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                                              P A R T N E R.

                                                p a r t n e r s
                                            a neuyako fanmix

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T E A R S (a Sanji fanmix)  - He plays a strong act to protect his loved ones by pushing them away, giving up his dream. Inside, he’s breaking down and crying, pretending to be alright. And all that he has to do to save his own life is just going home.

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P.S: For 30 Days of Sanji 2017 prompt: Tears. Tracks are made by story order as referred using the icons above, so better not play it in a shuffle. Annotations are under read more.

P.S.S:  Even without mentioning Sanji, you can listen to this playlist whenever you feel depressed and I hope this could give you strength in the end.

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i will follow you into the dark - george blagden

colors – halsey

nearly witches (ever since we met) - panic! at the disco

tear in my heart - twenty one pilots

bang the doldrums - fall out boy

mind the gap - charlie blaine

mfeo part 2 you can breathe - jacks mannequin

spotlight ( oh nostalgia ) - patrick stump

nicotine - panic! at the disco

icarus - bastille

drugstore perfume - gerard way

miss missing you - fall out boy

saint patrick - pvris

flashlight - the front bottoms

young god - halsey

enjolras and grantaire are in love, and that’s the only way to put it.

symphony: [/ˈsimfənē/] - an elaborate musical composition, typically 
in four movements; derived from the greek “σύμφωνος (symphōnos)” 
meaning “harmonious” or “sounding together”

movement i - dipper, “into the unknown” - [link]

movement ii - mabel, “be the stars” - [link]

movement iii - stanley, “make your own breaks” - [link]

movement iv - ford, “see the light” - [link]

(note that these mixes are devised as a unit – each family member shares a song artist on their mix with each other member, and there is one artist that features in all four parts of the symphony)


A Time For Wolves


An anthology of those who remained.

It begins with a glance in his way, and
a gaze in hers.
He holds her in his arms
as she weeps over
the still form of the child:
the wild brother.
He holds her in his arms
for the nights that follow.
He holds her in his arms
as he held her the first time
she came to Castle Black:
as though she is all
he has left of the life
that once was.
Perhaps she is.

The whispers followed soon after,
of the Dragon in Wolf’s fur,
of the Prince that was Promised,
of the nights he held her.
And Winter comes.
So she waits, waits until
he becomes
the soft caress of the wind,
the warmth by the furnace,
the tears that bid her goodnight.

When he returns
he is a shell of a man,
all flesh and bone and hollow stares.
She holds him in her arms
as he weeps over
the child he swore to take home:
the lost brother.
She holds him in her arms
for the years that follow.
She holds him in her arms
as she held him the first time
she came to Castle Black:
as though he is all
she had left of the life
that once was.
And he is.

“ If I profane with my unworthiest hand / This holy shrine, the gentle fine is this: / My lips, two blushing pilgrims, ready stand / To smooth that rough touch with a tender kiss. 

The time is now. Romeo’s a girl. Juliet’s a girl. Romeo makes Juliet a mix tape. { listen here }

// Check Yes JulietWe The Kings // Cool for the SummerDemi Lovato // Roman HolidayHalsey // Fire Meet GasolineSia // Your CallSecondhand Serenade // Origin of Love (Acoustic)MIKA // Night Go SlowCatey Shaw // SummertimeMy Chemical Romance // Favorite RecordFall Out Boy // We Don’t Believe What’s On TVTwenty One Pilots //

( @chibihaley in honor of starting off our show, Romeo made Juliet a mix. Happy V Day!! )

A certain soldier died years ago. He held special place in my heart. We met when he was a child and I thought of him as my son. For all the rest of his life, he only lied to me once.
–Sengoku  (chapter 798)

H E A R T, Fanmix of Sengoku and Rocinante, 10 tracks (LISTEN

Arranged from the first meeting (track 1-2), Roci asking Sengoku to stop Doflamingo so he left marine for this mission (track 3-4), his lies (track 5-6), last contact and the death news (track 7-8), ‘til Sengoku cherishing the memory of his son (track 9-10). It’s hard to find fitting songs for ‘em btw.

01. something for the rest of us / goo goo dolls — [Roci:] I was a stranger, and you came to my side. And you said “Oh, you’re alright now.” And you were so knowing I felt so lost and confused. [Sengoku:] I barely knew you, but you talked til’ you laughed til’ you cried out so loud “someone save me”

02. you are young / keane — [Sengoku:] Fearful child have faith in brighter days. You’ve got time, you’ve got to try to bring some good into this world. ‘Cause you are young

03. father & son / yusuf islam & ronan keating — [Sengoku:] You’re still young, that’s so much you have to know. Look at me, I’m old, but I’m happy. [Roci:] From the moment I could talk, I was ordered to listen. Now there’s a way and I know that I have to go.

04. welcome home (you) / brian littrell — [Roci:] When I left home to be who I am, some people said “No Way.” In my head rang the words that my father said. [Sengoku:] I know you by name. I know son, it’s good just to see your face. When I look at you, holding my heart.

05. lies / billy talent — [Roci:] Hidden agenda. Tip-toeing villain. Your false intentions have warn thin. Inside an office, a smiling Buddha, I just can’t pretend. Lies make it better. Lies are forever. Lies to go home to. Lies till your death bed.

06. i’m so sorry / imagine dragons — [Roci:] No lies and no deceiving, man is what he loves. A son of a stepfather, I’m so sorry. I know I did you wrong. But will you trust me when I say that I’ll make it up to you somehow?

07. last words / travis — [Sengoku:] Corners of the mind and of the heart. Find out what you’re carrying around. Trying to find a place you can begin. Holding on all the best you can. The last words are hanging on my phone.

08. too many tears / elton john — [Sengoku:] Somehow we got lost. And the truth is buried somewhere inbetween. The mystery of why they had to leave, I’m only one of thousands saying why. I guess he knew, something’s die so other things might live. Too many tears have been cried.

09. do i make you proud / taylor hicks — [Roci:] I am standing tall. My heart is full of endless gratitude. That you still have faith is all I need to know. Do I make you proud?

10. you’ll be in my heart / phil collins — [Sengoku:] For one so small, you seem so strong. This bond between us can’t be broken. Yes, you’ll be in my heart. From this day on, now and forever more.

Treading Water Masterpost

Creators: marriedtbh, valdayastan, crazyinlovevaldaya

Fanworks: Fic and Art and Fanmix 

Rating: R, for adult themes

Genre: Angst, Drama

Pairings: Val/Z, blink and you miss it Z/Trevor and Val/Kelly

Summary: Zendaya isn’t quite sure where she’s going, and Val can’t forget where he’s been. They’re both stuck in the current of a passing wave, and for a moment, they grip onto one another, desperation for salvation in every grasp of their fingertips against cold, slip-wet skin. But there’s no use holding on when they’re both drowning. Can they find their way out to the shallows, or will they end up crashing together, limp and lifeless, helplessly dragged into the undertow?

Part 1 l Part 2 l Part 3 l Part 4 l Part 5

Warnings: [SPOILER ALERT] Underage drinking, Allusions to Depression, Allusions to Unspecified Eating Disorder, Allusions to Self-Harm, Age Difference

A/N: Wow, I can’t believe I actually finished. This fic almost didn’t happen, ya’ll I’ve got to tell you. It was partly just seeing all of the work that my fellow participants were doing to push through, but it was mostly crazyinlovevaldaya‘s encouragement that kept me going, so I want to thank her X’s 100,000,000 for her kind words, her flawless Beta-ing, and her general existence. I also want to thank my lucky stars for Cassie, valdayastan, who should win partner of the fucking year, because even though I was late as hell she pulled some absolute magic to make me the bombest art in the history of ever. Go on over and show her some love HERE, and HERE, and tell her how beautiful the pieces are. They go in combination with the fic so, before, after, it doesn’t really matter, though I would venture to say you’d gain more from the edit if you read the fic first, and more from the fanmix if you check it out first. 

A  T H O U S A N D  Y E A R S a fanmix for noah shaw + mara dyer

01 / a thousand years, christina perri darling, don’t be afraid i have loved you for a thousand years. i’ll love you for a thousand more.
02 / madness, muse come to me, just in a dream. come on and rescue me.
03 / blindness, metric you gave me a life i never chose.
04 / dark paradise, lana del rey no one compares to you, i’m scared that you won’t be waiting on the other side.
05 / blood on my name, the wright brothers can’t you see i’m sorry, i will make it worth your while.
06 / a little taste, skyler stonestreet you’re so bad but i want a taste.
07 / a world alone, lorde we’ve both got a million bad habits to kick, not sleeping is one. we’re biting our nails, you’re biting my lip, i’m biting your tongue.
08 / i need you, m83 have you ever had a feeling that we’re not alone?
09 / from eden, hozier babe, there’s something tragic about you. something so magic about you.
10 / hurricane, ms mr what’s wrong with me? why not understand and see i never saw what you saw in me.
11 / i found, amber run i found love where it wasn’t supposed to be.

a shy love.

Hitoka likes stars, she likes the way they look on Yamaguchi’s face, and she likes Yamaguchi.

Inspired by the story Raise your prayer to a shout by Veto_power_over_clocks.

1. Bells and Whistle // Spring Standard 2. Everything is Embarrassing // Sky Ferreira 3. Is This Sound Okay // Coconut Records 4. An Encounter // The 1975 5. Always For You // The Album Leaf 6. I Would Do Anything For You // Foster The People 7. Folding Chair // Regina Specktor 8. Birdhouse In Your Soul // They Might Be Giant 9. Little Bit // Lykke Li 10. Slow Dance // STRFKR 11. Cherry Blossom Girl // Hope Sandoval 12. I Believe // Basic Vacation 13. Gotta Have You // The Weepies 14. Hazy // Rosi Golan

L i s t e n  H e r e 

[F U R Y ]: a fanmix for the battle between Superheroines and Villainesses 
Superheroines: The Awakening, Dragon Rider, Europa, Strength of a thousand men, Creation of Earth, Immortal, Sun and Stars | Villainesses: Hidden Powers, The Dark one, March of the Juggernauts, Dragonland, Electro Suite, Do not stand in our way, Unstoppable | The Battle: Is she with you, Fearless, Panic Attack, Starvation, Starfall, Fury, Age of Gods, Protectors of Earth 
[L I S T E N ]

m e m o r y.
a fanmix for ruby elizabeth daly.
i. jodie’s suite (beyond two souls ost)
ii. i’m so sorry (imagine dragons)
iii. heart shaped box (dead sara)
iv. can’t pretend (tom odell)
v. rip to my youth (the neighbourhood)
vi. ruby (twenty one pilots)
vii. retrograde (james blake)
viii. human (daughter)
ix. various storms and saints (f+tm)
x. arsonist’s lullaby (hozier)
xi. emperor (wilsen)

          T H I S  I S  W A R  ||  a howling commandos fanmix


i) Hooked on a Feeling | Blue Swede. ii) This is War | 30 Seconds to Mars. iii) This is Why We Fight | The Decemberists. iv) Warriors | Imagine Dragons. v) Paradise City | Guns ‘N Roses. vi) Radioactive | Boyce Avenue. vii) Some Nights | fun. viii) Howling Commandos Montage | Alan Silvestri. ix) Iron | Woodkid. x) Charlie Boy | The Lumineers. xi) Safe & Sound (ft. The Civil Wars) | Taylor Swift. xii) Bring Him Home | Collabro.

                             ~H O W W E O P E R A T E~ 

      fanmix for hartwintrashcan‘s Kingsman Escort Service AU

How We Operate Gomez //  Hello Evanescence // Dark Paradise Lana Del Ray // Breath Breaking Benjamin // The Last Night Skillet // Grace Kate Havnevik // Are We the Waiting American Idiot The Musical // It’s Your Body Taking Over Me Jonny Craig // Toxicity System of a Down // My Herione (Acoustic Version) Silverstein // Lithium Evanescence // Wide Awake Katy Perry // Love Like Winter afi // Down Jay Sean // I Still Feel You Emorosa // Take Me To Church Hozier

And if you only die once, I wanna die with you - an e/R fanmix

  • Something I need - One Republic
  • Nicotine - Panic! At the disco
  • Say something - A great big world ft Christina Aguilera
  • Alone together - Fall out boy
  • Man on a wire - The script
  • Please don’t say you love me - Gabrielle Aplin
  • Nightcore ashes remain - On my own
  • I will follow you into the dark - George Blagden (cover(
  • Take me to church - Holzier
  • Icarus - Bastille
  • Breakeven - The Script
  • Immortals - Fall out boy
  • Poison & wine - The civil war
  • Bad blood - Bastille


(Image found on catsmagiccastle.tumblr.com)