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Attraction Meme - Iriel Bell

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“Don’t you know all this already? What do you do with all this information?” Bell’s brows were up, his cigarette halfway to his mouth. He stared in consternation at his little Xaela friend, perched on his couch as ever–as though we had not left. But, she only smiled mysteriously, lowering dark lashes over secretive, golden eyes. He sighed, put the cigarette to his lips, and puffed in mild irritation.

“If I find out this is fueling more personal ads, I’ll have your horns as catalysts.”

Surenqara’s smile grew, patient.

Physical Attraction Levels

“Unacceptable,” Bell snapped around the cigarette. “These terms are undefined; what does ‘physical attraction’ imply? That I want to get to know them? Ravish them on sight? This is deliberately unscientific.”

“Very well,” Surenqara admitted, leaning back. She was amused, her tail patting the couch in an idle rhythm. “Define them.”

Bell narrowed his viciously green eyes at her, then exhaled sharply through his nose. Smoke followed: an irritated, blond dragon. 

💔 Non-existent - “A useless rating to me; everyone is attractive in their own regard. We throw it out.”
💛💛 No Preference - “Usually due to having not met many exemplars.”
💝💝💝 Date-worthy - “Attractive, yes.”
💘💘💘💘 Fancied - “I will probably end up staring.”
💗💗💗💗💗 Preferred - “Out; I find it insufficiently differentiated from ‘fancied’. I’m not looking to drag someone into an alley on sight.”

“Better, hm?”

Surenqara rolled her eyes, and beckoned him on.


♂ Sea Wolf Men: 💛💛 (”Have you met Ketengeim’s father? I feel imperiled merely thinking about him as attractive.”)
♀ Sea Wolf Women:  💝💝💝
♂ Hellsguard Men: 💛💛
♀ Hellsguard Women: 💝💝💝 

”The sad fact is that I have met too few Roegadyn.”


♂ Highlander Men : 💘💘💘💘 (”If you tell Osgrim I said this, I’ll also take your scales as reagents.”)
♀ Highlander Women : 💘💘💘💘 (”If you tell Dr. Fenshaw I said this–” “Yes, yes,” Surenqara reassured him.) 
♂ Midlander Men : 💝💝💝
♀ Midlander Women :  💝💝💝

Bell muttered something about face shapes, jaws, brows, noses. Shoulders and postures, strength. He seemed to prefer Hyur near his height, men a bit taller, women shorter. When he realizes he’s been talking about necks for a few minutes, he devolves into abashed mumbling. Surenqara let him go on, wicked.


♂ Wildwood Men : 💝💝💝
♀ Wildwood Women : 💝💝💝
♂ Duskwight Men : 💘💘💘💘
♀ Duskwight Women : 💘💘💘💘 (”You can tell Cheyne, I leave her poetry sometimes.” He was proud of it.)

"I do have a slight bias, here. No doubt due to the sheer quantity of devastating Duskwights in my life.”


♂ Seeker Men : 💘💘💘💘
♀ Seeker Women : 💘💘💘💘
♂ Keeper Men : 💘💘💘💘
♀ Keeper Women : 💘💘💘💘

"There is something particularly enchanting about the little, pointed teeth on Keepers. Otherwise, they tend to be on equal footing,” he frowned at that. “That of being noticeable to me, I suppose.”

“Provided they are suitably fluffy.”

“That is a scientific study. I am not measuring Lurial and Tiergan’s fluff density to compare their attractiveness!” His face was red, brows furrowed furiously. Surenqara laughed.


♂ Plainsfolk Men :   💝💝💝
♀ Plainsfolk Women : 💝💝💝
♂ Dunesfolk Men : 💝💝💝
♀ Dunesfolk Women : 💝💝💝

"No less becoming for their stature, though I do find it difficult to dismiss the initial reaction of “child-like”. Usually, I am quickly disabused of the notion with their typical wit, however.”


♂ Xaela Men : 💘💘💘💘
♀ Xaela Women : 💘💘💘💘
♂ Raen Men : 💘💘💘💘
♀ Raen Women : 💘💘💘💘

"I’m not sorry; you’re all fascinating.”

“Are you going to drag me into an alley?” Surenqara grinned, impishly.

“Perhaps to rifle your pockets for sensitive personal information about myself,” was the retort.

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“Alright, so as I’ve said most Au Ra men, ‘specially Xaela, are far too busy lookin’ an’ actin’ angry t’be anythin’ but sort o’ fierce an’ unattractive… ‘Specially Dotharl when they get out an’ ‘bout thumpin’ their chests… Vachir’s a bit o’ a different sort… In fact ‘e completely is. Looks good, talks better. Smart as ‘ell, likes ‘is books an’ knowledge… Which I gotta admit is pretty amazin’, ‘specially fer someone that ye know, ain’t so good with it. Best part though? E’s got a pretty great collection’ o’ booze that ‘e keeps too, good with sharin’… Pretty great other bits, if I say so myself… O’ course I mean ‘is ‘orns an’ scales… Yeah, definitely.”


Phoenician Scarab in Gold Swivel Mount, 6th-4th Century BC

The Egyptianising form of art can be seen on this Phoenician scarab with the winged sun disc of the Egyptian god Ra-Horakhty being held aloft by two lion-headed men which may be related to the guardian deities known from Achaemenid art. A cicada is between the two lion-headed men. It’s made of dark green glass or jasper.

Classical Phoenician scarabs were made in Phoenicia in the period of the Achaemenid Empire, from the later sixth century to the mid-fourth century BC. Beside the Etruscan, they are the last major production of scarab seals of antiquity. They are made of green jasper, the color probably being of as much importance as their intaglios since it enhances their amuletic value. Most of the 1500 examples known have been found in the west Phoenician (Punic) cemeteries of Carthage in North Africa, as well as the islands of Sardinia and Ibiza, but there are many also from the east Mediterranean. It was long held that all were western products but it is more likely that they were made in the Phoenician homeland. They served as jewelry, as offerings in tombs and sanctuaries, and for their primary function of sealing. Many, such as this example, were given precious metal mounts. The subjects of the intaglios are the most eclectic of any medium of the period. They include Egyptianising (the common stock of Phoenicia for many years), Levantine (more Syrian in style and subject) and Hellenising (mainly following late archaic Greek subjects and styles, whence many have been called Greco-Phoenician).