I’m offering these as my new commission type! They’re $45 each (including the background). That price will get you some medium-complexity armour, a simple weapon (if you want) and basic sky background! If you want a specific, on-model weapon/armour or your favourite detailed setting in Eorzea, then that’s fine! But please expect a slight increase in price to match the complexity and have some screenshots ready for me to reference :D Non-FFXIV stuff is fine and wonderful too!

Email amaranth.commissions@gmail.com if you’re interested! Signal boosting is very much appreciated <3


Gemma on Whine About It with Matt Bellassai

Discovery of mummified kestrel reveals evidence for falconry in ancient Egypt

A team of researchers studying the mummy of a kestrel bird of prey say it was a votive offering to the ancient Egyptian sun god Re and may have been part of a falconry breeding program. Their research reveals some of the first hard evidence of breeding of birds of prey in ancient Egypt. Falconry was common among nobility and royalty in other parts of the world.

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