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This saturday night, Fenris @fenrisataashi-ffxiv and I are getting eternally bonded on our mains, and we still have some invites left!

It’s open to any followers to attend, you need only send me an IM or contact me on discord, Traven#1890.

I understand most of you are on Balmung or other servers, but it’s easy to make an alt on Diabolos (Primal) to come to the ceremony! Start in Gridania and we’ll be happy to ferry you to the church and provide glamours if needed, as long as it’s at some point before.

We’d love to have you! (Invites limited though so make sure to contact me if you do want to come, thanks!) Take a break from MSQ or the queue times to come celebrate with us!

One last thing: We’re hoping for a light dress code of nice gear/glamours for example: bridesmaid/best man’s, high house, butler stuff, eastern attire, caster/heal gear, that sort of thing.

Feel free to contact me with any questions too! Thanks!


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House on fire!

anonymous asked:

Could you do a fluffy day-in-the-life with a 4 mabye 5 year old Carter please? I love your writing. Thanks if you do this.


“The king decrees no pants!” Carter lunged away from Will, who had been trying desperately to get pants on his son for the last ten minutes. Nico snickered from his spot leaning against the door jam, and Will took a split second to reconsider all of his life choices that led him to the moment where he was chasing a five year old around trying to convince him to wear his pants while his husband laughed. Not that Will would change any of his decisions that had led him to this point in his life.

“But, your majesty,” Will tried diplomacy. Maybe if his son wouldn’t listen to force, he would listen to reasoning. “The king can’t run around without pants. Especially not at a dinner party at his Aunt Ra-Ra’s house. She would be most displeased with the king’s choices.” Will wiggled the small pair of black dress pants he held for emphasis. Carter seemed to debate Will’s argument for a moment before turning and running down the hallway past Nico.

“No pants!”

Will sighed and stood up, shooting a look at Nico, who was full on laughing now. “You taught him the word decree, but you didn’t teach him that he can’t go places without pants.” It was meant to sound accusing, but it sounded more exasperated then anything. Nico simply gave him a shrug before holding his hand out for the pants.

“He’s your son just as well as he is mine,” together, they headed towards Carter’s room, where their son had hidden himself away to avoid the pants. “Decree is a good word. It makes you sound more intelligent. He likes using big words.” Will snorted as Nico knocked on the door. “Carter, baby? Open the door.” They stood in silence for a moment before Will gave Nico a triumphant smirk. If Will couldn’t get the pants on Carter, then Nico wouldn’t be able to either. Their son was just as stubborn as Nico was. “Sorry,” Nico amended himself, “Your Highness, may we be graced by you presence?”

Graced by your presence? He’s five, Nico, he’s not going to-” The door swung open before Will could finish his sentence, and it was Nico’s turn to give Will the triumphant smirk. Show off. Nico squatted down to be level with Carter’s eyes, which wasn’t far considering that Carter was only a little less than two feet shorter then Nico. It delighted Will to know that Nico was going to remain the shortest, after Carter went through puberty.

“The king ruled that there would be no pants in the kingdom.” Carter crossed his arms over is chest with a pout on his lips, and Will was quite curious as to just how Nico thought he was going to get their five year old into a pair of pants.

“Okay,” Nico drew the word out. “But the king’s Papa has the same pants on.” Nico pointed to the black dress pants he was wearing, and Will saw Carter’s eyes go wide with realization. “Would the king consider matching with his Papa?” Carter took the pants out of Nico’s hands before shutting the door, and both Will and Nico that Nico had just won the battle. Figured, Carter always liked Nico more then Will.

Nico grinned wolfishly at Will and Will could only roll his eyes. “I call that abuse of power. You influenced him.” Nico stood up slowly, taking his turn to roll his eyes.

“You’re wearing the same pants too, Will,” Nico kissed Will’s lips softly, and Will knew he had lost the battle just as bad as Carter had. Nico started walking into the kitchen to find his keys.

“Maybe the king’s Daddy will decree no pants.” Will mumbled.

“Oh, yeah?” Nico grinned over his shoulder and Will realized he had been caught. “Does that apply to me, too?” Will only blushed in response.

They played royal with Carter once and he frequently referred to himself as “king” for months after that