¿Ven al chico de arriba? Bien, pues es Jesus, mi novio, mi amor, mi motita, MI persona ideal.
Este chico lo conocí hace justamente 10 meses y 5 días :’) un viernes 25 de Abril por la tarde, sin duda un gran día para conocer a una persona tan especial.

.Jamas olvidare cuando lo conocí en persona, ¡DIOS! sigue siendo tan lindo y gracioso como la primera vez.Este gran chico hace mis días tan geniales… Estoy muy agradecida de tenerlo a mi lado <3

¿Saben? es genial encontrar a alguien con quien puedes ser tu mismo, sin tener que limitarte por pensar “ QUE DIRÁ DE MI ” y es aun mas genial que esa persona sea un gran amigo y tu novio, la persona de quien encuentras apoyo en todo momento sin importar el que pasara al final del dia.

Aveces pienso si seré la indicada para ser la unica en besarlo por un largo tiempo, o si sere la unica en hacerlode ahora en adelante, y quiero decir que luchare por conseguir un NOSOTROS/JUNTOS/SIEMPRE para lograr serlo, por que es la persona con la que quiero estar; Amenos el suficiente tiempo para lograr amarla y dar todo de mi, y JURO que no le pienso fallar. No encuentro razón para pensar que un día nos dejemos, pero si MUCHAS para pensar que seguiremos juntos.


I met you once and I’d fallen for your notions.

You took me in gave me something to believe in
That big old smile is all you wore

We’re just sailors striving on the ship of friendship that sails on the sea of life. We either sail together, or sink together if we don’t work hard together to keep this ship sailing in the toughest of storms and tsunamis. So take my hand and pledge to not let me sink, not let this friendship sink to its wreckage, because I want to spend this entire voyage WITH you.
—  ASB

irwinwrites asked:

"Why are you going through my phone?" "Do you want me to leave?"

“Why are you going through my phone?" 

Cursing quietly, Jason shook his head, his heart pounding at the sudden sound from behind him. He was snooping, yeah, he wouldn’t lie about it; he’d had reasonable suspicion and he was going to get to the bottom of it. No matter how pissed Aria would’ve gotten at him, he didn’t care. Maybe, deep down, it was all paranoia. Aria was a fantastic catch, and, realistically, how long could he hold on to her? His bad boy personality, gifts, and the fact that he was a great fuck would only take him so far. Aria could do far better than him, not to mention the fact that he was pretty sure her family hated him for the way he was. But he couldn’t help it. And with his girl being so distant lately, he had been rightfully curious when she spent their whole night together on her phone, rather than talking to him. Hand balled into a fist at his side, Jason took a deep breath and turned around, her phone held tightly in his opposite hand. Groaning quietly, he gritted his teeth together, trying to regain some type of composure before talking. “‘Cause you’ve spent the entire fucking night on this stupid things—” He paused, shaking the phone in the air before throwing it onto the couch. “Instead of talking to me. Your boyfriend? And who the fuck’s that person you’re texting with all the goddamn heart emojis next to it?” Rather than stepping forward, Jason took a step back, making the conscious decision while he could that he couldn’t get too close to her when he was mad.

"Do you want me to leave?”

Arms crossed tightly across his chest, Jason was aware of how stubborn he was being. Every now and again, Aria pissed him off, and the same deal happened the other way around. It was unhealthy, sure, but it was them. They learned to deal with it, and while Jase knew that twenty-four hours from then, he’d have no idea why he yelled at her in the first place, that didn’t keep him from being annoyed right then. But no matter how stubborn and dickheaded he was, he didn’t want Aria to leave. Having her around— even if they were sitting in silence and ignoring each other— was better than not having her by him. “No,” he retorted, a slight sting in his voice. “You can stay, I don’t care,” he brushed it off, scooting over on the bed to leave her enough room. They’d make up within due time.

The Adventures of A & J

*mobile skyping with jdizzle5795*

A - but youre exactly like your dad…

J - *yanks headphones out of his ears*
*slams phone down on the table*
*storms off*
*comes back 15 seconds later*
*puts headphones back in*

J - Did you see me walk away?