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Afrofuturism Appreciation Part 3: Music Edition (see Part 1 and Part 2)

Afrofuturism mixes sci-fi and social justice. Here’s how it works.
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Futuristic movies and television shows often omit or show very little presence of people of color. Apparently writer and directors don’t see people of color as part of the future. This is one on MANY reasons why Afrofuturism has become so important. It’s important for “old heads” and impressionable minds to see their culture as part of the future… from 2018 to 2424 and beyond.

Also, let’s not forget the impact of the writing by Octavia Butler. 



“My Goddess -Cat, with cold intuitive heart,

I feel your moon-breaths oread on me above.

Let me touch your silver glow circle,

make my mind open for this wonder." 

The Signs as Egyptian Goddesses/Gods

Aries: Amun- an immensely powerful ram-headed warrior god. At one point he was combined with the sun god Ra to create the even MORE powerful Amun-Ra.

Taurus: Hapi- he was responsible for the yearly flooding of the Nile, which brought important nutrient-rich silt along with it. He’s depicted with a pot-belly and often surrounded by water plants.

Gemini: Thoth- the ibis-headed god of thought and writing.

Cancer: Bes- a dwarf with human and lion features, he protected children, family, and expectant mothers.

Leo: Ra- the sun god himself, of course. He had a hawk head and a headdress with a sun disk on it.

Virgo: Seshat- the goddess of measurement and writing, she wore a dress made of panther skin and a star crown

Libra: Ma’at- the goddess of harmony, truth and justice; she was depicted with a feather in her hair.

Scorpio: Anubis- the jackal-headed god of embalming and the dead.

Sagittarius: Shu- he was the god of air and sunlight, who held up the sky (Nut) to keep it separate from the earth.

Capricorn: Ptah- wrapped in a white cloak and carrying a staff, he was a creator god whose very words came into being. He was the god of craftsmen.

Aquarius: Nun- shown as a man carrying a raft or a piece of bark, he was the “waters of chaos” in Egyptian creation myths.

Pisces: Nut- a goddess who forms the sky, her gown covered in stars. She swallowed the sun god, Ra, every evening and gave birth to him every morning.


Kaiba thinks his dragons are better than Yami’s dragons. They aren’t allowed to play with each other :( The Blue Eyes fam is really curious though.

In a world where Yami missed the boat to spirit land (more like something went wrong but nvm) and he gets his own body I would imagine he would try to separate his and Yugi’s identities.  I feel that he’d be a bit more conservative than Yugi and also wouldn’t wear a billion belts. more on this when I finish something just for this topic. Main point is for this picture, i couldn’t deside weather he looked better with  or not so here’s both versions

hey wanna think about the fact that, just like he himself constructs his own world, shao loves to give identities and titles to those he loves ? and that’s how you can tell he loves them ? “books”, “my alien brother”, “ra ra god of the sun”… those are declarations of love

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