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A fic where Anslem slowly begins to feel under the weather (fever and stuffy nose), but they're on a plane for the next few hours, so he just buries his head in Kel's sweater and whines softly, while Kel runs his fingers through his hair and kisses him on the forehead (THEY JUST GIVE ME LIFE OKAY?).

I’M STILL SO GLAD YOU LIKE THEM <333  and thank you so so so much for sending this ask!!!!

damn, though, this was a good prompt, because annie’s canonically terrified of heights, so… *evil grin*

“You gonna be okay?”  Kel turned back to Anslem as they were about to board.  Anslem gently pushed him forward.

“Mhm, you don’t need to worry about me, mister.”

“Really?”  Kel stepped onto the plane a bit reluctantly; he was well-acquainted with his boyfriend’s fear of heights.  He also knew that Anslem had incredibly effective strategies for managing that fear, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t worried.

“Yeah, you know how I am.  I’ve got it under control.”

Kel nodded, and led the way to their seats.  He hoped Anslem was right, and that everything would go smoothly, but the truth was that with a 13 hour flight ahead, it was hard for Kel to believe it.  It was true that Anslem had the greatest mental strength out of anyone Kel knew, but when it came to something like a phobia, even Anslem would find himself in over his head at times.

Still, as Anslem settled into his seat, curling up with the blanket that the airline provided and closing his eyes, Kel smiled.  Of course.  Annie was clever; he’d just try to sleep through the flight.  Even Kel, the insomniac, was able to sleep on planes.  His hopes were higher than he’d expected as the plane took off, and after making sure Anslem was asleep first, he allowed himself to drift off.

Unfortunately, no more than three and a half hours later he was awoken by a sneeze.  He hadn’t even opened his eyes when three more sounded, right in a row, and he didn’t even need to look to know they were coming from his boyfriend.  When he did, Anslem’s stunned face and flushed cheeks only confirmed that he was sick.

“Oh, no, Annie, sweetheart, go back to sleep, love,” Kel hurried to right the blanket which had fallen off of Anslem’s shoulders.

“I don’ thing I can,” Anslem sniffled, working up a wry smile and putting a hand on Kel’s arm.  Slow down, the gesture said.  No need to panic.

“You’ve tried already?  How long have you been awake?”

“Uhmb,” Annie cleared his throat, then swallowed with a pained expression on his face.  “An hour?”

“Oh, An,” Kel put a hand to Anslem’s forehead and could feel heat coming off of it already.  He tried not to think about how much worse it could get in the 10 hours they still had left of the flight.  This was exactly the kind of thing that could easily ruin the precarious control Annie had over his fear of heights.

“I’mb okay,” Anslem assured him, as if he could read Kel’s mind.  “It’s nod thad bad.”

Kel’s mouth pressed into a thin line and he took Annie’s hand in his own, massaging it gently.  I know you said not to worry, and I want you to know that I respect that but I’m going to worry anyway.  “Okay, hon, just let me know if I can get you anything.  And when they come by with refreshments, you get a water, and then you can drink mine as well.”

Anslem hummed a bit in consent, though there was a playful twinkle in his eye, no doubt a mixture of amusement and appreciation in response to Kel’s conncern.  Kel continued to massage Annie’s hands, hoping to keep him distracted and anchored, and it seemed to work.  It wasn’t too long before the flight attendant came by with drinks, and Anslem drank two waters as instructed.  The cool liquid seemed to work wonders, and he was able to drift off to sleep.

This time Kel stayed awake, keeping watch even as the lights went off throughout the rest of the plane.  It was quiet - nearly everyone else was sleeping - but Kel didn’t mind.  He was quite at peace in the dark and the silence, and he loved the relaxed expression on his boyfriend’s face as he slept.  It was something he knew he would never get tired of looking at.

About two hours later, Annie started snoring softly, and it was then that Kel knew things were about to go to hell.  Sure enough, Anslem started sweating, and his face became pinched.  The next time he woke up, a violent coughing fit almost immediately overtook him.  Kel rubbed his back and glared at half the plane as they woke up to glare at the source of the noise.  Most of them looked away, and Kel called a flight attendant over to ask for another cup of water.  By the time she brought it, Annie’s fit was dying down.  He accepted the glass of water gratefully, and as he sipped it slowly, Kel noticed a slight tremor in his hand.

Moments later, the slight tremor became violent, and Kel took the water away from his boyfriend to prevent him from spilling all over himself.  Then Kel took both of Anslem’s hands in his own and squeezed them, brushing a gentle thumb over the top of one.  He spoke in a whisper.  “Talk to me, love.  Please?”

Anslem whimpered.  “I cand breathe.  My throad hurds.  I’b gonna ged eberyond sick.  Feel gross an’ sweaty.  I godda pee.”

Kel chuckled a bit at the last one.  “Well, we can fix one of those things pretty easily.”

But Annie’s breathe hitched.  Kel’s heart ached in response.

“You’re scared.”  It wasn’t a question anymore; it was a fact.  “I’ll go with you.  I mean, I’ll walk you there.  I can’t, like, go into the bathroom with you, it’s too small, you know, the bathrooms on these things-“

Kel quit rambling only when Anslem’s laughter caught him off guard.  It wasn’t like he’d been trying to make him laugh, but Kel was glad that he had, because it seemed to loosen Annie up enough that he could stand, and though his legs were still shaky, he was able to make it to the bathroom and back with Kel’s help.  The walk even cleared up his nose a bit.

Almost as soon as they returned to their seats, though, the plane started jolting around.  Turbulence.  Even in the dim light Kel could see his boyfriend’s face drain of color.

“Hey,” Kel whispered, stroking the side of Annie’s face.  “Can you sleep for a bit, love?”

Anslem was about to shake his head when he was assaulted by four more sneezes.  He whimpered, and Kel’s heart about broke.  He reached a hand around Annie’s shoulders and gave his arm a gentle squeeze.  I’m here.  Unspoken, but fully understood.

That was all it took for Annie to turn to Kel and bury his face in Kel’s sweater.  I know.

Kel brushed his fingers through Anslem’s hair, gently massaging his head, fully aware that he would happily continue these motions for the remainder of the flight if it helped at all.  He kissed Annie’s forehead.  I love you.

“Just a few hours left,” he said aloud, and Anslem moaned, but both of them knew, deep down, that they’d be alright, if only because they were together.

What if Au Ra painted designs on their horns

For, like, celebrations, holidays, to show social statuses. What if there were meanings behind using certain colors (and what if those differed regionally because of the availability of the dye ingredients) and patterns. What if tribes had patterns unique to themselves like plaids for clans. What if some colors were restricted to use by certain people like purple and gold for royalty was in certain parts of the world at one time. Certain colors and patterns going in and out of fashion (granny wears the styles popular in her prime and teens wear the latest trends, tired parents wear the minimum). Sparkly paint from adding ground up mica for weddings. Luminescent paint for eveningwear and work safety.

Adhering gems to their horns. Etching their horns. Burning patterns into their horns.

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hi, i was just wondering why you dislike sheith? i can see why myself but i was just wondering why u do?

okay so let’s pretend that the ages weren’t confirmed.

  • it fucking decimates keith’s character and makes him out as the Ultimate Uke Pinup Boy™. a soft delicate flower made to be touched by shiro only (gagging). and gal/ra!kei/th in sh/eith is like, why would shiro think it’s hot? shiro has ptsd from his time with the galra. and shiro is such a good guy but the shippers make him out as some “sex god dad/dy” and i’m like, well, wherever you fucking pulled that out from.
  • like even if the ages were not confirmed, their behaviors are clearly one of a mature man who has seen shit and a hotheaded teen. and the fucking size difference IDK!!! squicks me out
  • Yaoi Tropes. fucking everywhere. yaoi is pretty heteronormative in the first place, with the Big Buff Seme and the Waif Uke. (ties into the first point but w/e it still grosses me out!!). one half of the relationship is “manly” while the other is “feminine” like what kind of fucking shit is this (and all the time!! keith is the feminine one) 
  • Favors white-passing boys instead of the interracial relationships (k/lance n sh/allura) and aLWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS THEY FUCKING. MAKE LANCE OUT AS LEAST DESIRABLE. Like keith prefers shiro and it fucKING KILLS ME BC I SEE YOU, PPL WHO MAKE FICS N COMICS ABOUT LANCE GETTING HIS HEARTBROKEN. like that is so fucking colorist. just say straight up that you think lance is ugly because of his skin.
  • asian fetishization, especially light-skinned asians. i’ve seen so many “”””headcanon posts”””” where they hc keith as korean and shiro as japanese and they are grossly stereotypical and lack research put into the fucking cultures.
  • also, asian men are often portrayed as feminine, especially in (white) western media, so showing either of them (usually keith) as excessively demure only plays into stereotypes and tropes.
  • also pre-kerberos ship is gross bc keith was a student and shiro was definitely graduated. like definitely canon. (ew)
The Music and the Mirror, (4/?) Cat/Kara.


Finally, Cat and Kara have that promised meeting. We also get to catch up with Alex in this ‘verse, and she has some sisterly advice to impart.

At three sharp, Kara knocks on the outer door of the office.

The redheaded woman who came to find her after Henshaw’s session is sitting at a desk covered in piles of paper, her head barely visible over the miniature mountains.

“I’m Kara?”

“Of course you are,” the woman replies. “Did I tell you my name earlier? Well, it’s Kelly. Although most people just call me ‘Cat’s woman’. You can feel free to not do that.”

“Got it,” Kara answers with her first grin in hours, hoisting her kit bag back on her shoulder. “Do you know if Miss Grant-”

“Cat,” Kelly corrects, pursing her lips.

“Right. Cat.” Kara stifles a sigh. She isn’t going to get a single thing right today. Maybe it’s not too late to catch a bus back to Midvale. “Do you know if this is just to yell at me for earlier? Because I am really worried I might cry if she does, and that is not the impression I was going for.”

“Oh, there’s no crying in ballet,” Kelly scolds, but her smile is still kind. I’d offer you one of these donuts to cheer you up, but-”

“I eat donuts!” Kara interrupts, because it’s the first actual food she’s seen all day. Everyone who bothered to eat between classes had some kind of smoothie or a handful of nuts. “Although maybe not right before my meeting,” she realizes, as a door swings open.

“Kei-ra!” Comes the yell a moment later. Kara winces, and Kelly shoots one last sympathetic look. “Kei-”

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