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Bruce finding out about Ra’s Al Ghul harassing Tim the whole Red Robin series: 

After Bruce came back from being lost in time, he and the rest of the Batfamily are sitting in the batcave to go over everything he missed, when Tim casually mentions how he took down the League of Assassins. Bruce of course freaks out. 

“Wait, you mean to tell me you took down Ra’s Al Ghul by yourself? How’d you manage that?" 

"Well I mean, he trusted me enough to let me close to his stuff after working with him for a while, so-" 

"Wait wait wait you worked with Ra’s? Tim wtf he sucks I thought I raised you better than this" 

"No duh, I wasn’t actually working for him, just making him think I was. After all, he had already been harassing me for weeks about being his new heir and all, and then after I dismantled his operation he sent some creepy lady to rape me because he wanted a new kid since Damian’s on our side. But anyways when we fought I didn’t care about winning I just needed to distract him enough and he kind of kicked me out a window but then Dick saved me before I went splat all over the pavement and then they finally started believing me about you being alive so it’s all good now." 

And Tim just smiles as Bruce scowls. After a minute he gets up, grabbing his coat. 

"Uh, Bruce? Where ya going?" 


Jason looks over and cranes his neck to see Bruce grabbing a bat and a couple hammers. "Oh yeah he’s gonna kill Ra’s. HAVE FUN BRUCE!" 

And then Bruce stalks out of the house, about to have a little chat with Ra’s to show him what happens when you mess with one of his kids. 

You guys I think I found the best kid to play Damian:

His name is Ayman Amin, he’s a Singer/Actor that made his start on the Arabic version of “The Voice: Kids” this year (so he’s still not that famous), he speak fluent english, he’s the same age as Damian, the same hight and most importantly he’s the same ETHNICITY as Damian, what more can you ask for?

Thoughts on if Damian had been a girl:

Worst case scenario:

Talia and Ra’s make no secret of the fact that they’re disappointed she’s a girl. She has all of Damian’s training and an inferiority streak a mile wide. She’s not revealed to Bruce because she’s not seen as valuable leverage, and she has no interest in her father because she sees him as weak. Until Cassandra defects. She sees that as betrayal and asks to be the one to take her down but when Bruce Wayne announces he’s adopting Cass she snaps. She’s doesn’t just try to kill Tim: she succeeds. Damia* becomes Cass’ unhinged nemesis.

Medium case scenario:

Talia wants Ra’s to accept Damia as his heir. When he refuses she starts questioning her own internalized misogyny. She decides to make Damia her heir and the League is split into two different factions (like it was so cohesive before). Damia is dangerous but less egotistical than Damian because she doesn’t get the insane hypermasculine primogeniture shit from Ra’s. She occupies a lot of moral grey area like her mother but perhaps ultimately has a similar arc to Damian, being a part of the Batfam, but on her own terms.

Best case scenario:

Talia sees a daughter as useless in her father’s crusade and in her attempts to manipulate Bruce and drops Damia on the manor doorstep as an infant. Bruce gives her as normal a childhood as possible. Alfred strategically refuses to do night feedings and diaper changes at his age and Bruce is forced to step back from the cowl (because they can’t really bring in a stranger to nanny and everyone they know already leads a full double life). The family thinks this is brilliant because Bruce was getting older and was riddled with injuries. Also they love Damia and spoil her rotten.

Anyway, those were my morning commute thoughts.

*Not tied to that name, it seemed like convenient shorthand. Also, it means “untamed” whereas Damian seems to mean “one who tames” or at least that’s what cursory googling tells me.

Imagine Au'Ra wearing bands of flowers around their horns during spring festivals. The Xaela would perhaps wear exotic flowers while the Raen would wear the flowers that only tend to grow in their secluded area.

Oo! Oo! What if the more dominant ones in a Xaela relationship fetch super rare blossoms for their significant other as a courting thing? Like climb the side of a mountain or fight off terrifying beasts to pluck the flowers that only grow in their lair. Then they need to carefully braid them into the bands to be worn.

Language of flowers!!! A delicate, nature-y, but ultimately dangerous and adventurous thing for Xaela to do.

There could be a status as Flower Prince/Princess for the recipient of the most rare, and perfectly preserved flowerbands for Xaela.

The Raen instead of judging based on flower rarity could be more interested in the complexity of the weaving and arrangement of the blossoms.

Healing mages could use their magic to keep the flowers fresh for the duration of the festival. Alchemists could also mix up things for flower preservation.

Man, I’m not even into RPing but this would be totally awesome! XD I can already picture so many ways this could be used as an rp story device. I blame all the Balmung players I follow on Tumblr.

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Oh !! Do you have any headcanons for Cherosie maybe? 🍒🌹❣️

-for reasons cheryl doesn’t understand yet, she starts spending more time with josie mccoy. maybe it’s because tina and ginger are gone, maybe it’s because valerie and melody started dating, but the amount of time she’s started to spend in josie’s music room should concern her. and yet, it doesn’t 

-cheryl nearly runs when josie comes to her in tears after her father did god knows what to her self esteem. she isn’t used to this role. she doesn’t even think she knows how to be nurturing. but josie steps into her arms and cheryl finds herself whispering empty threats to her dad the way she knows she’d want josie to do for her. when josie finally calms down, josie kisses her so hard cheryl’s afraid her lips might bruise 

-a few months later and they’re in josie’s room, lips buzzing from all the kissing. she lets josie undress her. her hands shake as she goes to undress josie, too. “you know it’s okay if you’ve never done this before,” josie says. this time when they kiss it’s with softness that makes cheryl’s head spin. “i haven’t done anything like this before either.”

-the first time cheryl tells her is when she’s leaving on tour with the cats. cheryl should be supportive but her head keep telling her that she won’t come back. tears prick at her eyes but she won’t let them fall. “i love you,” cheryl says freely; the first time since jason died. “and now you’ll leave me, too.”

josie shakes her head. “cheryl,” josie’s eyes shrine with tears, too. “i promise i’ll be back.”

-it’s almost five months before she sees her again. josie’s gone for the summer and first quarter, too. they call, they text, but cheryl still feels like she’ll wake up and josie will have been violently ripped away from her.

-there’s commotion at school that day. exasperated teachers try to reel their students back in but it’s useless. people talk, celebrities and the pussycats and josie and-

she pretends like she didn’t wear a pussycats’ tee shirt to school that day. she avoids veronica’s knowing eyes like the plague. she considers sending an acid remark her way but she knows that she’ll only be building a case against herself. 

-when the bell that signals the end of the day does finally let out, cheryl is the first out of her chair. she sends a text to the vixens, practice is canceled, and she knows none of them will question it. she weaves through hoards of students, not bothering to stop when they call out to her. and then she sees it: the shine of metallic cat ears. five months of frustration melt away in the five easy steps cheryl takes to reach josie.

“there’s my girl,” josie says.

“you came back,” cheryl says back.

“i told you i would.” 

-josie cups cheryl’s cheeks and she kisses her, a kiss that cheryl thinks is well worth the wait. she hears the faint snapping of pictures, sees the flashes of lights behind her lids, knows that their kiss will be plastered on social media before it’s even over. but that doesn’t matter because josie is here. josie came back and her lips are even softer than cheryl remembers.

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Would you mind describe the physical characteristics of batman's villains? Like Joker, Ra's al ghul, Poison Ivy, and Harley?

Joker is tall and lanky, almost skeletal beneath his suit. His arms and legs are stick thin but surprisingly strong. His hands are all knuckles and always ice cold to the touch. His skin is natural pale even without the makeup, but wow does that make out stand out against his skin. The reddest red you can imagine staining his lips a bloody smear, yellowing, crooked teeth grinning maliciously. Manic, wild green hair tentatively slicked back but there are always bits sticking up. He face is ordinary in a way, it’s hard for people to recognize him without makeup, people can’t identify him or even describe what he looks like. He is nothing but a malicious grinning face, you ain’t see anything beyond that.

Ra’s is the definition of regal, elegance and danger radiate from him. HE has rich, deep brown skin with sophisticated wrinkles around his eyes and mouth. You can feel his age on him, you can feel it in the wisdom of his stare as he judges things he has seen repeated over lifetimes. Piercing dark dark green brown eyes are always watching and calculating. His hair is slat and pepper grey, always perfectly in place even in battle. His hands are knotted but strong, covered in scars. Not old ones, but fresh ones, he appears feeble at first but once you see him move you can understand how this man has survived hundreds of years. It’s usually the last realization you have.

Ivy is stick thin, bones sticking prominently out of her paper thin olive green skin like knotted branches. Green wisping veins covering all over her body. Her hair is a deep rich red, covered in leaves and twigs and in utter disarray, falling filthily and languidly to her bony hips. Her pheromones make her attractive in whatever ways her victims want to see her. They trick the primal centers of men’s brains to see a voluptuous human woman. But she isn’t human. She is a walking nightmare crafted in the general shape of a woman, her mouth is an open wound of lies and her eyes green gems glittering out from her sickly green skin. The only one who appreciates her somewhat ghastly appearance is Harley who sees her as she truly is and loves her anyway.

Harleen is a very plain looking woman. Pale, homely looking woman with medium build, thick thighs and soft curves. Harley on the other hand is full of life and color, covering up her chubby cheeks with paint and low cut outfit that hug her curves and bring her curves to life. She looks silly and ridiculous with her pigtails in her adult, padded body. It makes her look lost and sad, but Harley has grown as a person and she has learned to own her style as her own regardless of what people think. She has pale sky blue eyes that light up with all her passions. Every emotion is always readable like a books across her face. Ivy smiles and moves a strand of corn blonde hair out of Harley’s face. Harleen may be plain and bit chubby, but she’s the most beautiful, emotive flower she’s ever seen.

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Hey~ I've already send a matchup some days ago but if there're so many, I should help you with your matchup break :> (If it is okay, if not just ignore my request :'D) So, I had a rough time not long ago where I felt useless and lonely regardless what I did, I cried a lot, smiled rarely and half-hearted. So my request is, how would Valkyrie + Nazuna react if their usually cheerful s/o suddenly changed like I did? I really love your blog! Keep up your hard work, you're doing a wonderful job! ♥

oh no i’m so sorry to hear you felt that way ! i can only hope you’re feeling better now ♥ if not, let these boys’ charms heal your soul~ also thank you so much for the kind words !!! - mod mademoiselle

Nazuna :

  • Don’t expect him to not notice a change like that. Maybe he even knew something was wrong about you before you did. He didn’t dare say anything, afraid he’d force you to talk about something you’re not comfortable with telling him.
  • As time went on and you were smiling less and less, he decided he couldn’t stand it anymore. He was afraid. This whole thing felt like how he was back when he was still a Valkyrie member. And he hated that feeling.
  • Expect Nazuna to get very emotional over what happens to you. He’ll be anxious, bite down his fingernails, lose sleep and appetite and be more irritable. He even cried a few times, all in front of you. He can’t stand this.
  • Nazuna will go out of his way to get you to talk. He’s afraid you’ll almost become mute, just like he was. He doesn’t want to lose you and will listen to you and your feelings. No matter how irrelevant you think something is to your current state of mind, he’ll ask you about it.
  • His main plan is to stay by your side, never leaving you unless he has to. At school, he’s always with you. Otherwise, he won’t stop calling or texting you. He wants you to understand you’re loved and supported.
  • He’ll get depressed too, as this brings back a lot of painful memories to him. And he especially doesn’t want you, of all people, to feel like that. He realized through this how much he cared about you.
  • But Nazuna will never stop moving forward. He’ll bring you along with him, wherever he goes, whatever he does. He’ll try his best to make you smile genuinely. He wants so hard to make you feel better.
  • No matter how you’re feeling, he’ll ask what you’re thinking about. You can just speak your mind with him : he doesn’t mind if you call him at 3 am because you’re feeling depressed. He wants you to talk about it in order to “purge” these negative feelings. That’s his main course of action.
  • When you cry in front of him, he’ll hold you tight, whispering that he’s here and you’re not alone. He’ll cry too. He always tries to hide it but you feel his tears falling on your neck and shoulders.
  • This boy can hope for two. He’ll relentlessly keep moving, bringing you by his side. He knows for sure you’ll feel better someday, and he’s working hard to make that day come as soon as possible. He wants to get to laugh and smile with you again.

Shu :

  • As sweet as Shu can be, he really has trouble understanding emotions. He’s even pretty bad at deciphering his own, let alone others’. So he won’t be the quickest in noticing you’re not acting the same as usual.
  • It will take him a while, but eventually he’ll realize you’re feeling depressed. His first reaction is anger. Towards you, for letting yourself be miserable. Towards him, for not having known or been able to prevent it. And towards whoever is susceptible of having caused that sadness.
  • Soon enough, he’ll get terribly worried about you. A tiny part of him is secretly happy you got to experience this sadness : at least you’ve both tasted it now. Shu’s still anxious about this situation, as he feels he’s not in control.
  • He’ll try to solve the problem rationally, by attacking the root causes of your sadness. School-related ? He’ll go see the teachers. Family-related ? He’ll have a word with your parents. Relationship-related ? I hope the person who made you suffer is ready to face him off. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always work, and he’ll have to admit his defeat.
  • If that doesn’t work, he’ll just have you come to his house. The two of you just stay seated on his bed, under his blanket, listening to the sound of the rain on his window. He’s busy sewing a handkerchief for you, one he hopes you won’t get to use.
  • In extreme cases, when he loses it himself, Shu will use Mademoiselle to try and make you feel better. She’s always so gentle with you, it’s nice to just talk about your feelings with her. She invites you to just let it all go and tell her everything.
  • Shu’s so desperate to see your smile again. He’s asked Mika and Tsumugi about this, has read books on depression and spends entire nights sewing gifts for you. Clothes, accessories, plushies. He even started to consider using an actual phone to communicate with you. He’s used to just sending letters, but if that would help, he’s ready to start anytime.
  • One remedy he’s found is the usual tea and pastries. He’ll serve you tea, wait until you’ve tasted a pastry and gently ask you to talk about it. It’s still not guaranteed he won’t try to push the person responsible (or the person he thinks is responsible) for your sadness in the stairs. You might want to check on him often.
  • He feels especially bad about all this because it reminds him of Nazuna, back when he was still a member of Valkyrie. He doesn’t ever want to accidentally break someone he treasures again. So he’ll be unusually vehement in trying to make you feel better.
  • But Shu’s still Shu. He’ll revel in your love anyway, no matter how you’re feeling. In fact, now you have one more common point : you’re both suffering. And he secretly hopes you’re going to be able to help each other smile again, soon.

Mika :

  • That boy would get especially upset upon you feeling depressed. Sure, he’s felt sad too in the past, even though he doesn’t talk about it. But he still thinks it’s bad for you to stop smiling altogether.
  • He doesn’t really tell you, but you’re his treasure. Now, he has a lot of treasures : you just so happen to be the brightest, shiniest of them all. So he won’t let his treasure become sullied by sadness and tears. Oh no he won’t.
  • Out of the three, he’s the one who’d get the most fired up about fighting that new sadness. He’ll learn one book worth of puns and jokes and tell them to you when you’re least expecting it. He’s taken advice from one hammy theater club president to try and constantly surprise you ; however he misunderstood and is now trying to scare you. He legit thinks that’s going to help.
  • He’s often taking you out on weekends and holidays : he thinks seeing people, agitation and new places would help more than just leaving you be at your house. So he’ll be here at 9 am sharp on sundays, ready to take you to the park.
  • Whenever his bright plans fail, he’s ready to attack with candy. He’s absolutely convinced candy helps people feel happy, so he’ll shower you under his favorite sweets. He even brought homemade cake more than once as a last-minute idea.
  • And when the sadness really doesn’t subside, then he just hugs you tight. His embrace is so desperate that you can feel how nervous he is about you feeling sad. Over time, hugs have become his go-to method to calm you down. You just revel in the proximity, and appreciate how warm and close he is…
  • Mika refuses to understand that feeling sad is part of the human nature. He just wants to help you get rid of such emotions altogether, and to get to see your smile again. Sometimes he wonders whether he’s being helpful or selfish, and won’t sleep at night when the doubt arises.
  • If you can’t sleep at night (or him, for that matter), he’ll just come to your house and sleep with you. He’ll cradle you in his arms and hum a beautiful song you’ve never heard him sing. He sometimes gets embarassed over his voice, but you love it. It even helps you fall asleep.
  • Mika will let you hold his hand if you’re feeling uncomfortable or lonely. If he can be of any use, just tell him. He’d be oh so happy to help you feel better. And he’s already waiting for the day your genuine smile comes back. You’re prettiest when you smile, after all.

Aladdin is Damian’s favorite Disney film. He’s a bit baffled that it exists in the first place because of all the anti-Arab rhetoric and stuff going on. But when Bruce first showed it to him he fell in love with it. He went around quoting it and singing the songs for weeks. Watched the movie whenever he had free time. He loves Jasmine’s relationship with Rajah because that’s the type of relationship he has with his pets. He loves Rajah and wants a tiger just like him. He even asked Bruce if he could get one. He also loves Abu and Iago. Dami hates Jafar because he finds Jafar very scary. Jafar also reminds him of Ra’s too much. When he first saw the movie his only comment on Jafar was “Grandfather would like him.” I also feel like Damian would identify with Jas and her rebellion storyline. I’m not really sure what his favorite part of the movie would be.

It’s also Jason’s fav. Jay loves it because he identifies with Aladdin since they’re a lot alike. Orphaned street rats, eating to live, stealing to eat and all that. Al’s attitude towards authority figures mainly the police is another thing they have in common. Jason sings the reprise of One Jump Ahead to himself sometimes when he’s sad. He totally understands why Aladdin lied to Jasmine; he’s done that countless times. He understands Al wanting to hide who he really is from Jas in fear of her not accepting him. Jason’s been in that boat. I feel like his favorite part of the movie is the end when Al and Jas get married and Al gets his happy ending.

Laundry Mishaps (M) - RA!Jimin

Originally posted by hoseokijn

Summary: You just wanted to do some laundry, but an encounter with the RA leads to a private session in his dorm room.

Member: Jimin

Word Count: 3.9k

Warning: Smut, oh dear god

A/N: Supposedly based on the RA!Jimin from the RA!Jimin headcanon. Supposedly. He’s a lot more fluffy there than he is here, that’s for sure.

Sequel: Take a Break (M)

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But. Evil Atem tho. Evil Atem. Evil God Atem. Aww yea. 

I haven’t worked out an entire verse thing yet with full on details but pretty much, he took the entire Egyptian Pantheon and was like…NOPE. He sealed them away, obtained the powers of Ra (aka Atem sorta assimilated Ra. LOL) and assumed discarded the ways of Ma’at to create his own. He believes himself to be dealer of Justice and strives to create a world of true balance.

Atem starts to corrupt the world of Duel Monsters (seeing as he is the one who can summon the very Egyptian Gods, I mean…its sorta easy) and has Bakura as his general in this endeavor. Bakura most likely got into his head somehow or Atem allowed his own demons to get the best of him.

He will also seek out DM and DMG in order to corrupt them, etc. Which I guess he successfully does so. He trusts them the most, but Bakura does have the ear of the monarch. 

I also sorta canon that DMG was the first to break free from Atem’s brainwashing? Chains? Whatever, and will like…totes look for the Yugi group for help in saving Atem. 

I also…defintiely see this as a sorta raid/boss fight and no one WILL STOP ME. 

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YAAAAAAS AGAIN. its me again hi more hajime stuff, this time with kanata!!! their interactions in starryfes are the best my dear blue haired bbys

HELLO AGAIN WITH YOUR LOVELY HAJI REQUESTS~ i finally read starryfes and fell in love with kanahaji + eishino too aaaa kanata and hajime make such cute buds

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Ra*bits cuddling

I know the rules were posted a while ago, but I finally got the inspiration to start typing up headcanons!! Hopefully I’ll be getting some requests soon, but until then, I’ll try to keep posting my work! \(^o^)/ 

Also! I apologize in advance for any typos that I make;; I tend to make a lot, especially on mobile :,)


  • Cuddling Nazuna is almost like cuddling with a pet. He tries to act cool and mature about it, though he can’t help but grin cheekily while the two get comfortable. Getting to snuggle up against them is his favorite thing to do.
  • At first, he would be rather self-conscious. He would probably ask permission to sit next to them. But once given the okay, he would loosen up. He would wrap his arms around his s/o, resting his chin on their shoulder. 
  • If his s/o is the one to initiate it, he would jump a bit in surprise, and maybe exclaim something while fumbling over his words. He would quickly calm himself down, putting on his big-brother act, and pretend like it’s no big deal. He would probably continue to quiver a bit if he was caught really off-guard. 


  • This boy can hardly sit still. He would snuggle up close to his s/o, even rubbing their cheeks together. But he would be constantly squirming around, changing position, and so on. 
  • As hard as it is for him to sit still, he loves to cuddle. Whenever he sees a chance to squeze a seat in next to his s/o, he will. Though he would constantly be jumping up and sitting back down.
  • Once he finally stops wiggling, he falls asleep on his s/o’s shoulder or lap. They would be unable to move, as he has them completely pinned. He would hug them like a teddy bear as he sleeps, continuing to shift position and mumble about how much he loves his s/o. 


  • As much as Hajime may want to cuddle, he never has the courage to sit himself beside his s/o and hug them. He would sit beside them, making sure to leave space in between them to make sure that his s/o is comfortable. 
  • Truthfully, he’s content with simply being beside them. But if his s/o were to move closer, hug him, or show any affection of the sort, he would giggle happily and return the gesture if he had the confidence. If not, he would blush, shyly giving a small gesture back, if anything. 
  • He wouldn’t be able to look at his s/o, or his rapidly beating heart would probably stop. The poor thing. He wants to cuddle, but gets too nervous once actually given the chance.


  • If his s/o starts to cuddle up next to him, Tomoya would have no option but to comply. Not because he’s a pushover, but because he honestly wants the same. Around his s/o, he feels like he can relax, and truly be himself. If nobody was around, he would be openly affectionate. But if there were even the slightest chance of a certain silver haired pervert barging in with a camera, Tomoya would shy away, though he wouldn’t have it in him to tell his s/o to stop. 
  • He would purposefully sit close to his s/o, hoping for them to cuddle up next to him. Once they did, he would immediately do the same, finding a comfortable position close to his love. As the two continue to cuddle, Tomoya would slowly melt more and more, easing his worries and fears in the calming company of his s/o. He may even end up asleep, dozing peacefully in their comforting presence.

Everytime I see the guys in the Fukurodani cheering bois with the trumpets 

there is only one song that comes to my mind so….

…Headcanon that John Cena´s theme song is Fukurodani´s anthem because holy shit it is so fitting just imagine!!!

Clenches fist cause ilu archosaurman

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Who would you want to be cast as the Al Ghouls if they are part of the batman movie ?*you could add the Waynes if you like *

I know that as both an Arab and a Batman Fanboy I should have a long list of Arab Actors that I want to play the Al-Ghuls but Unfortunately I am not into celebrities and all so I don’t know a lot of Actors not even the ones in the Arab world That I would  really want to play them so I don’t think I have really good Fancasts but I guess I will try my best?  

These are Only Visual references, its not like I expect them to do a good job at it if they got the role:

Talia Al-Ghuls: Balqees

Damian Wayne: Ayman Amin (I already suggested him before but I am gonna suggest again because I think he’s perfect for Damian)

Ra’s Al-Ghul: Majid Al Masri

So yeah, A full Arab cast to play the Al-Ghuls what more can you ask for?