2035 - 0827

Blood was still on her dagger when she presented it to Baelisian Stormsummer. It was dried and chipped, but it was there. A sign that something had happened. Esme had placed it on the wooden table, between the iron mugs of lukewarm grog and ale, and looked Baelisian in the eye.

“That is not my blood,” she had said. “Elleynah is alive.”

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  • me:*listens to a musical based on a 600 page book about dead french revolutionaries* this isnt weird enough
  • me:*listens to a rap musical about a founding father of the us* yeah still not weird enough
  • me:*listens to an electropop opera adaptation of leo tolstoy's war and peace* we have to go deeper
  • me:*listens to ghost quartet* okay this. this is pretty weird

50  plot ideas for conflicts in romantic relationships !

Conflicts in relationships is common in real relationship and is important to make a romantic couple in roleplay to be realistic. I cooked up this masterlist of conflicts that can come up in a romantic relationship. If you want more ideas with plots and ideas around these feel free to message. Please like or reblog if this helped.

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No matter how much you enjoy a movie, a manga or an anime, eventually it ends. I get emotionally involved with fictional characters and worlds and suddenly find myself tossed out into the real world. It’s a lonely feeling. I don’t like it. I want to say, “Wait! Take me with you!“ Maybe that sounds crazy, but that’s me. I especially feel this way when I watch things like Castle in the Sky.  I never want them to end. I’d like to dive right through the TV into the world of the movie. Eventually I realized that the only way to avoid this feeling was to create worlds of my own. If somebody has to get left behind, I’d rather be the one doing the leaving. 

That’s why I became a manga writer. (x)

happy birthday sorachi! [5/25]