Free Sanrio Sets!

What’s For Sale: Full Sanrio sets, 6 of each set available. (Cinnamoroll, Kiki and Lala, Pompompurin, Hello Kitty, Kerokerokeroppi, & My Melody.)

Looking For: Nothing! One set per person, must read below.

URL: lealopepa

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Note: I will be delivering them to YOUR town for organization purposes, you can watch my progress here. Please provide your FC, mayor/town name, & set of choice in your first message. Do not message if you are not currently available, it may take time for me to get to you as well. Please be patient and cancel your request if necessary. If I’m taking a break, it’ll say on the spreadsheet.


LOL LEAVE PRECIOUS SOU PUP ALONE, HE’S TRYING HIS BEST! Besides, his puppy howls are music to Kisumi’s ears. Kisumi is about to take out his cellphone and record his pup serenading Rinrin for keeps. Gotta have evidence for when Sou denies such thing happened when he’s older ahahaha!


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Trabajos juntos en anime : Hirarin y Mamo chan

Eyeshield 21: Hayato Akaba-Haruto Sakuraba
Karneval: Yogi-Akari
Free!:Rei Ryūgazaki-Rin Matsuoka
Ajin: Tanaka Kouji-Kei Nagai
Prince of Stride: Alternative: Mayuzumi Shizuma-Reiji Suwa
Rainy Cocoa- Ryota Sakuragi-Shion Koga
Young Black Jack: Sabame-Maruo Hyakki

Hakuouki Shinkai Hana no Shou:
Nakaoka Shintarou &Iba Hachirou

Saint Seiya: Degel de Acuario & Hyoga de cisne

anonymous asked:

Halloween hc for rin okumura,rin matusoka, hibari and xanxus? Maybe like couple costumes 😂 it would take a lot to make xanxus wear something like that hahaha

Rin (BE):

  • He loves dressing up in ridiculous costumes, and it’s also the one day where people don’t stare at his tail as much since they all assume it’s a prop.  Like he bought a shit ton of toilet paper one year as a kid and turned himself into a mummy.  
  • The day after Halloween is the real Holiday though because all the candy is marked down and he saves up for that.  Best believe under his bed is just boxes of Halloween candy that he goes through quickly and Yukio makes sure he brushes his teeth at least five times a day to make up for it.
  • Tends to go over board with handing out candy and they run out in like half an hour so Yukio sends him out to get more while he takes over and rations is better.
  • Would love to do a couple costume and it would probably be something cheesy like a princess and the knight in shinning armor  he’s the princess

Rin (Free):

  • He would be down for couple costumes, especially something involving cops.  Like he’s the cop and you’re the prisoner or vice versa.  That costume will also be used later in the bedroom. 
  • Hits up large parties every year and loves showing off at them, especially after he gets some alcohol in him.
  • Always had several costumes as a kid because he would do the rounds then go change and head back out and all of his friends were like how did you get so much candy????
  • Would totally be the type to turn his yard or house into a haunted house for the kids when they come trick or treating and always gives them a handful candy afterwards.


  • If you spend the month leading up to it begging, he might decide to go to some party with you, but he will probably not be happy and he will not want to stay long.
  • Is the minimalist type for the holiday and puts a bowl at the end of his driveway with some candy in it.  The kids do no listen to the sign “One each” and it’s empty in five minutes because he actually put out some good candy.  
  • Will sneak a picture of you dressed up in a costume but even if you catch him, will deny it.  He saves the picture though because he thinks you look cute.
  • You and Ryohei schemed to get him in a pair of cat ears.  You put them on him real quick while he snapped a picture.  Needless to say, Ryohei needed a new phone and was banned from the property for a month.


  • If you spend the year leading up to it begging, he probably still wont’t go to a Halloween party with you.  You might be able to convince him to let you put some monster make up on him if you are talented enough to make it look realistic.  If you are, then he will proudly wear it for the rest of the day.
  • Does absolutely nothing for the holiday, you have to be the one to put up decorations and hand out candy.  But he will be the one to tear all the decorations down the day after Halloween.
  • While he doesn’t go out, he will get you some sexy read slutty costume for you to wear around the house that he will definitely fuck you in at least once.  
  • If you get him a matching costume to yours, you might convince him to wear it, but it will probably be ripped off pretty quick either by you or him during a round of sex


why does everything I have for Xanxus end up perverted???