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Psychotic -Theo Raeken-

Pairing: Werewolf!Theo/Djinn!Reader

Requested by: Myself bitches

Rating: Oral sex;) Also, a lot of murder, so that’s fun.

Prompt: You are the new villain that has turned Beacon Hills into chaos, and is ruining Theos’ chances at taking over Scott McCalls’ pack. He doesn’t take too kindly to the new creature roaming around on mass killing sprees, and definitely voices his opinion about it towards you. Ends in heated sexiness. 

A/N: This is my first imagine on this blog, and it is one of the most sinful things I have ever written, and I love it. Also, I based the species of the reader off of the Djinn in Supernatural that feeds off of fear, not off of blood. You’ll see what I mean if you haven’t viewed that show. Also, remember to send in your requests in give me a follow:)

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I’m in the arms of my first love. The first person I ever loved. The person I’ll always love. I love you, Scott… Scott McCall.
—  Allison Argent

anonymous asked:

do you have any fics where the new members or sad/hurt members of the pack view Stiles as their brother or something?


  @cupcakefiasco said:hello lovelies, i was wondering if it’s time for the pack mom stiles tag and bad friend scott tag to be updated? please and thank you.


Anonymous said:Do you know of any fics where Scott or Stiles kind of adopt any other pack members? Either officially or unofficially, because I remember reading one where Scott pretty much takes over as Liam’s dad and I love it. Thank you!


Anonymous said:So first of all, love your page! Secondly, is there anyway you vould recommend some fics like Mon Coeur Se Recommande À Vous by Acherona? Where Stiles is the focal nurturing member of the pack? Brownie points if it’s hurt Stiles, because who doesn’t love that? Thanks in advance!

I couldn’t find any where he is seen as a brother but I thought Stiles taking care of the pack would suffice. Aka Packmom!Stiles! And here’s our Scott is A Bad Friend tag. - Anastasia

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Mon Coeur Se Recommande À Vous by Acherona, trulywicked

(24/? I 22,412 I Explicit I Sterek)

His best friend’s been turned into a werewolf, his Dad’s best deputy is from a family of werewolves, and now said family is asking him to play go between until the rogue werewolf in town is caught so the hunters in town can’t blame them for the attacks and Scott’s turning. To top that off it just so happens that the new girl that Scott is tail over tip crushing on is the daughter of aforementioned hunters with a secret heritage of her own.

Stiles’ life just became more complicated than he’d planned on.


Baby Face by Eldamistx

(1/1 I 933 I General I Sterek)

Stiles gets a call from Derek telling him to come to the loft. When stiles gets there he’s in for a big surprise.

Derek Didn’t Know What To Do But Maybe Stiles Did by tiedtogetherwithadagger  

(1/3 I 1,833 I Teen I Sterek)

Several times in which Derek tries to be the alpha his pack deserves and asks for help when he needs it. Stiles just so happens to be the one he keeps calling.

The Luna by MadnessofVoid

(1/1 I 3,596 I General I Sterek)

Stiles has no idea when or why he was dubbed the Pack Mom.

In fact, he had no idea he was dubbed Pack Mom.

Didn’t start realizing it till until his birthday.

And it all started with Jackson.

Family Unit by AsagiStilinski

(1/1 I 8,851 I Teen I Sterek)

So werewolf symposiums are a thing

That’s a thing that exists, it’s happening, it’s in the world now

And Stiles doesn’t know what in the name of hell he did to deserve this

(“It’s a mixed supernatural convention Stiles, not a ‘werewolf symposium’!”“)

Heaven Help Me Keep My Faith by Toxic_Valentine

(7/? I 11,783 I Not Rated I Steter)

tiles tells the pack he wants to spend the summer alone, with his dad before his leaves for college but when the summer ends and the pack wants to have a going away bbq, Stiles is nowhere to be found. The pack comes to the conclusion that he left without saying goodbye to anyone. But of course the pack tracks down their Pack Mother and demands an explanation.

There is no right name yet by Anarik

(1/1 I 14,192 I Teen I Sterek)

The pack is too busy with their own business to notice, but Stiles and Derek are getting too close without even noticing and it kind of freaks them out when they find out.


When you start talking with someone whose level of sarcasm is the same as yours and you don’t know if you’re fighting or flirting.

Being a Mate by Juki_Makiko

(13/? I 14,872 I Mature I Sterek)

This Book will tell the story from Stiles’ and Derek’s life together, after Stiles became Derek’s Mate.

Bestfriends Secrets

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Prompt: An imagine where the reader catches her best friend Stiles kissing her other best friend Lydia.

Pairing: Stiles Stilinski x Reader

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Derek followed you in to the kitchen to make sure your drunk self wouldn’t do anything else stupid, although the minute he set foot in the room, utensils started flying in the air. He dodged them all easily thanks to his werewolf reflexes, but that still didn’t stop him from being utterly annoyed by the situation.

“Are you seriously throwing forks at me?” He scowled.

You stomped off in a huff. Peter sighed and rolled his eyes. “And now we all know why she doesn’t get drunk.”

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I really feel bad for the students’ lockers in teen wolf. Imagine them walking up to their lockers to see dents, scratches or no locker door at all and going like “wtf?”