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fav blogs? I need more to follow

@championsaremade, @runningonsmoothies, @running-like-water, @sweeterthanabumblebee, @florissante-toujours, @littlerunningwallflower-bloomed, @graceinpearl, @kiara-shannon, @blackcoffeeandblankpagess, @elephantsarevegan, @cooksforkisses, @runner-vs-theworld, @run-margie-run, @annienotana, @over-your-hill, @embracingwild, @soundmindsoundbodyforlifee, @stayhungry-stayfree, @oatsnjen, @emilyl-b, @sunandrunn

I hope I didn’t forget anybody!

Parts of musicals that make my heart feel Full™

* the fast talking/rapping(?) in ya got trouble
* the last little bit of non stop where everyone sings over each other
* when adult simba swings in like a badass for the last couple line of hakuna matata
* The harmonies in letters
* The key change in waving through a window
* The key change in what you own
* key changes in general tbh
* “strike! strike! strike strIKE STRIKE STRIKE”
* the harmonies in blackout and THOSE NOTES THEY HOLD FOREVER OMG
* “he’s not here. I AM HERE”
* The final chorus of do you hear the people sing
* The entire song of purple summer tbh
* “I hope you’re happy… my… friend”

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Which era of Harry's hair is your favourite?

Fall 2014 when he’d outgrown the headscarves, but his hair hadn’t quite reached the length it was throughout most of 2015. During that period of time, it was long, but still really curly and not weighed down by the length. I loved it.

Interviewer: Who in the band is most likely to kiss a member of the same sex?

Ryan: I don’t know. I think Brendon may have…as a joke, you know-

Interviewer: Yeah, it’s always as a joke.

Ryan: I mean, you’re looking for something obviously-

Interviewer: See most bands can’t wait to talk about the rest of the um, the group.

Ryan: What I was just saying is- Brendon’s watching this on a monitor from his hotel room right now and if we say anything bad about him he beats us.

Interviewer: With a stick?

Ryan: Yes.