today i was shopping for shoes with my mom, and i was being weird and trying on heels and stuff while she was actually looking for shoes. i was walking around in these bright gold sparked three inch heels, until i noticed this man and his daughter. i could tell they must not be from america, they must be new here. anyways, the little girl was running around in these green and pink shoes. her father kept telling her, “those shoes are for boys, put them back.” and i just kinda stood there, listening while looking in the mirror. then, he turned around and asked, “miss, are these shoes for boys?” and i looked at him and said “colors don’t have genders, sir.”

“colors don’t have genders?” he asked, seeming confused. “yes sir. green could be for either gender, and so can pink.”

he nodded his head, then thanked me and he bought the shoes for his little girl. i was kinda proud, and i hope this sorta spreads the message.

Blue iris and the Tyndall scattering.

A Blue iris in an eye is due to Tyndall scattering in a turbid layer in the iris. Tyndall scattering is analogous to Rayleigh scattering( Rayleigh scattering is the reason why the sky is blue ). The difference lies in the particle size.

Rayleigh scattering requires the light-scattering particles to be far smaller than the wavelength of the light whereas Tyndall scattering involves bigger particle sizes.

The longer wavelengths of light that enter the iris tend to pass straight through the turbid layer with unaltered paths whereas the shorter wavelengths ( Blue light) get scattered. 

This gives rise to a blue hue in the light that comes out of the eye

Blue deer - Venado azul. Urban visions in concrete - Visiones urbanas en concreto. www.chicosanchez.com

Artist: Las Ajoloras
Facebook: lorely.paulina.1

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