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TMI Tuesday
Sun’ra is a switch. In his base mentality, or when he is super comfortable with someone, he will bend to whatever they are most comfortable with. If they need someone to be more domineering, he will fulfill that roll for them, or if they need someone more submissive, he will be that for them instead…

With a Matriarch or Matron type Keeper(or any female Keeper) woman, he will automatically take a submissive role unless they desire demand otherwise from him. With males, he will automatically fall into a more dominant position, and if they resist, attempt to break or otherwise force them into submission for his desires.


Afrofuturism Appreciation Part 3: Music Edition (see Part 1 and Part 2)


Afro-Futurism In Music

Sun Ra- Space Is The Place

Parliament Funkadelic- Mothership Connection

Outkast- ATliens

Deltron 3030- Event

Kode9 & Spaceape- Memories Of The Future

Janelle Monae- The Archandroid

TheeSatisfaction- Earthee

Clipping- Splendor And Misery

Shabazz Palaces- Quazarz: Born On A Gangster Star

Shabazz Palaces- Quazarz: Vs The Jealous Machines



“My Goddess -Cat, with cold intuitive heart,

I feel your moon-breaths oread on me above.

Let me touch your silver glow circle,

make my mind open for this wonder." 

Afrofuturism mixes sci-fi and social justice. Here’s how it works.
What does the future look like for black people? Subscribe to our channel! http://goo.gl/0bsAjO Video by: Gina Barton, Victoria Massie, and Joe Posner Black ...

Futuristic movies and television shows often omit or show very little presence of people of color. Apparently writer and directors don’t see people of color as part of the future. This is one on MANY reasons why Afrofuturism has become so important. It’s important for “old heads” and impressionable minds to see their culture as part of the future… from 2018 to 2424 and beyond.

Also, let’s not forget the impact of the writing by Octavia Butler.