✿ Hey guys, well since I got 5k followers and it’s almost Christmas, I would like to thank you somehow. I’m not a creative person to make something beautiful or stuff like that, so I made this psd pack to show how grateful I am for all the support I get from you :) this pack contains six psd, and sure you can use in several types of scenes if you know how to adjust it, it’s really easy and I I hope you can do it.

Well that’s it, thank you for following me and for being such a wonderful person and Merry Christmas. ✿


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gif psd pack by thomaspadaleckis (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤

i’ve been getting a lot of requests asking for the psd i use on my gifs, so here they are! i hope i didn’t disappoint :~) 

these psds will most likely work on anything as long as you adjust it, but i made them for these specific things:

  • 2 this is us psds
  • 1 american horror story (coven) psd
  • 1 supernatural (season 9) psd
  • 1 interview psd

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psd for almost everything III by artjunkpsds
You can use this psd for pictures, screencaps and gifs! It contains an extra layer for green scenes; for pictures you have to “deactivate” the first brightness layer and if your gif or screencap is bright, you just need to low the opacity of the same brightness layer. You can see some screencaps samples by clicking here. Feel free to change settings to fit your edit. Like or reblog if you download; Don’t repost and/or claim it as yours; download // deviantart


so i recently reached 4k followers and i wanted to make something for you to let you know how much i love you and how amazing you all are and yeah thank you for following me it really means a lot ♥

this is a simple coloring and it works on lots of tv shows, just adjust curves depending on how light the scene is and just play around with layers until you’re satisfied

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T U T O R I A L: How to make the GIF still move when you put it on the background when making a character graphic.

This was requested by an annon and I decided to make a tutorial for anyone that has a problem with this. I’m using this psd by the way. Credits to the owner. I must say in advance that I’m not the best at explaining things. So, I’m going to show you how to do this:

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B A D  B L O O D : character PSD by onlyhelps

So here’s my very first character PSD. I’ve never actually used one so I’m not exactly sure what it’s supposed to look like but I think this pretty easy to use. Everything is named and put in folders, so you know what it is. Obviously this is fitting for a bloody/horror-ish RP. The colorings/GIFs aren’t mine. The fonts are: Trajan Pro and Shit Happens. Feel free to change anything, like the gif cut-out, text, patterns etc. But please don’t claim as your own that’s very rude and just make sure to reblog/like to share, say you’re downloading or to motivate me.


THANK YOU FOR 1000 FOLLOWERS! And Happy Holidays! Here is my present from me, for you!

Here is the big resource pack i promised,i’ve been working on it for the past week. I’m also posting this a little bit earlier than i actually said because i’m just way too excited.

It contains:

  1. 25 fonts
  2. 60 gifs of PewDiePie and CutiePieMarzia
  3. 17 psd’s
  4. 30 textures

All the gifs and all the psd’s are made by me, please don’t claim them as your own. All the right for the fonts and textures go to their respectful owners. 

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DOWNLOAD: mediafire/depositfiles


candid psd → (mf)

→ psd  #42 by completeresources, i made this based upon candids so it works well with light and flashes and etc, i t may also work on dark candids too, it also contains vibrance, and settings may require adjusting according to the pictures.

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