DEITIES || Animal form Tests V1 

WELP– TIME FOR ANOTHER UPDATE WITH DEITIES this time in their animal forms /o/

So yes, the deities in my project have the ability to transform into various forms and states – much like in the mythology – and one of their most commonly used forms is of their sacred animal. These animals forms will be relevant to the story, so it gave me a reason to do another round of color tests, to mirror the ones I did of their human-like deity forms from last time.

There are some places where I took liberties with their colors, markings, and features, but I used photo and wall art references to help make those choices. Everything’s still open for adjustment and I’ll continue practicing them as I progress, but this helps me visualize how they’ll appear in the story, and how they compare to their corresponding deity forms. I think most of them are self explanatory, but the captions include some details regarding their animal forms

And if you’re wondering about the others (Osiris, Isis, Nephthys), they have animal forms too! But as they mostly appear “human” in story, their animal forms aren’t planned to be featured as much, so I’ll get to them another day.

Also little heads up! I’m planning on doing a DEITIES themed #Inktober next month, to introduce more deity designs. So if you’re interested in following along feel free to check out my twitter!

In the meantime here’s my tag for my DEITIES Project if you want to find more art progress o)/ the devART version of these tests with additional sketches is also posted above and HERE!

To all the survivors out there..

“They feed on energy alone. From life-force they live. They know not what they do, they simply do what they must.”

Words by C.R. Sheehan

Dorm Room Desk Calendar

Okay, so I was watching Hulu’s show Resident Advisors, and saw these screencaps of Sam’s room:

I quickly fell in love, and felt an overwhelming need to create my own version. My version doesn’t have nearly as much stuff on it yet, as my semester hasn’t started yet (I’ll try to post more pictures as the semester goes on so you can see a more realistic example the hyperbolized version above of a student with 7 jobs).

First, you’ll want to gather some supplies.

You’ll need

  • A desk pad calendar - Mine is Staples brand and 22" wide, but the one pictured from Resident Advisors is At-A-Glance, and 24" wide.
  • A roll of cork - You’ll need to make sure it’s wide enough to fit the calendar you’ve picked. The roll I got is 24" wide, and 96" long, then cut into 4 pieces. If your roll is 48" long, grab a second one.
  • Sticky notes in whatever colors you want.
  • Colored pens to coordinate with your stickies.
  • Push pins
  • Planner or calendar, or wherever you keep your important dates.
  • Push pins
  • Command strips or whatever you would like to use to hang your pieces of cork. My university has a policy against push pins in the walls, so if yours does as well, plan accordingly.

First, cut your roll of cork down to size. Most rolls are thin, and break apart easily, so be careful. I should have measured mine out more carefully, but I just sort of eyeballed it using my calendar.

Next, figure out your color system.

(Disclaimer: I promise the Mat Sci and Thermo stickies are different colors) I used the same system that I have in my planner. In addition to my sticky notes, I also use a red pen to fill in my shifts at the desk.

Now you can start filling in dates. So far I just have my training days, a few desk shifts, the start of classes, and the semester holidays up.

Now attach your Command Strips to your pieces of corks, and hang them wherever you desire. I chose directly above my desk.

Using push pins, I hung the calendar sheets up, and secured the larger sticky notes. If you’re in college or renting, just push the pin in far enough to break through the cork, but not far enough to break the surface of the wall.

As you can see, my pieces are cut a little uneven. Also, since the cork came in a roll, it’s puckering a bit around the top and bottom edges. I plan on going through and putting a bit of poster putty where it’s rolling.

I lined my stickies up along the bottom of the piece like Sam did in Resident Advisors. And that’s it, now you’re done!