I walked out of deadpool a few hours ago and let me tell you, it was a BLAST! That being said, I have spoken to friends who saw it tonight as well in other places and they have told me that there were small children in their theaters. Thankfully there were none in ours, but that’s besides the point. Point is, and let me make this VERY CLEAR:

DEADPOOL IS RATED R. That means that, obviously, it is definitely not suitable for young children. I’m not sure how many parents this will reach out to but DO NOT TAKE YOUR KIDS TO SEE DEADPOOL.

(yes I understand that he’s pansexual, not omnisexual. I didn’t make the poster. keep your overtly sensitive self out of my inbox.)

Everyone is so in awe of Evie Frye as being the “first” female assassin. Hello, you forgot Aveline de Grandpre. She was the true first female assassin, and everyone forgets her! It’s sad because I love Aveline! Liberation was the first AC title I played and I really have a deep love for Aveline. She’s brave, fierce loyal and spunky. Aveline deserves more and I’m sad that Evie overshadows her. 

One thing ubisoft needs to fix is the voicing of languages for example I didn’t mind the posh British accents of unitys main cast but all the enemy factions were cockney brits! & i feel they nailed it in AC III with the Mohawk & chronicles with Chinese & hindi, having enemy conversation completely subtitled was really immersive, they need to pay attention to details like that

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vixx on valentine’s day

Hakyeon: has been planning for this two weeks in advance and he reserved you spots at a resort for a weekend stay so you two can get away from the stresses of life and indulge yourself in spa treatments, good food, couple massages, and most importantly - away from the noisiness that is the rest of VIXX. It’s romantic and thoughtful and Hakyeon takes care of everything. Just imagine; you and him with cucumbers on your eyes, sighing with happiness because Ken’s yells and Ravi’s clumsiness is a hundred miles away.

Ken: tries his best to be romantic by taking you out to couples karaoke night and insisting that the two of you go up to do a romantic duet, but you’re like ‘no’ so this genius goes up solo instead and serenades you. And as embarrassed as you get on the spot, everyone is swooning at his beautiful voice but his eyes are only focused on you and you’re like “You’re dead when we get home Jaehwan” but it also makes your heart flutter.

Leo: just silently kind of leads you to the kitchen and is like “wanna bake with me?” and he like takes out his little cookie stencils in the shapes of hearts and you’re like wow he really prepared and cooking is always adorably intimate and a perfect way to spend this holiday like Leo holding your hand steady when you frost the cookies and you saying he looks cute wearing mittens that have cats all over them.

Hongbin: is too nervous to do anything too big because he doesn’t want to come off as overwhelming so you wake up to a letter tied to a heart shaped balloon and in it is the cutest description of you that Hongbin could write and he kind of rambles a bit about how much he’s grown to love you and how he’ happy you accept him and if you’d possibly want to meet him for dinner at your favorite place tonight.

Ravi: is a big softie and so he’d knock on you door and you’d open it to see him holding an enormous stuffed teddy bear and a box of chocolates and even flowers and he’d sort of look at you a little red in the face and admit that he didn’t know which gift would suit you best or that you’d like so he just kind of got you one of everything??

Hyuk: is kind of bad with things like this so you might just get a giftcard or something but if you requested something from him like a song, for the first time he wouldn’t just be like “In your dreams!~” he’d actually sing it to you, and slowly lean in closer and you’d be like wow he can be romantic - but right before kissing you he’d be like “The giftcards for you, but if you wanna use it to buy me something too-” and you’d be like “HYUK PLEASE”