Recommended books (from A to Z)

A: The Awakening, Kate Chopin
B: The Bell Jar, Sylvia Plath
C: Crime and Punishment, Fyodor Dostoevsky
D: Don Juan, Lord Byron
E: The English Patient, Michael Ondaatje
F: Fahrenheit 451, Ray Bradbury
G: The God of Small Things, Arundhati Roy
H: The Heart is a Lonely Hunter, Carson McCullers
I: Invisible Man, Ralph Ellison
J: The Joy of Reading, Charles Van Doren
K: King Lear, William Shakespeare
L: Long Day’s Journey Into Night, Eugene O’Neill
M: The Master and Margarita, Mikhail Bulgakov
N: Native Son, Richard Wright
O: Of Human Bondage, W. Somerset Maugham
P: The Persian Wars, Herodotus
Q: The Quiet American, Graham Greene
R: The Razor’s Edge, W. Somerset Maugham
S: The Sense of an Ending, Julian Barnes
T: A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, Betty Smith
U: The Unbearable Lightness of Being, Milan Kundera
V: The Vegetable, F. Scott Fitzgerald
W: Wuthering Heights, Emily Bronte
X: Autobiography of Malcolm X
Y: The Yellow Wallpaper, Charlotte Perkins Gilman
Z: Zlata’s Diary: A Child’s Life in Wartime Sarajevo, Zlata Filipovic

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Alternative Drive Translation

I had my friend who speaks some japanese take a look at the lyrics for Alternative Drive. Her summary of the theme is, “We are branded as traitors and we sin and stuff and have to find the magical coordinates and we are too attached to our home.” lol, sounds about right. It’s a quick translation so please excuse any mistakes

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anonymous asked:

tell us about quintessence!!! we r on the edges of our seats!!!!!!! popcorn in our hands!!!!!!! We are Ready

ok lemme just say that this speculation is heavily linked to this post abt galra keith, so i suggest you read that first if you havent already. also, once i ramble a bit abt keith meta & get to my actual thoughts about quintessence as whole, it may get a little jumbled up so im sorry in advance!!

something that caught my attention in this post, and has been talked about since galran keith theories first began flying around, is keith’s hand turning purple during his fight with the druid in season 1. however, there’s something wrong in this post that i feel is important to point out:

keith’s hand did not turn purple from coming into contact with the quintessence.

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Sense8 Xmas Special Thoughts

so I’m surprised to say that even after just one episode I may already prefer season two of sense8 to season one. 


  • more interaction between female sensates!
  • including nomi making out with sun in sex montage #2(!)
  • SOO much development for hernando! we found out his full name, occupation, family history. he’s finally feeling like a fully rounded character and not just an accessory to lito’s storyline. 
  • all of the nomanita adorableness
  • sensates, friends, family and couples ❤ S U P P O R T I N G  E A C H O T H E R ❤
  • the main plot edging towards countries outside of america
  • threeway teamwork to save sun from assassins!
  • oneway teamwork to unlock lito’s apartment!
  • a cinematically beautiful sex montage
  • my darlings being mostly happy
  • rajan being sweet and supportive to kala
  • new capheus’ new bus
  • lito/hernando adorableness
  • feeeeels

burnsquffy  asked:

🎶I WILL GO BREAKIN YOUR HEART🎶 also like imagine in the lucifer au that grantaire initially joins the amis to corrupt them but slowly he begins to understand their passion for righteousness and perhaps sees a bit of himself in enj as he rallied his army to rebel against God (only if we're talking John Milton here) but a stronger version of himself "and it's just flattery anyway" and he begins to truly believe in them

WOULD THIS ALSO INCLUDE GUARDIAN EP GETTING LOW KEY ANGRY THAT R HAS “lost his edge” and that humanity is rubbing off on him and R low key being conflicted about his morals and feelings and just tries to play it off as apart of his plans 

One shot stories of Undertale AU - rbssns - Undertale (Video Game) [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 6/?
Fandom: Undertale (Video Game)
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Relationships: W. D. Gaster/Reader, Gaster/Reader, Underfell Papyrus/Reader, Edge/reader
Characters: Sans (Undertale), Papyrus (Undertale), Frisk (Undertale), Reader, W. D. Gaster, Underfell Papyrus - Character, Underfell Sans - Character, Edge, Red, blueberry - Character, Underswap Sans - Character
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Series: Part 1 of One shot stories from Undertale AU

This is just going to be a random collection of one shots of stories that have been stuck in my head and i rather just get them written out here. But hey if you have a request i might just try it out. I suck at writing summary but I will but put in the notes which AU they are from.

"Pushed Over The Edge" a Carl Grimes X Reader

You walked hand in hand with Carl, his and yours free hands held onto the stroller that held Judith. You two always walked her together around Alexandria while Rick was busy. You enjoyed it, it made you wonder if Carl would ever want kids with you. Yeah you two are still young and you shouldn’t bring another kid into such world but you can’t help but dream. You love Carl and he loves you. You both ‘sarcastically’ talked about being married in the future before and there was always that seriousness that over lapped the sarcasm. You and Carl have been dating for awhile, ever since you saved each other from a herd of walkers. Ever since, you’ve been inseparable. You both didn’t really like the kids here at Alexandria. You both considered yourselves adults since you were both forced into it at such a young age, so since the kids were so…Childish here it pushed you away from them. But Carl had a special hate for the boys here. Especially Ron who always tried to wheeze {HARRY POTTER FANDOM WHAT’S GOOD. GET IT, RON WEASLEY 😂} his way into a relationship with you. Wether that be a romantic or friend one. Neither of which you wanted. To make it worse he as always obviously flirting with you. Though you couldn’t just push him away, you wanted to give this place a chance, maybe this could be a better future. “I’m going to run in and get Judith her bottle.” Carl’s voice broke you from your thoughts as you both stopped in front of the house you shared. You looked at him as he went to kiss your cheek, causing him to get your lips instead which made him grin. “Okay. I’ll watch her” You replied with a smile. He smiled back then went inside. You watched him until the door shut then went in front of the stroller and took Judith out to rock her, which she giggled and played with your necklace Carl had given you awhile back. You smiled then suddenly you heard footsteps coming from behind you. “Hey, beautiful.” You heard Ron. You turned around to greet him and saw how extra close he was “H-Hey-” You went to say as you stepped back, but you tripped on the stroller and went to fall back but he grabbed you and pulled you to his chest. That, was a move too fair. “I-I’m fine! Let me go!-…Please…” You pushed away, holding Judith tightly and protectively. His grip tightened and his grin widened, “Don’t worry. Carl doesn’t need to know.” He said as his lips brushed across your cheek. This pushed you over the edge. “R-Ron! Stop! You know I only love Ca-” Before you could finish the door swung open, hitting the side of the house. And there was Carl, his hands made into fists seeing what Ron was doing to you. “Hey asshole!” Carl shouted as he stormed down the steps. Ron instantly let you go and backed away, putting his hands up in defense “Hey Dude- Dude she made me do that!” He said in his defense. “Bull shit!” Carl yelled as he stormed closer. You’ve never seen him more angry then he is now. “C-Carl calm down” you said placing your hand on his chest. You made sure Judith was on your hip facing away from all this. Not like she wasn’t use to it or anything. And as much as you wanted Carl to beat the living shit out of Ron you also didn’t want Carl getting in trouble with Rick. God knows he would if he hurts his knew crushes son. Carl simply stepped out and around you as Ron spoke, “Dude c'mon it’s not my fault you’re dating a slut” Ron grinned and chuckled at his own dumb teenage boy humor. That pushed Carl over the edge. He shoved Ron back as a warning. “Hey!” Ron glared at him and shoved Carl back. Right as you went to step in Carl punched Ron right in the eye to which he fell to the ground. Carl dropped to his knees and continued punching him. “You’re a fucking asshole!” Carl screamed. Ron struggled and failed to remove Carl as he screamed for help. Your eyes widened as you saw how hard Carl was beating on him. “C-Carl-” You said but it had no effect on him. Ron started to bleed. You quickly put Judith in the stroller and pushed it back so she was out of the way. You ran over and started pulling at Carl. “Carl stop! That’s too far you need to stop!” You cried out. Ron screamed louder for help. You saw Jessie and Rick noticing and running from a far. You wrapped your arms tightly around Carl’s waist and pulled him away successfully. “Ron!?” Jessie screamed. Carl protested but his heart stopped realizing the damage he had done and that Rick had saw all of this. “C-Carl we gotta go!” You whispered. Carl stood up and backed away in shock. You wrapped your arm around his and took off running. The last thing you heard as you both climbed the wall was Ron sobbing and swearing and Rick calling for you both to return. You both dropped to the ground and ran to your special place in the hollow tree that fit you both. Once there you both panted, you looked concerned as Carl wiped his bloody hands off on his jeans. “Well…That went well…” He joked. You sighed and wrapped your arms around him, pulling him to your chest. “Carl you know you’re the only one I love. There’s no need to start a fight when someone’s just being a dick as usual.” He sighed and wrapped his arms around your waist as he rested his chin on your shoulder. “I love you too. And he had that coming for him. He’s just lucky he got away before I could’ve-” You cut him off with a kiss. Though you shouldn’t be rewarding such behavior you couldn’t help it. He was so protective of you, and you loved that. He was your dork, and you were his.

💫~“Pushed Over The Edge”~
{The was requested by: Anonymous. Written by: Me!}
{Sorry this is so short but I hope you all love it! Thank you so much for the request! If this isn’t what you had in mind then please message me and I’ll do my best to fix it. Maybe a part two if someone has an idea~?}

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