happily dancing with his lightstick and then…

Guess whooooo!

Morrigan is beginning to take shape. The finished painting will be coming this weekend 😎

P.S. I got so many messages/requests for who to paint next and I love them all too much that I had to basically flip a coin so pls don’t hate me if Mor wasn’t your first choice!!! The rest of the ladies will be coming soon <3

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Could you do a BTS as drunk+including yourself?


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Rap Monster:

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And then there is me:

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  • Dorian flirting:Hey Celaena want to go off into the bedroom and make passionate love to each other under the moonlight?
  • Dorian actually:*Celaena kisses his cheek* Uhm haha yeah so uh yeah I-I guess I'll see you later or uh not I mean either way its cool I'm totally cool *trips over the rug* hahaha meant to do that haha anyways uhm yeah okay bye *curses repeatedly under his breath*