Josiehelps Makes a Character Graphic PSD004:Codename

Alright. So I found something that I could get fancy with but was still easy enough to explain that it wouldn’t become a full blown tutorial. To get the portrait in this style, there are a few things you need to do. Go to Image> Adjustments> Posterize, then put it at 3. Then change mode of photo to lighten and opacity to 87%. Photo must be in black and white for this to work! Please like/reblog if using, message if you have any questions!

Fonts used are Color Basic & Paskowy



generators tend to never work the way i want them to, so i just decided to make my own twitter psd (at 3AM). please use to your heart’s desire, and no credit is necessary. just don’t claim the PSD as your own and/or redistribute it!! PLEASE LIKE/REBLOG IF USING!!!!!!!!

  • icon, name, verification, username, tweet, retweet count, favorites count, date&time, and rt/fav icons are all customizable
  • there are three different PSD downloads: 1 line of text, 2 lines of text, 3 lines of text
  • fonts: arial and helvetica (most computers come with these fonts)
  • i resize photos by holding down “shift” and dragging the corners (“shift” forces photo to maintain original shape)

“My Memories” was inspired by Taylor Swift’s “Red” album art and this post. This psd could be used with literally any roleplay, but I think it’d work best with small town roleplays or magazine centric roleplays.

The font used is Bebas Neue. The dummy text is written in Baskerville. You will need three face claim pictures for this psd. I recommend using pictures from the same photoshoot to give it magazine-like, cohesive feel. 

It’s fairly simple to edit, as long as you don’t move any of the layers around, and have a basic understanding of clipping masks. To edit the highlight color just fill it with whatever color you’d like. I recommend using a color that is in your three pictures to tie it together. Please only edit it if you are familiar with these things. If you do, I’d love to see what you did with it. Also, I know it’s a strange request, but please do not put a gradient over this psd. Do not redistribute this psd or claim it as your own.

You can download this psd here. Please like or reblog if you are downloading, as this took me a lot of time to make. Do not claim as your own, but slight editing is allowed. If you need any help, you can ask me here.

‘closing time’ character psd.

it’s been a while so here, this is something really simple and it includes the psd. but you can use a gradient over it if you want. there’s plenty of room to add a gif or switch thigs up if you want. so reblog if you found this usefull. text is wendy and courier.  download


Kathryn of chachihelper’s Second PSD - This Is Me PSD 

This PSD could be useful for university/academy roleplays, art school roleplays..etc. It’s pretty simple, and could be useful for beginners.

  • The doodles found in this psd are not mine, credit goes to their rightful owners.
  • Fonts used are Inductive Resonance, Thin Font, Barlow Solid (for This Is Me) and Perpetua Titling MT (for the quotation marks).
  • Feel free to edit as much you please, but please do not redistribute it as your own as I worked hard to make it as my own.

Please like or reblog if you find it useful and/or downloaded it.

download (deviant art)

download (dropbox)


Character PSD #01  | #CLIQUE

alternately titled “That One Time I Wrote The Words "You Can’t Sit With Us With Zero Irony”

540px graphic made for clique rps. There are eight different sets of doodles for eight different cliques accompanied by a somewhat-but-not-really pastel psd that DOESN’T WHITEWASH WOW. If your rp has really obscure specific cliques and you still want to use this psd, don’t be afraid to message me. I might be able to whip up some doodles for you. Fonts used: green pillow & century gothic. You know the rules about stealing c'mon. 

Download here

character psd: color code

  • like/reblog is helpful
  • i’ve been meaning to make this for a while and i finally got around to doing it; inspired by this post
  • fonts: sant joan despi regulargotham bold, seravek italic
  • there are six rectangles in a group for you to edit. you must use the rectangle fill tool to change the color.
  • for the name, i would use one of the darkest three colors in your palette
  • i suggest you use HQ photos and sharpen once or twice using this action
  • download (mf)

Here is a Skype group chat psd inspired by the movie Unfriended. Including 6 interchangeable slots, this psd is meant to be used for multiple characters or events, not just one! The bottom three pictures should be around 75-100 in width, and the top ones should be around 150 in width! if you use this, or are an rph a like or reblog would be appreciated.

  • Don’t repost.
  • Don’t take the PSD and claim it as your own!

You can download this psd [ HERE ]



Font download should not be necessary, and this is a pretty basic outline for a character psd. It should be fairly easy to edit. I've used a black and white PSD but gradient use would work fine as well. It's pretty bland but I like bland things and character PSDs with too much on it give me a headache so feel free to use for bio rp purposes or whatever else you may need it for. 

download here & here  

♔ CPSD #25 by Elliotofrps: “Vanessa" ♔

I don’t even know how to start this out, but here’s my 25th character graphic. I’ve barely been making them lately, mostly because i don’t know what width size to make them. The preview is 540px, but you can make it into 500px, or just ask me for help. Everything is in folders for easy editing so you can change images, text, etc. I also put two different psds in the .psd file, so you can pick which ever you’d like. The font i used was just Times New Roman, but you should already have that installed. All you’ll need is one 270x270 image for the circle. It’s totally optional for the reverse b&w gradient in the circle. If you need anymore help, have any questions, or any ideas for my next character psd, just ask me

-Do not take anything from the .psd file and claim as your own. (Atleast ask me first)
-Do not redistribute my cpsd (Is it even worth it anyway?)
-Like and/or reblog if you found this useful or going to download.

Download: ()



Seeing as everyone seemed to enjoy the pack I made the other day, and I wanted something to do… I made another one! This time it’ all about the typography layout. For the same look, you would need to add noise and maybe a film texture to your images that you’re using. Please like/reblog if using or even if you’d just like more graphic packs like this! all images came from this post & this post.

Included in This Pack:

- Promo Graphic PSD 

- Character Graphic PSD

- General Update PSD (For app counts, admin upsdates, ect.)

- Event Graphic PSD

- Task Graphic PSD 

Fonts used are Oswald, italic & regular



I made this CPSD based off of the main Skype page, just because I was bored, and I was doing homework and I got distracted. Anyways, I’m pretty sure there isn’t already one like this floating around, and whatnot. 

  • The size of the icon is 125 X 125 px, but I’m sure you could make it a little bigger like 130 x 130 px, if you don’t want the grey border?
  • The font used is Calibri, but I’m sure it could be something different, if you really wanted to use something else?  
  • I’ve labeled everything, and organized them into folders. It’s generally a pretty easy CPSD to edit.
  • I’d really appreciate it if you’d like or reblog it, if you use it or plan on using it. I don’t care if you credit me or not, although it’d be nice if you did?
  • If you have any questions, feel free to message me.


character psd 01 • riptide

a simple character psd, designed with location- or genre- specific roleplays in mind. it comes with four preset sidebars – city, beach, romance, and snow. 

  • the sidebar is 200px x 275 px
  • the fc graphic is 140px x 140px
  • the font used is georgia

  • please do not redistribute as your own
  • please like and/or reblog if downloading
  • please provide credit to me somewhere on your blog
download • mediafire

piamiarph’s character psd (pack) #02 ➳ rae lamoureaux

i’ve been really loving jhene aiko lately so i decided to dedicate this (android/ios) social media character graphic psd pack to her. the preview images above were adjusted in size so the quality doesnt look the best,but the psds in itself are HQ once you download them. all of them are 500x500px except skype so they might not look the best on your dash, but they are HQ on your blog. psd isn’t included on any of these, but I recommend using this one, since it doesn’t wash out pocs. everything is well categorized in folders and easy to edit. i changed the whatsapp layout slightly to make it more useful for rp purposes, but if you want the original one feel free to contact me. please don’t steal these/claim as your own or redistribute them in any way, likes and reblogs are highly appreciated. also this is the info you need (click on the fonts to download them):

[facebookfont: Arial - pictures needed: 3 of the fc + 2 for the friends section

[instagram] font: Roboto - pictures needed: 7

[skype] font: Segoe UI - pictures needed: 1

[tinderfont: Helvetica Neue - pictures needed: 3

[twitterfont: Gotham Extra Narrow  - pictures needed: 5

[whatsappfont: Helvetica Neue - pictures needed: 6

[download] or click social media names to download them individually.

Character Psd #6 by Elliot; "Melanie" |DOWNLOAD|

Hi loves, here is my 6th character graphic. I really like it, so i hope you do too. You can change the triangles and the background to whatever fits your character. The font i used was just “Arial”- which you should already have installed. I apologize for any mistakes, i was in a hurry to make it. So there you go.

  • like/reblog if your using or plan to use
  • please don’t redistribute.
  • ~stay beautiful~

character psd: let’s van gogh

  • like/reblog is helpful
  • i was bored and i made this. inspired by this post
  • fonts: avenir, times italic
  • there are four different color settings that are named by the painting. they are also marked with a colored tab
  • make sure to save as a .png
  • i suggest you use HQ photos from the same photoshoot and sharpen once or twice using this action, and i also suggest choosing photos that are colored with the same color you plan to use
  • download (mf)

This is what happens when your ( WIP ) marauders rpg starts seeping into every other part of your life.
The concept for this graphic is based a little bit off of this picture,and the fonts included are Orator STD and Baron Neue.
You’re more than welcome to edit the colors and do with it what you will, all I ask is that you like/reblog this post if you’re using it! ( A little feedback wouldn’t hurt, either! ) You can go ahead and download it here.


I’ve figured I had stalled long enough in putting this out, so here it is! This is a graphic I was originally going to use for the RP I’m currently working on (which offers two different fc changes, hence the two different fc’s in the polaroid gifs), but I decided to scrap it and use something else. I made a few changes to it, and now it’s available for all you lovely people! 

  • one png + two gifs needed
  • the fonts used are arial and calibri
  • the music player was a template I used from vanellopewrites
  • the credit for the psd used is noted on the psd when opened in photoshop
  • do not claim as your own or edit and redistribute. 
  • if you need any help with editing this, please feel free to come to me
  • like/reblog if you plan on using


SHAY MAKES A  |  CHARACTER PSD                  ☼

So this is a super, super easy to use character PSD and also super simple. You can pretty much create anything with it. The example shows a pretty bright, romantic-ish college or art school type of character graphic, but with a darker gradient and different pictures this could very well go for a more creepy RP. Fonts used are Signerica Thin and Trajan Pro. Hope you like it and don’t forget to credit please!