Individual Performances (To be updated)


  1. Opening group number to Frozen (Show Mix)
  2. Rebeka Kim/Kirill Minov - Scheherazade
  3. Hae Jin Kim - Ready to Fly
  4. Han Yan - The Impossible Dream
  5. Aliona Savchenko/Bruno Massot - Happy
  6. So Youn Park - I Dreamed a Dream
  7. Denis Ten - Mi Mancherai
  8. Shae-Lynn Bourne - Bom Bom
  9. Stephane Lambiel - The Water
  10. Tatiana Volosozhar/Maxim Trankov - Somebody to Die For
  11. Alexei Yagudin - Winter
  12. Yuna Kim - Send in the Clowns


  1. Han Yan - The Blue Danube
  2. So-Youn Park - The Swan
  3. Aliona Savchenko/BrunoMassot - You Don’t Bring Me Flowers
  4. Jinseo Kim - EXO’s Growl
  5. Alexei Yagudin - Oblivion
  6. Shae-Lynn Bourne - Firedance
  7. Denis Ten - Sing Sing Sing
  8. Tatiana Volosozhar/Maxim Trankov - Rachmaninoff’s Piano Concerto No. 2 Op.18 in C Minor
  9. Stephane Lambiel - Grieg’s Piano Concerto in A Minor Op.18
  10. Yuna Kim - Nessun Dorma
  11. All Skaters - Time to Say Goodbye
  12. All Skaters- Glad You Came

NOTE: These are not from one of SBS’ official YT channels, so the videos might be taken down after a few hours… or not. *crosses fingers*


   Dutch kiss; kiss for tolerance!


Vancouver 2010 Olympics bronze medalist Joannie Rochette talks about Yuna Kim’s Adios Nonino run-through

“When she goes for the jumps, she’s very aggressive, powerful, but at the same time, she’s so flowy, graceful, musical. And I think that’s what makes her very versatile that she can do both.”

“I think it’s a wise choice to do tango again. It’s one of her strengths to be able to do something explosive. And not all the girls can do that.”

Watch on edge-triggered.tumblr.com

2014 OG - Yuna Kim - Adios Nonino FP (IOC)

If you tell me that Yuna didn’t take risk, we can’t be friends. LOL. But seriously, we just can’t be friends if you think her BV is so fucking low or she played it safe. It’s a calculated risk to put all your chips into your GOEs and PCS. TES is not just base value, guys; it’s BV + GOE. It just so happens that she got screwed over in her GOEs and PCS.  Look at Yuna’s jumps. There’s a reason why Scott Hamilton keeps calling them textbook perfect.

Also, Yuna makes her circular step sequence look so easy. She follows a CW path while her natural rotation direction is CCW. Majority of the things she does in the sequence is done in one foot. And she’s doing all that with good speed, while changing edges – clear edge changes –  and not compromising her choreography. Kurt Browning was right, you don’t become a better skater overnight. Yuna, Mao and Caro took years to build their PCS, and to make their skating look effortless. It’s crazy and stupid that they weren’t rewarded accordingly.

Just getting it out there because I’ve never ranted about this shit right after the ladies finals.


They are so cute talking about horses!!!