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You guys I think I found the best kid to play Damian:

His name is Ayman Amin, he’s a Singer/Actor that made his start on the Arabic version of “The Voice: Kids” this year (so he’s still not that famous), he speak fluent english, he’s the same age as Damian, the same hight and most importantly he’s the same ETHNICITY as Damian, what more can you ask for?


1.Alexander Siddig as Ra’s Al’Ghul ( he’ll kill, just imagine it) 

2. Priyanka Chopra as Talia Al’Ghul (watch Quantico you’ll see)

3. Carla Gugino as Helena Bertinelli/ Huntress (she’s Italian AND badass, just like Helena)


5. Lucy Liu as Sandra Wu-Tan/ Lady Shiva (THE BADASS OF ALL BADASSES)

6. Teresa Ting as Cassandra Cain/Blackbat/ Batgirl (there’s a video of her doing some matrial arts and she’s amazing onn OINTB) 

7. Ryan Potter as Tim Drake/ Robin/ Red Robin (he is Tim no one can convince me otherwise) 

8. Steven R McQueen as Dick Grayson/ Nightwing (the dude has DEDICATION) 

9. Jade Hussain as Jason Todd/ Red Hood(he has a twang to him watch his movies)

10. Ruth Negga as Zatanna Zatara(she’s magic)

11. Michelle Rodriguez as Renee Montoya/ Question (Imagine Michelle with a tin foil hat)

12. Gina Torres as Big Barda (She san and will slay)

13. Jessica Chastain as Dr Pamela Isley/Poison Ivy (make this possible, Affleck)

14. Paula Patton as Selina Kyle/ Catwoman (JUST IMAGINE IT)

15. John Boyega as Luke Fox/ Batwing (I’ve seen people fancast him as John Stewart but he’s too young.)

16.Morgan Freeman reprising as Lucius Fox 

17. Charlie Hunnam as Oliver Queen/ Green Arrow (a no brainer, tbh)

18. Chloe Grace Moretz as Kara Zor-El/ Supergirl (she’d nail it)

19. Tyler Posey as Jaime Reyes/ Blue Beetle(he’d be bawse)

20. Dylan Sprayberry as Kon-El/ Superboy (he already played a young Clark Kent in MoS)

21. Lance Reddick as J’onn J’onnezz/ Martian Manhunter( played Papa Legba on AHS, he was awesome)

22. Armie Hammer as Hal Jordan/ Green Lantern ( WE MUST HAVE THE HAMMER)

23. Jane Levy as Barbara Gordon/ Oracle/ Batgirl (she’d be awesome tbh)

24. Amandla Stenberg as Karen Beecher/ Bumble Bee( I LOVE HER I NEED HER IN THE DCEU)

25. Rory McCann as  Roman Sionis/ Black mask (He plays the Hound, watch him and you’ll see how amazing he is)

26. Angela Bassett as Dr Barbara Ann Minerva/ Cheetah (who else?)

27. Iwan Rheon as Victor Zsazs (Ramsay Snow, people, who else?)

28. Matt Damon as Tommy Elliot/ Hush (you know he is our man)

29. Jake T Austin as Logan Garfield/ Beast Boy (he has a charm to him)

30. Zoe Kravitz as Raven( a no brainer, tbh)

31. Courtney Eaton as Kori’andr/ Starfire (she’s beauty’she’s grace, she’ll blast you in the face)

32. Gerard Butler as Ares, god of war ( he can play a mean motherfucker, we saw it)

33. Laverne Cox as Phillipus the Amazon (she’d be the bomb)

34.Salma Hayek as Madame Xanadu( be honest, she’d nail it)

35. Colin Farrel as John Constantine (I want him to bi the shit talker supreme)

36. Neil Patrick Harris as Edward Nigma/ The Riddler (he’d nail it)

37. Malin Akerman as Nora Allen

38. Oscar Isaac as Harvey Dent/ Two Face ( I want to see him as a villain)

39. Alicia Vikander as Carol Ferris/ Star Saphirre (She’s an amazing actress)

40. Godfrey Gao as Kyle Rayner/ Green Lantern(he’d nail it tbh)

talesfromthecreed  asked:

(Btw I personally think Matt Ryan's portrayal of Constantine was A+) Who are your fancasts for the Al Ghul's? (At least Ra's and Talia, but feel free to put in whoever else you please)

Ra’s Al Ghul -  Ghassan Massoud

Damian Al Ghul - Arsalan Ghasemi

Talia Al Ghul -  Nadine Njeim

Nyssa Al Ghul - Yasmine Al Massri


I personaly find arsalan too old to play current Damian, but what do you think about this fancast? I think it’s pretty spot on.


ok literally i’ve never seen his age and when i saw this i was like “oh he only looks to be like?? what?? 16 at most” and i looked it up and. how the fuq is he literally 21 years old. he is four years older than me, and looks as young as an Early Teen. double checking My Ages this time (bc yeah that’s nonsense that he’s so dang old and playing a Child), i also like ahmed dash, who’s a fourteen year old egyptian actor! (link has him kissing a dog on the head and taking a blurry photo…. in character). 

also like… bad photos all around my man @arabian-batboy. these r Good Choices but Bad Photo examples. look at ayman amin here. damian wayne looking.

balqees fathi for talia?

asldkfj ngl majid al masri is the Best but i think the picture they chose to represent him??? not his Maximum Ra’s Potential. he has a Good ‘I have lived on this earth for millennia and not even a man trying to fight me in an animal suit phases me’ Face:

anonymous asked:

Who would you want to be cast as the Al Ghouls if they are part of the batman movie ?*you could add the Waynes if you like *

I know that as both an Arab and a Batman Fanboy I should have a long list of Arab Actors that I want to play the Al-Ghuls but Unfortunately I am not into celebrities and all so I don’t know a lot of Actors not even the ones in the Arab world That I would  really want to play them so I don’t think I have really good Fancasts but I guess I will try my best?  

These are Only Visual references, its not like I expect them to do a good job at it if they got the role:

Talia Al-Ghuls: Balqees

Damian Wayne: Ayman Amin (I already suggested him before but I am gonna suggest again because I think he’s perfect for Damian)

Ra’s Al-Ghul: Majid Al Masri

So yeah, A full Arab cast to play the Al-Ghuls what more can you ask for?