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hey lovely people!! I have finally decided hosting my very own first favourites! yay!! in honor of my 18th birthday coming up in a month and *ello-bby’s one year anniversary* on tumblr!! I’m so excited to see all of your beautiful blogs!  


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please dont let this flop, if it does ignore this ever happened ahh

good luck xoxo

anonymous asked:

do u know the one where Dan gets in a car crash and Phil has to take care of him?

is it possibly this one?

24 HoursDo you think you could do an angsty one shot where they’re friends, but then Dan gets in a serious accident and it is uncertain whether he will live, but because of the accident Phil realises he actually loves Dan. Then a fluffy ending with Dan waking up and they confess their love for each other? Thank you :3

- Eliza


James & Sharna facebook live at Cirque du Soleil rehearsal (09.29.16)

anonymous asked:

Fav hamilton character?

i would say either jefferson or hamilton. Daveed does such a good job with jefferson, he’s likeable and charming but YOU DON’T WANT TO LIKE HIM which i think is amazing. and he really captures the essence of those people who just like effortlessly have everything and don’t seem to work for it. i think we all know those people and he represents it perfectly. and hamilton because he’s an asshole but i also respect certain aspects of him and find him v relatable (which is probably not healthy but…)



The Goonies (1985) - Super 8 (2011) - Stranger Things (2016)

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~ Me and Jordie have been good friends for a while and we’ve been on a search for some new amazing blogs so we decided to do a collab faves together and we are so excited about it ~ 


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~ That is all, thank you so much for joining and being amazing and beautiful people, we both wish you the best of luck and amazing days to come ~

Love JC, and Jordie <3


Hey loves! I have had this blog for almost a year now and i hit 20K a couple of days ago so i decided to host my first ever faves. I am really excited about this because i love discovering new blogs and checking out all the beautiful blogs out there and i have always wanted to host my own faves.


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  • I will be choosing 20-30 blogs
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  • If this flops,I’ll be really sad so I hope it doesn’t flop lol

That’s all for now, I can’t wait to discover all your beautiful blogs,good luck xx