaire is still there. “Are you talking to me now?” He can’t keep the hope out of his voice.

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