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Amun-Ra was a God of many names but commonly referred to as the “King of Gods” in Ancient kemet. It is said that the pharaoh Amun had combined with the God, Ra.  Now I’m not here to give a biography but I will shed light on something very interesting.  Amun –Ra was also called the “God of the sun” and many people around the world were aware of this fact but not everyone. At the Rise of Ancient empires in Africa, formerly known as Ethiopia, there were many Gods in existence. As the Egyptian empire, as it is known today, began to spread and conquer various lands, the generals of the army would call the leaders of the defeated people to a ceremony in which everyone was in attendance. They would tell the leaders of the conquered nation to accept Amun-Ra as their God or suffer the consequences. To accept the offer, all they had to say was “Amun”. Now the validity of this story is often questioned but I’m not surprised.  We must understand that the history of Africa, just like the nation, was conquered and colonized to the point that Europeans tell all the stories. We will never truly know what came out of Africa. Today Europe has claimed to have come up with the word “Amen” and it is often recited at the end of a prayer in various religions.  Amun…Amen…..sounds very similar to me. Whether you believe this story or not is up to you but there is one thing for certain.  Africa has always influenced the world and when you hear Amen, there is a major possibility that you are looking at the legacy of Amun-Ra.  

Written BY @KingKwajo

Oh man, I just thought of how Ryou’s dad is an archaeologist/museum curator who’s always away, so he wouldn’t know what sort of craziness was going in Domino unless Ryou wrote him letters about it. Then i thought of how the Items were buried at the end of the series, and then I thought of Yu-Gi-Oh characters having very good luck/bad luck on finding stuff that was supposed to stay hidden (the Puzzle, the God cards, Anubis’s tomb, the other Items, etc.), and my brain combined all that into this:

Ryou’s dad finds the Items post-series and puts them all in the museum except the Ring, which he mails back home