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Three Sentence Fic where the FH crew comes to visit and reader is chatting up FH Joel and laughing and there's /some/ type of flirting going on, and RT Joel is just super jealous cause it's like, wth, there's a Joel in the office already and this new one is flirting with his babe

“Your curls are so bouncy,” you grin as you pat Joel Rubin’s hair - all the boys are visiting the RT offices but Joel’s been especially frequenting your office to talk to you.

“They’re especially fun to run your fingers through too, so I’m told,” he purrs, setting you off in a fit of giggles.

“Back to work, please,” Joel Heyman, your officemate glares at the pair of you until Joel Rubin backs away with hands raised, to which Joel Heyman nods approvingly before looking back at his own computer.

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Funhaus tsf where reader says she hasn't had her first kiss and they get all flirty?

“I was nine, and it was with a girl, and we were sat in a soft play area and she was scared of this bit that was all dark and had ghosts with glow-in-the-dark eyes painted on them, I thought I’d cheer her up by kissing her and she ended up being more scared of me and running away,” Lawrence frowns, and everyone laughs, “now it’s Y/N’s turn!”

You blush brightly, “I, uh, I’ve actually never been kissed before,” you mumble, ducking your head down so nobody notices your expression.

You’re glad your body chose that as a natural response, because at least then the boys didn’t see the massive grin on your face forming as they all protest, “But you’re so pretty-” “You could have said, I’d happily take that honour-” “Say, what are you doing after this?”

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TSF: Sleepy Peake, pls RJ

Did you really send this a week ago oops soz

You can see Matt’s eyes drooping as he tries to get the selection tool perfectly around the full-body picture of James and frown, “Matt, please take a break now, I can finish that off for you.”

“S’fine,” Matt waves you off, his voice slurring with sleepiness, “I can j’st go ah-aAAafter,” he yawns out the last word, covering his mouth with the back of his hand and stretching out.

You use the time he’s not holding something attached to his computer to wheel his chair away and towards the door, “Go get some rest,” you command, pressing a chaste kiss to his lips and pulling up another chair in front of his computer to get back to finishing his work.