shy/antisocial/introvert people at a party be like

•finding comfortable places to stay and enjoy the view
•dealing with “are you okay” “are you sad” “enjoy the fucking party ur not furniture” just because of your bored/sad natural resting face
•watching people’s embarrassing moments when they think nobody saw em and just being like Ron u shouldnt pick your nose like that u nasty
•catering dudes who constantly smile at you while doing their shit is the most wonderful thing ever
• analysing E V E R Y T H I N G AND E V E R Y O N E
• being the weird silent one who stands by the food table/trash cans/bathroom/stairs
• improving your socializing skills with cats or flowers
• that creepy one staring at you
• that annoying one who keeps talking to you
• food is the only friend in all this shit
• trying not to fall asleep
• that “i wanna go home” persistent thought


Hi it’s ur local gay boy!! I hit 1K a few days ago so I thought it’d be the perfect time to make my first ever follow forever! I’ve had this blog for a little more than 2 years now and only recently got into BTS but I’ve already made so many wonderful and lovely mutuals and this post is for them. Thank you for putting up with me and somehow not unfollowing?? Anyways, let’s get this started before I get mushy

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Y’KNOW WHAT REALLY GETS ME?? Keith views himself as serious. He thinks his friends would describe him as serious. 

And mostly that’s true. He rarely jokes around. But then around Lance he’s like-

“what was that? you’re- you’re cutting out I can’t hear you!”

“heh, like that?”

“look, I’m glad we’re all making fun of Lance-”

“wow, it must really be bothering you if you’re coming to talk to me” / “solid math”


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