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The Get Down - Break The Locks

♪ Get Down Brothers. We came to rock, and you know we had to fight to reach the top.
Five young kids who came to rock, and you know we had to take you to the top. ♫

      art done by the amazing @kapreisun ♥ ! This is such an adorable
      image of amaya & I am still crying over how precious she looks ♥ 

                                  ( posting was done with the permission of the artist, duh ♥ )

“They feed on energy alone. From life-force they live. They know not what they do, they simply do what they must.”

Words by C.R. Sheehan


the get down appreciation week day three: fav relationship 

The Soul Madonnas

how to make your college dorm a little space haven

1. loft your bed, this will allow for privacy when your in little space because its hard for people, including your roommate, to see you. 

2. ask yourself some questions,

- when you sleep do you like lots of blankets and pillows or a few

-when in little space do you like lots of blankets and pillows or a few

-what activites do you like to do in little space

-how many things do you think you will be able to comfortably sleep with on your bed

3. Some things to consider

-if you like lots of blankets in little space, but not many when sleeping, where could you store extra blankets and pillows that you can reach from your bed, like the top of a wardrobe. 

- think about getting a bucket that is not see through to “hide” little space things like paci’s and bottles or sippys, that you can also store on the wardrobe with the blankets.

-how open will you be with your regression? who will you tell? Consider roommates, close friends, RA or other trusted ‘person in charge’ you don’t have to tell anyone, but consider talking to someone about it. 

4. Decorate the area around your bed. I have fairy lights strung up around my bed, and some pink blue and while fabric hung on the wall. You could also hang up some pictures or coloring sheets around your bed.

5. give your self time to be little. College is hard and stressful so set aside some time to be little. If you are not going to tell your roommate think about if them being in the room while you are little will be awquard. If it will be try to set some time aside when you know they wont be in the room. 

6. Some good activites that can be done on your bed are coloring, whatching little space shows and playing with stuffys or other non messy toys. I also like to play with slime at my desk sometimes. 

7. Get creative, you know your little space better than anyone else.