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Gal Gadot Felt 'Privileged' to Play Wonder Woman: 'I Adore This Character'
Gal Gadot and co-star Chris Pine open up about what Wonder Woman means to them.

EW There are a lot of other strong female characters in this film. Chris, what was it like to be on-set with these powerful women?

CHRIS PINE We were shooting in Italy for like a month, and we’re on a beach with Robin Wright and Connie Nielsen — just beautiful women. All of the husbands would show up with the kids to support all of their wives, which I thought was this awesome flip of the script. It’s such a rarity to have that experience where all the husbands kind of had the kids in tow. It seemed really natural. Gal’s husband, Yaron, couldn’t be happier for his wife, super supportive. And Sam, [director Patty Jenkins’s] husband, is a killer guy too.

GAL GADOT It was like this new-age kind of vibe. The women were working, and the men were walking around with strollers, and it felt like a huge kibbutz. And the women were shooting battles on the beach. Like from one extreme to the other — it was refreshing to be in such a reality.

EW What do you hope audiences take away from this film?

CHRIS PINE For me, one of the takeaways from meeting with Patty is this idea that in the end, it’s not this woman’s great superpowers that win the day — it’s really love and compassion. There’s a moment toward the end of the film that exemplifies that. I think this idea of empathy and compassion and love being a weapon is really important. There’s a deeper musical note happening here that I think if it touches some people out there, and they take it to heart, is very, very important.

GAL GADOT To add more to what Chris is saying, I would also say that never give up and never lose hope. I think that even when we’ve been exposed to situations that are really far from who we are and different to our perspective, we need to have tolerance to one another and we need to accept different views. And we need to never, ever lose hope.



New round of Hellboy casting news: Sophie Okonedo as Lady Hatton, Brian Gleeson as Merlin, and Alistair Petrie as Adam Glaren. Looks like we’re getting the Osiris Club and the Heliopic Brotherhood of Ra in the same movie!

(Oh man… will I be happy if we get Panya too… Art by Mike Mignola, Duncan Fegredo, and Guy Davis respectively)


…I’m so sorry. I had to jump on the bandwagon with my favorite. I thought this synced up best, but of course I had to do a version with the BEST part too.


Sun Ra- Space is the Place (1974) trailer