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i said i would do it

Has anyone else noticed this?

I was watching the Birth of Evil and I noticed a few but very important things

That’s the evil cosmic entity which Aku came from before it was destroyed by the ancient gods Odin, Ra, and Vishnu. Its fragment that fell as debris on earth took the form of Aku. Aku is in essence an offspring of a much powerful cosmic force. On the other hand…

This is an artist’s interpretation of Azathoth from H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu mythos, and has an earthbound offspring called Nyarlathotep who often takes the shape of a humanoid figure in black, just like Aku, and is described to have many other inhuman forms. Nyarlathotep also deceives people by disguising as a person, much like Aku deceived Jack by pretending to be a woman.

Just let all of that sink in for a moment.


The Get Down S01E09 (Part 2 - Episode 3) - One by One, Into the Dark

We’re gonna show everybody that there’s this invisible little army, and we’re hungry and scared, but we’re on our way. And even though no one loves our little army, one day the world will see the messages we leave them, and they’ll know we tried to help them to find the right song.


the get down appreciation week
day three: favorite relationship

[caption: four gifs of ra-ra and zeke from the get down. zeke agreeing to ra-ra’s idea. both grinning during the soul madonna’s tv performance. both looking amused after a fight broke out in the cafeteria. the two on the staircase after zeke assured ra he thinks ra’s cool (like shao).]

# renewthegetdown

You guys I think I found the best kid to play Damian:

His name is Ayman Amin, he’s a Singer/Actor that made his start on the Arabic version of “The Voice: Kids” this year (so he’s still not that famous), he speak fluent english, he’s the same age as Damian, the same hight and most importantly he’s the same ETHNICITY as Damian, what more can you ask for?

Masrur from Sinbad no Bouken ch 143 colored (ft. Sharrkan)

((Original art by Yoshifumi Ohtera and scan from @/sinbad-ai))

I told myself I wouldn’t do anymore but there were ones done for the others and I hadn’t seen one for Masrur yet so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯